The Intel Core i9-7900X 10-core Skylake-X Processor Review

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Intel is at an important crossroads for its consumer product lines. Long accused of ignoring the gaming and enthusiast markets and focusing instead on laptops and smartphones/tablets at the direct expense of the DIY user, Intel had raised prices and only shown limited ability to increase per-die performance over a fairly extended period. The release of the AMD Ryzen processor, along with the pending release of the Threadripper product line with up to 16 cores, has moved Intel into a higher gear, now more prepared to increase features, performance, and lower prices.

Today we now know that Intel is only releasing the 10-core Core i9-7900X, 8-core Core i7-7820X and 6-core Core i7-7800X and the Kaby Lake-X 4-core CPUs on June 26th. The 12-core processor will be shipping in August with the 14, 16 and 18-core expected to ship sometime in October. That leaves the 10-core/20-thread 7900X as the top end HEDT SKU from Intel for the foreseeable future but also leaves the window open for AMD to release Threadripper with 16-cores and take wind of any sails that Skylake-X might provide for Intel. (Editor’s Note: we are expecting a quad-core processor for this platform very soon and will post a review up on that ASAP.)


Nuno Fontainhas says:

Who cares about this , price and Tdp just to name two great things…

FifthGear says:

Wasn’t the mesh interconnect meant to reduce latency?

Yak says:

Intel is regressing, worse clock for clock performance than Broadwell-E, much worse perf/w.. wtf is Intel smoking?!

Alex Williams says:

Looking at the drivers for the new platform / motherboards on Gigabyte, they only offer Windows 10 drivers, no support for Win7/8.1, so probablythe same for all the other manufactures. With the all the x99 issues I’ve read about, I decided on the Ryzen 1700X + GB K7 which offers Win7/8.1 drivers.

But aside from that, if you shop around, you can get a Gigabyte AX370 + 1700X for $438. For the Savings over the 7820X which is the most affordable 8C (not even going to bother with the 7900X) + Motherboard, you can use the saved money for a 1080 TI & (NVMe drive or 1440P monitor) … hopefully, Vega will put some competitive pricing between itself and the 1080 TI. This system should be good for at least a solid 3-4 years, and by then, you’ll have Ryzen 3 and whatever Intel is offering.

Bob Fergisoon says:

Loose the grey back drop, makes PCper look cheap af.

ash ash says:

This is WHY viewers CANT Trust these sites- per your own load test the 7900X is 70 watts over 6950X in relative terms the 1800X was NO WHERE near over the 6900- your own benchmarks have the 1800X, 6900, and 6950 even soooo Intel lied about the TDP? – It is very clear Intel needed cosmetic wins, take the 7900X out of the mix and ‘you got nothin’ (Al Pachino- Heat) -You are ALL Intel sock puppets

zenfire digital design says:

“It’s a mess inside the die now…” – “I meant mesh”

John Trussell 3rd says:

Ryan you didn’t seem too phased by the high temps close to 100*C, meanwhile Steve over at Gamers Nexus is saying it runs hot and to skip the 7900X. How do you feel about it? I feel like these temps are standard for a processor with HCC.

DaKrawnik says:

Retards below crying about lack of solder, yet AMD’s 95w Ryzen chips overclock like toasters and use more power than 91w Intel parts….

LeBitch James says:

Max overclocked1800x is slower than stock 7820x LOL

Me says:

“Putting tinfoil hat” : talk about Intel putting RFid chips on the new Skylake-X !

Toms Tech says:

Ryzen: FX’s revenge
“cores and clock speeds don’t matter, 60*c temps are nice but IPC is everything, they’re great for heating up your house though hurrder hurr”
[few years later]
“so what if it reaches 100*c I have 18 cores at 4.8Ghz!!”
How’d them apples taste?
Thing is if it gets 2464cb with 10 cores that’s 246 per core+thread which is only 13% more than a whole FX module got 5 years ago.
Seems a bit funny they would ignore the downsides of hyperthreadings measly 30% improvement (over not having it) but will happily only use half of a module, bit like saying “hey this got 200 in single core, so 1 logical core gets 140 and the virtual core only gets 60” when was the last time anyone thought about that?
What if FX had SMT that added another 30%, a £100 fx8 would have a cb multi score of 936 while the same price i3-3220 only got 290!

allen mathew says:

you look scared… like someone has a gun pointed at your head… 😉

Anubis_X64 says:

I will stick to my X99 setup little longer. While having a faster cache and some other improvements seems nice. I only use about 28 PCI-e lines on my system (rocking a i7-6850k) 20% performance increase is not a valid reason to jump to whole new platform. Especially since I moved to X99 this past December.

