The Intel i9 7900X is a Monster Processor You Shouldn’t Buy

The brand new Intel i9-7900X is a great processor that stomps the best AMD currently has to offer. Here’s exactly why that doesn’t matter and why you probably shouldn’t be buying this CPU.

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Hexus’ Intel i9-7900X Review:

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robaxx says:

To be entirely relevant, the price has to include everything necessary to build the equivalent high-end pc, screen case, GPU.. everything… the CPU is just a fraction of it. And it’s nice how hardware sites are deciding for us what our price points are.

Dominic Jake King Lim says:

You have really nice eyes, no homo

MadMax says:

I might get the Epyc… more is more.

Абдул Мамедалибуйлы says:

i9 7900x – is a gorgeous processor! AMD sucks dick like always…! :))

Judas101010 says:

you didn’t mention the huge power draw of the 7900x. And thomshardware couldn’t even cool that hot cake of a cpu while overclocked with the best aio one can buy with money. plus with the mesh architecture of the caches and its higher latency between cpu cores, the game results are worse then a 6950x in most cases. what the heck is intel doing?

Keyser Söze says:

nice thick and moistened lips bro i would definitely kiss.

Tybok C says:


Aryan Race says:

Those eyes are amazing, no homo 🙂

SomeUserNameBlahBlah says:

Don’t forget that Threadripper will handle quad channel memory vs. the 1800X is only dual channel. I don’t know how much that will boost performance but I’m sure it will help some.

surfingsuicune says:

and they’re STILL using shitty thermal paste instead of solder between the CPU die and the IHS, causing the thing to run hotter than Venus. also, power consumption on the 7900X is so absurdly high it makes Ryzen look even more compelling from an efficiency perspective.

80554!N says:

im building a budget pc and my choice is i5 7500
because as i can see benchmarks intel performs better on nvidia gpus
i waited for ryzen to reduce costs and get better performance but the bad news is its only better for amd gpus 🙁
intel will fuck my wallet again
EDIT : also ryzen cpus and mobos are overpriced in iran 🙁

RAY M says:

a 270w on load with higher tempmthen 7700k

why would bother?

David McBenge says:

I believe that the competition will provide consumers, that’s us, with a wider variety of choices and a lot better value in the future.

iamtheonewhoyoulove says:

yes motherboard cost, you can buy decent boards for the 1800x for 1/3rd the price of the x299 boards so moot point

Fabulous says:

AMD’s 16c will be under 1000$, some sources predict as low as 850$

pilgrum says:

my 3820 oc still kicks @$$

Totally Awesome says:

Amd has ryzen to the top

Mac Joe says:

the 7900X is a big HOAX

DoaSE says:

My pc build would incorporate a Ryzen 5 1600 and an rx 580 but fucking ethereum miners so gtx 1070

John Doe says:

Is it possible for you to rip off JayzTwoCents any more than you already are?

Mike Lyons says:

Try buying the 7820x it’s dearer than Ryzen of course, but the extra grunt more than compensates. Also 600 is a far better deal for this 8 core than a grand for the ten core. There is no doubt the AMD has done well in the bang per buck numbers. However, if you wan’t performance, with high overclocking, (I know more money on good cooling – but what the fuck), Intel is the way to go. However, I’m happy with an eight core, for those who want a gazzilion cores it’s wait and see time.

Mac Joe says:

this graph is a lie….. physically not possible

Scott Sullivan says:

Exactly who will benefit from i9?
A i7 does just fine for single thread computing, and GPUs do far better for high-performance computing.
The i9 is for people that want to run many different apps on the same PC at the same time.

Not many people need that. We have maybe a browser, Dropbox and Evernote running at most.

Sean O'Brien says:

He’s soooooo not copying Jayztwocents

Black Widow says:

16 core threadripper will cost 849.

JJSmith Lago says:

I think the 12C/24T Threadripper will be the sweet spot price-wise.

kross tony says:

power consumption of i9 cpu is horrible also, so u shoun’t buy it!

7O7-ZOZ says:

Intel is never worth it; they are operating on the law of diminishing returns.

Hypergalactica says:

What would y’all gamers recommend for the ultimate audio CPU, trading off individual core speed, core number and price? Ableton Live user here, and some of the plugins I run (such as iZotope BreakTweaker) do high-level DSP that can tax my i7 3770k if I push it even a little.

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