The Intel Core i5 9600k Review

With Intel struggling to produce high end chips my only option was the Core i5 9600k and we quickly find it’s a terrible value vs the Ryzen 5 2600 and barely justifies even existing

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Tou Tutu says:

I choose Intel. Now I’m stuck on wrong boat with Intel?

Miguel Flores says:

amd is for the gays who can’t afford good hardware..lmao

CALVIN says:

running my 6600k at 4.9 still lol been almost 2 years

Ненад Илић says:

Intel remaining oblivious to the fact that ryzen even exists, i really don’t get their strategy on this, instead of coming out with something mind blowing, they turn up with a chip that’s weaker then their last gen equiv, ignoring the fact that Ryzen 2 came out and that its out performed by what? 7/8%.
When they know their last chip does better, this is why more people go with Ryzen, i mean I’m still on a 4670k but for my next rig ill go Ryzen for sure.

Difference Engine (DE) says:

Omg get to the point quickly in your videos.

Ole-Jørgen Skare says:

I bought an i5 9600k for the reason that it is the same price in my country (Norway) as an 8600k. Also, I wanted good temperatures and were pleasently surprised that my temps running demanding games like Battlefield 5 was really good. I generally sit about 50 degrees celcius during 100% load with my noctua d15 cooler. I were looking at the Ryzen 2700x as well, but in games I found the i5 to be better overall (I run at 1080p high refresh rate). My thinking is that in some years time when I need a new one, I can get a i9 used for cheap. Just my experience 🙂

Struckspoon says:

Is he on molly

Christopher Boucher-Burns says:

Thanks for the review. Good to save some cash. 10% gaming for 100 some bucks ? Hell yah.

The Horror says:

It’s not a terrible cpu, it has terrible value

Daetok says:

My Ryzen 2700 @ 4.0 Ghz + DRAM 3066 = 1812 CB Without any tweaking. Lost the silicon lottery on my 2700, can barely hold 4.1 yet my brothers 2700 can get to 4.25 stable. Not really an AMD fanboy. Just never have had the fun money to throw at intel. AMD has always been budget friendly from the CPU to the MOBO, easy to understand versions. I’m happy with my 1080ti on the 2700. I don’t need more frames from the Witcher 3.

Brandon Thames says:

AMD > Intel

Dirty Bauer says:

eh not everyone likes fucking with AMD products.

Hans Behrends says:

Core i3, 8400, the quad core? We forgive you for this, no one touches that thing except maybe once for testing. I own the Core i5 8400 (6c/6t) for a 980 Ti VR machine, paid USD 160 for it, does the job

Dorian Gray says:

I dont think the person who reviews actually knows what the purpose of this chip is. all 8th gen chips have no spectre and meltdown mitigation. This chip has new tech for mitigation. Not fully, but has more. The chip is $239 dollars at Microcenter. Newegg is garbage, has been for three years. Run the chip at TDP, remove the cheating motherboard features, the thing has no heat and wattage use. I can find like… a million things wrong with this review. 2600 ryzen is slower gaming. Also, sadly for youtube reviewers, almost no one overclocks anything. Ryzen has no AVX acceleration worth anything. It could be cheaper sure, and be slower and called ryzen. z390 boards are fantastic for mining, scientific crap, etc. Ryzen are full of shutoffs and fake slots, and also 2.0 pcie slots.

K0nst4nt1n96 says:

I currently use a i5 2500k at 4.8ghz since it came out. It starts to have some errors from time to time so i look for a new MB and CPU what can you recommend? Money is not the biggest factor and i need high single core performance as i use FSX.

Lit Papi says:

I’m just glad I won the 8086k

Jesse the Lawless says:

I don’t need 10% for 100 bucks more fuck that shit

DevastatorKnight says:

Enjoyed your review, I just bought this this CPU. for $250 us, it was $10 more then the 8600k. i also bought an aftermarket coolermaster cooler for $23. z390 motherboard was $120. This was done on black Friday for america. To step up to the core i7-8700, the cheapest i could find was for $330, and i’m trying to stay on budget as cheap as i can. i think i did ok, but really appreciate your insight. I did look into the ryzen 2700x but it was about $340, and motherboards seemed a bit more expensive then the Intel 1s. Take care 🙂

Nahuel Costa says:

Spectre hardware patch?

Kauha says:

average of almost 20fps more? hell yes thats worth paying 150 dollars more.

NotReadyFarm says:

Is Ryzen 7 2700x good with a rtx 2080? I intend to buy prebuilt pc, and the ryzen one is 600 dollars cheaper then the i7-9700k, and might i add i get 16 gb ram with the ryzen one and 8gb on the intel prebuild.

TheLastMohican says:

Should I upgrade from my i5-4690k ?

blakedmc1989RaveHD says:

i’ll stick to buildin’ my 4790k build upgradin’ from a build with a AMD FX8350

james bond says:

1 benchmark for games? You r joke same as i5 9xxx. Try to edit video with it, not just run cinebrnch benchmark and see how long it takes. There is also another parts of processing/editing video. BTW prices of parts are different everywhere in world so for example in my place of living 8600k cost 190$.

marshall law says:

“Sure you can get i7 8700k for gaming” um. for someone complaining about prices just know that shit is 300 bucks FROM MICROCENTER ON SALE meaning its worth way more in other stores, yet the 9600k is 239.99 at microcenter. Ryzen does multithreading better yes, so workstation wise it’s a no brainer. that’s about all their good for unless you are a casual gamer on a tight budget, only need 60 fps and don’t care what graphics settings you want. A 9600k on a decent motherboard (btw shocker right here: they cost more money then gigabyte ones) will blast ryzen out of the water gaming wise all day every day. I need me some 1440p 144hz on high to ultra not a baby 720p 60fps medium to low graphics when I game

wwaarriiss says:

To the dickens indeed…

Chromosome Factory says:

Would the i5 9600k be worth it at $250 +BO4 free?

CountCarbsNotCals says:

Just get an R5 2600 its a lot cheaper, same number of cores/ threads.

Jay P says:

Welcome to the silicon lottery how can you be so upset. Sure binning would have been cool but it is what it is. 8600K is cheaper right now and I think most people should go that way. If you expect top OC out of every CPU you’re going to get upset and some point as a techie.

macman90 says:

First 2 minutes and a 30 seconds of sponsor thanking and bs. This is my first time watching your channel, never gonna watch it again or this video till the end.
Consider spreading out the “commercials” throughout the video or half in the beginning and the other half at the end.

Jackie Chan says:

Where am I

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