AdmiralCecil says:

AVX-512 is not available on Kabylake-X. Also, Kabylake-X gives off hints that its much like Skylake that came before it.

Also all CPU’s below 7900x will only use the 256-bit AVX which is in use on SKylake/ Kabylake.

Sss F says:

nah, AMD is wayyy cheaper and offers pretty much the same stuff…

Moonbogg says:

That thermal paste, good god almighty.

matttd9490 says:

Meh I’ll keep my 3770K

rcald2000 says:

*Ryan* Thank you for taking the time to provide this information.

PhilsComputerLab says:

Thank you, best review so far. Straight to the point about what’s going on. Faster, cheaper, great OC, but more power.

Nisco Racing says:

Please spend +15 minutes on the next podcast talking about this CPU/Platform in more detail.

FifthGear says:

Studio videos look way nicer than green screen videos. Doing videos in a studio means professionalism. A green screen can do anyone in his bedroom.Pleas Ryan, go back to doing videos on that table in your studio. It is way more inviting to watch than this.

Mr11ESSE111 says:

16/32 ryzen 9 will cost 150$ less then i9 7900x and be faster

CH JR says:

Ryzen has given the ordinary person what Intel never cared about and that’s you 4 cores are gone and expensive proc’s are gone. And some people can’t help show a bias to Intel.

pSyk says:

Over 80C with a Dual-Radiator?!?! Holy Shit!
My R7 1700 runs at 66C @ 1.3V under a cheap Pure Rock Air Cooler with only one Fan!

ed0985587 says:

Dude pronounced his own channel “PC Respective” lol. Classic

Leonardo Morellato says:

2:01 is a mess!! yehaa, you have it inside dont you? i dont like it either Ryan….

KingStivan says:

i`ll wait until this thing is like 600$ then i might buy it over the AMD stuff YES i`ll pay the 100$ premium but that’s it !!

Tammy Thomas says:

Is Intel 12 and 16 core chips going to be 4 CPU on one die like AMD Threadrippers design is?

Forge says:

comparing the prices of the 7900x vs the 6950x when it released, yes the 7900x is $700.00 cheaper although you are not comparing the top of the line 7980xe vs the 6950x where the 7980xe is $1,999.00 making it alot more expensive than the 6950x

WojtekFigurniak says:

Great review/summary Ryan! Like this quick fire layout before I get the full run down during the weekly podcast.

Peter Dwyer says:

@pcper I’ve been gearing up for a new build for sometime and was going to go for a X99 set up, but with X299 “mildly” around the corner during thanksgiving last year I decided to wait. I really don’t want to wait any longer. I’m curious on how well AMD CPU’s handle virtualized environments

Alain Abrahan says:

lol this people are amaze me I prefer to get honest reviews this is so condescending towards Intel, if is AMD who put that TDP out everyone would bitching about it, you just trying to put things pretty do you see that tempeture are you crazy how could you said that that temperature is good.


1080p gaming talk needs to go away. Yesterday. It’s garbage. 100% useless garbage that proves absolutely nothing.

Toms Tech says:

Here’s 1 issue, its still £1000…who’s going to knowingly buy that what you can get 60% of the performance for 35% of the price with the 6core? (thats aside from ryzen).
People used to buy £1k cpu’s before but they were the best of the best, QX9650’s, i7-980X, i7-3960X….this is just a mid range cpu in the lineup.
Buying one of the older cpus you was making a statement saying……. “I don’t care about bang/buck I just want the best”, as stupid as that is…. with this you’re saying “i dont care about bang/buck OR performance, I’m just stupid”.
The same holds true for every cpu above the 8 core and below the 18 core.
Threadripper can cost £1200 and only pull ahead in heavily multithreaded workloads but people will still buy more of them for 2 reasons. 1)it’s the flagship which carries big e-peen, 2) if what you’re doing isn’t heavily multithreaded you don’t belong here anyway.

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