What are Pentium Gold and Silver?

What’s special – if anything – about the new Pentium Gold and Silver CPUs from Intel?

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Thomas Perret says:

Need a Pentium Vibranium

awaw maglalng says:

Giveaway plsssss need new pc

TK99 says:

I am sorry Linus but Celeron sounds like Dragon Ball Z villain..possibly Saiyan….maybe the name of the first Super Saiyan or Super Saiyan God.

ThatCatMan says:

Hi Linus!

waqqas says:

Who here because of the new sp go

cwbh10 says:

itanium was a thing tho

Mr.CharlezLey 1223 says:

TechQuickie the processor Core 2 Quad that you show on your video is my CPU

no1unorightnow says:

Don’t forget that Itanium and Xeon are both only one letter away from being elements, (t)Itanium, and Xe(n)on!

Vampire kyler gaming//VK says:

My grandma has a gold credit card she’s not MONEY MONEY MONRY rich she’s not nothinnothin nothin poor she average

Ronald Robert says:

Intel Carbon Fiber editions coming out soon.

William Hollings 2 says:


CampioneLvG says:

Thank you youtube for finally recommending me something i actually want to watch

Alex Ruder says:

Hello, it was vary cool meaning you face to face on 7/11/18 at my job in frys Electronics

Alex De Groot says:

Did anyone else get a funny and toxic cm launcher ad???

amirbahalegharn365 says:

how about bronz in xeon it was shown in video?

Pls don’t watch my video or subscribe says:

Pentium Kryptonite: Better than superman!

Tikko says:

intel atomic bomb Hiroshima when

Oldgrey_WoW says:

the new pokemon games?

Elvis Čakstiņš says:

why dont they add Uraniun

Joseph Andreanus Wijaya says:

They should name it after Palladium, Adamantium, and Vibranium

Rayn35 says:

What about Intel Sextium?


I have buyed a new motherboard how to check weather it is orignal company motherboard or not

kada jawi says:

Actually it’s much, much clearer than it was before. Now you can easily identify Atom based chips. Silver = Atom, Gold = Core. That’s all you need to know, when in the past it was way more confusing as you needed to decipher the letters and numbers that would follow after Pentium etc.

Elite Dangerous Club says:

Bullshit from Intel, it is that simple…

Orbis92 says:

Man, this is really confusing. When I read “Gold and Silver”, I thought you will talk about those 38Core Gold whatever Xeons…

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