#0144 – Seagate FireCuda 2TB SSHD Review + Real World Tests

We take a look at Seagate’s new FireCuda 2.5″ 2TB SSHD. We compare this drive to a standard SSD as well as a standard HDD.
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tomar5e115 says:

That desk setup is clean AF

Japmeet Singh says:

Hey, I’m planning to build a SFF pc with 3 of the firecuda drives along with a pcie ssd for the OS. Would that be a good idea or should I stick with a conventional 3.5″ drive? The case that I plan on using is the Node 202

Eric Turnpaugh says:

i think you should have used a 2.5 laptop hard drive that most people would want to replace from a laptop so we could see what kind of upgrade boost we would get

Trevor Mundee says:

lol wait…so you’re telling me, people hype up these SSD’s and spend double the money on them for like…5-10 second faster loads?? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard all day. Ill save $50 and wait the extra few seconds lol.


Looking for a video comparing old laptop SSHD 32NAND with the new Firecuda ranges.

Anas Alibrahim says:

Great work buddy thanks a lot this is very helpful

Nigging Negro says:

Your office looks like one of my Gmod maps.

AbeAguilar25 says:

The SSD as the OS drive + an SSHD as the storage drive for games and such is correct. Beautiful synergy and is the bread and butter if you’re not a “Quad-Zillionaire”. However, if you are planning on upgrading your laptop’s storage, which for most people have only one drive bay, then the Firecuda 2TB SSHD shown here would be a perfect replacement for most laptop’s current standard mechanical drive. However, if money is no object, then by all means, grab that 2TB EVO. Silent, but deadly.

Taiwo YEMZ says:

I might get this instead of the Toshiba mq02abd100h which has 64mb cache. But Seagate is 128mb

Atul Kumar says:

I have a question – If I am using 500 GB SSD 850 evo as primary drive and I need a drive to insert in my caddy but here trick is that I would like to keep videos directly there from sources like camera and mobile to edit and render. Is this Firecuda a good drive as it has a auto think mechanism which right now put content SSD area of 8GB area, so I am confused that I’d go with some baracudda 5tb internal drive 2.5 15mm or 7mm or firecuda will perform better even in that case.. Any suggestions will be helpful

SniperKol says:

We all know these console peasants are slowly turning into PC gamers

A Fadhli says:

good one mate!! thanks for the info

Barack Obama says:

i got 1 of these for storage drive they cost 10 bucks more then the barracuda HDD, its feels like 50% faster gaming & browsing. Its worth extra 10$.

Kane Jeffries says:

This is exactly what I was looking for, because I was planning on getting this drive to pair with a m.2 ssd in a mini ITX build. Instead of getting a big capacity ssd to store my media and games, I can save a few hundred dollars to go towards upgrading the gpu from a 1070 to a 1080 and the r5 1600 to the r7 1700.

Paulo Nivar says:

I noticed you did a single test for every every software load speed the sshd. Sshd are supposed to get faster loading time as the controller inside the sshd learns your most frequently use files. I believe that if you repeat the same test several times continuously on the sshd you will see an improvement each time. Could you repeat the same test and compare it to your previous scores? the performance of the sshd should be relatively close to that of the ssd. I am curious to see the results.

All Pro says:

ffs you talk too much, just get to the point damn!!!

Fantasyze says:

“djkhfsgbsdfghsdjfgb firecuda 2tb sshd by seagate”

Baldeep Birak says:

Good review. SSHD seems to be a good second drive. Standard HDDs will start to be replaced with SSHD’s with time.

xxdeathknight72xx says:

Thanks man, this really helped me make my decision to buy this drive over a conventional 7200 drive for an extra $20

ALTHDS says:

this is the comparison test im looking for.

thecrasygun11 says:

Hybride and 5600K rpm pfff

SuperQBoi says:

You should update this video. I’d be nice if you could compare them all to a M dot 2 (M.2) drive. Also SSHD require a break-in period to offload the most efficient and frequently used data and now that you’ve used the drive a while it should be good to go.

sjors91 says:

Funny on a ps4 the 3 types compared the sshd & sshd load everything a ton faster i know its a pc channel no need to tell me cry babies i read lot lol

CasperCoolBreeze says:

27 seconds to boot off an SSD? My guess, you haven’t configured windows or the bios properly if this is the case. I have several systems that boot much faster on SSDs (average 3-5 seconds) and SSHDs (FireCuda boots in 10-15 seconds from bios post). Each drive technology involved has its own performance tweaks that can be done easily by novice users.

i3luevein says:

so looking at the results, not worth it just save up for ssd

Wampadampa says:

considering the sshd is actually a 5400rpm 2.5″ isn’t a fair comparison against a 7200rpm 3.5″ hdd

Digital Insan1ty says:

I’m not sure about what I should do. I can replace the ODD in my laptop with the 2TB SSHD with a caddy, but it will be a bit botlenecked by the SATA I 150MB/s controller. This would add cheap extra storage but I have this feeling HDDs are really on their way out and with only 2TB drives as biggest drive choice, it does seem rather small. If only they would make 4 or 5 TB versions of these slim 9.5mm drives it would make a lot more sense to go for cheap HDD storage.

Amaroquai Playz says:

Awesome video! I was unsure about going for this SSHD but your real world tests have sold it to me. 2TB SSHD over a 4 TB 7200 rpm regular drive 🙂
And spending all that time doing the tests…kudos! That’s dedication right there 🙂

theandroids says:

what about noise

esperCELL says:

SSHD is great for secondary game drive

TechnoV says:

Firecuda needs time to learn the system.

Noblecrowd Gaming says:

finally a review that truly explains the difference between all of the drives

62 BOSTON MA North East Corner says:

stripe them (2) raid (0)

Steamed Aurora Borealis says:

What about the 7200rpm firecuda? Is there a noticeable difference between that and the 5400?

Ralph Lauren says:

im running a ps4. i wont spend half of what i paid for a ps4 just for the hard drive. the sshd is fine. the couple of seconds difference is not worth the money unless you have cash to blow. either way you go ssd or sshd your still alot better off than the stock hdd

faisal jafar says:


Caddy Addy says:

Hey, i think there’s missing one hdd that you should have considered. How about a hdd with a 7200 u/rpm drive? The access speed on 7200 u/rpm hdds could be faster… Maybe you could add to the test a fast hdd (at best a 2.5 drive) mit 7200 u/rpm? Best regards


One Question!, I have Firecuda 2.5″ 2TB, but when I power off this, it sounds stranger, is normal?, your FireCuda sounds same?? if you want i can upload a small video

thebigwarthog says:

You’re using the 2.5 inch which spins at 5400rpm as opposed to the 3.5 at 7200rpm.

3.5 should have much better performance than the 2.5

thiscouldntblowmore says:

You really should have compared this to a regular 2.5″ laptop drive, and not 3,5″ desktop one… this “review” tells next to nothing about how performance will change.

SeroJ says:

You are the man. INCREDIBLY useful bench-marking and appreciate the real-world tests.

Ian W says:

Really useful information presented very well. One small critique… those little lapel-type microphones should be aimed, where possible, at the source of the sound (your mouth) rather than into your T-shirt, hence the slightly muffle-y sound. Not to worry, though, I got all I needed to know by careful listening. Still not sure I entirely trust Seagate drives to be reliable, but they look good spec and price-wise.

Nicholas San says:

your test is wrong for sure. I own one sshd and i would say the result for hddd should be the result of sshd and vice versa.

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