The $15 Quad Core Xeon CPU | Best Price to Performance I’ve Ever Seen

The Intel Xeon Processor range is mostly associated with workstations and servers, but they can be found used at great prices online thanks to how many there are. For just $15, I think this is the best bang for your buck I’ve ever seen with a CPU, even considering the fact that it’s 7 years old, and runs on an outdated and obsolete socket.

In this video we paired it with 8GB of DDR3 ram and a GTX 950, which is by all means a modest yet capable GPU, to see if the Xeon could keep up. Safe to say the results were surprising.

Test System:
Intel Xeon Quad Core Processor @ 2.4GHz
Intel DQ57TM Motherboard
8GB DDR3 1333MHz Ram
Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 2GB GDDR5 Graphics Card
Windows 10 Pro

Games Tested:
Grand Theft Auto V
Fallout 4
Assassins Creed Syndicate
Rise of the Tomb Raider

Thanks for watching 🙂


Tadziun Gamer says:

You should do x3440/3450/3460 or 3470 review 🙂 it is basically i7 860 but for 20-30$ also you shoudl do overclocking those chips can get 3.5-4ghz no problem

mrabudi1 says:

0:35 0:37 , were you hoping no one would notice? i’m just messin i love your channel

Gonzalo cativa says:

I already have a 1156 motherboard but I CAN NOT find another CPU other than I3 540 (the one I have right now) is so frustrating: ‘c

Luka Mamulashvili says:

to be aunest all the games you showed us for some reson looked like 720i very low

Victor F.V says:

“Now the *XeOn* range of CPUs…” Lol, what happened?

kingmacng6 says:

you talk I dollars yet you’re British get you’re priorities right. it’s pounds not dollars.

Random Stuff says:

will buy it for my grandma! mostly for internet browsing

Mauricio lara belmar says:

This setup could run btf 1?

JRRdaking Franklin says:

Damn if only compatible motherboards were cheaper

kerem kuruüzümcü says:

guys I found axeon E5410 +motherboard + 4gb ddr2 ram should I buy it for 45 dollars?

Remco Kroon says:

i wanna get a old i7 920 for 20 $ can i do everything on this? i have a gtx 950 s well but im sure you can get 60 fps avg on gta 5 1920×1080 on that thing with a descnt processor…

vdochev says:

Are all P55 mobos compatible with this CPU?
Also, what do you mean by it being not capable of running minesweeper? Would the CPU be damaged?

duffbiker says:

you should do a x5460 or 5470 its the cheapest upgrade path to 775 that is extremely common. very easy to oc to 4+ghz

Satwant Bali says:

can you please tell me if I can use a gtx 1050ti instead without bottlenecking?

Equay Gaming says:

The mic either keeps cutting off or you edited your voice in. Whatever it is, it is annoying.

Mauricio lara belmar says:

Works on Asrock h55m-le?

Jacob Slyker says:

Could I pair this with a 960? I’m getting one of those cards for free soon, but can’t spend much on the rest of the system

Bike Dude says:

I seriously fucking hate rebates, why don’t they just subtract the money and discount it. I remember waiting like 6 months after filing annoying paperwork. I didn’t even bother the next time I bought a rebate product and I skip them altogether now.

dar0 says:

get a w3580 (higher clock but 4 cores HT) or w3670 (Hexacore babee HT)

VisserZer0 says:

Just ordered one for $9 lol

jfyg says:

this bitch it 99 cents now USD

Phoenix says:

I like the X5560 more, you can get it for $7 and it performs roughly at an 8320-8350 level which isn’t bad considering you can find a mobo for this around $20-40.

abdullah redwan says:

This is the reason why i subscribed to this channel in the first place. It is also why I build my first PC, I used the x3440 instead, which has hyperthreading and a gtx 970, good PC till now!

Damon May says:

I have a penis

TheJeremy5599 says:

for 15$ you can get twin e5620 (what i use in my pc) and their basically faster versions of the i7 920 but at 200mhz slower clockrate (200 slower base and 300 slower turbo,but if you have a single lga1366 mobo they OC to 4ghz on stock voltage and air cooling.)

VAGGELIS kurkouy says:

Why not x3440. It has hyperthreading for only 15 euro more

c l o r o x b l e a c h says:

I Have an Asus P7H55 – M Motherboard Currently Running an I5 650 should i upgrade to a xeon quad (the one in the vid) or keep the i5, also if anyone could find out if the xeon is compatible with my motherboard it would be great. Thanks!

car7000 says:

is this better for gaming than an i3 540?

Dailesty says:

how can I know if it’s one of the working Xeon 3430’s?

Lightskin Thoughts says:

my dad is an engineer at a news channel in nyc and he brought home a system with one of these they use them to broadcast to tv it has a shit ton of ram also and support for two cpus but didnt come with a videocard if anyone would like to buy it with its original case for server racks contact me at

Aleksa Lazarevic says:

Got Xeon x5460 (quad 3.16ghz) for 25$ 771 to 775 socket, works great on 4 GHz

Jesse Keller says:

Intel xeon and gtx 750ti 8 gb ddr4 ram? good to play american truck sim and euro truck sim 2? 1080p 60

Shawn Marino says:

I have an Intel Xeon X5472. It was only $11.95 and runs at 3.16Ghz. If anyone wants the link to this deal them just ask.

Tech Skits says:

We need another budget build using this CPU

Trevor Lentz says:

This reminds me, I still need to setup another original mac pro 8 core for cheap!

overclocked orange says:

Ugh, I wish there were actually good cpus for the lga1151 socket. I have this obsolete i5 and the other options have basically the same specs.

impokejon says:

i got the exact cpu and socket for 30 bucks and i payed 30 busks is that too much of a discrace

prizedcoffeecup says:

“goiz it’s not stupid, it’s alternatively intelligent”


TBIOO-17 GamingInformer says:

Awesome Man .. This Is One Of The Best Channels On Youtube For Sure !!
Keep Up The Good Work Man .. Wish You The Best Wishes 😀

Ares5933 says:

Do on on the intel Xeon e5530, it’s about the same as this one but you can run two together in a dual socket mobo, so that’s an 8 core system on the cheap. You can usually pick up two for $10 on eBay

Kuanish Amanbek says:

Let’s commend every time he says gaming experience

Nicker950_HD says:

Or you can pay 5-10$ more and get the X3440 with 8 threads.

Mr Perry says:

Could this cpu be used for a server?

Mr.JBI22 says:

I OC my x3440 to 3.8Ghz. I bought it for $25 a few months back

Robert Ditzel says:

That momentary voice change at 0:34 …wut lol.

JokingChris 101 says:

is there any CPU like this on the lga1150

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