Pentium G4560 Review: The Best Budget CPU We’ve Tested!

Holy crap, this thing is stupidly fast for a budget processor. The Pentium G4560 is a dual-core CPU with hyper-threading. It’s basically an i3 in all but name – but just how fast can it game? Rich reveals all.

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Butch Long says:

hi there I am looking at building my first budget gaming pc £500 budget. can you recommend mother board chip and graphics card. I was thinking old i7

OHs!hitwaddup says:

Cna you make a budget build with g4560 please

syamala raj says:

Awesome Video! after seeing this I want to change from my choice of an i3 4170 with hd7850 gpu to this pentium with gtx 550 how does this sound?

Vijayx7 says:

i am trying to pair G4560 with gtx 1050ti (buget PC) any suggestions ?

Oborowatabinost says:

G4560 + 1050 TI

orgrimar96 says:

The thing is.. I have a g4560 and a gtx 1050 Ti. I paly crysis 3 at 1920×1200 and medium settings and it never really drops under 60 fps (the minimum i saw was 56 fps).
the only game i ever had big fps drops was viscera cleanup detail.

Key Ruin says:

This is good, you gusy running everything on super high settings makes it easier to compare stuff, if it runs open world games easily at 60 fps, and im not a super ultra geek, that means this is a super good buy and can easily run games on low or medium settings.Thanks.

Brad A says:

Anyone know the average idle temp for this CPU? I’ve just bought one and my idle temp is knocking around 35-40C w/ stock cooler

Anshuman Walvekar says:

will the Pentium G4560 really run these games because it’s a dual core ??? please reply

Hans get zhe flammenwerfer says:

why the would you make a 65 dollar cpu for lga1151? why do they have to fuck up everything god fucking dammit!!! intel needs to stop hiring autists

Muhammad Zafar says:

What is the gpu being used for these benchmarks

Alexg6464 says:

Thanks for making this video! I bought a PC recently and this is the CPU which comes with it.

TechPond says:

7100 also 3mb cache ! imformation wrong !!

Zupremo says:

my brother just recently bought a i3 pc with 8 gig of ram and gtx 560ti GPU and i installed witcher 3 on it and it plays very well in ultra setting with phsyx turned off with 30-19 fps in 720p inside novigrad ao if your on a budget i think a gtx 750-760ti would be a great GPU on a 720p resolution.

Game Geek says:

Ahh, that line “you’ve got to know your limitations”

Anime desu-troyed my life says:


VFX Relay says:

Why didn’t you use 1050ti

Bhavishya Negi says:

which gpu are u using with pentium g4560 in the video??????

jeff jason says:

what os did you use?

Red Racer says:

what do you think of the new G4600?

Jimmytwogunz says:

+DigitalFoundry I’m going to stick this CPU into my Streaming PC ! Can’t beat £50 for a decent CPU

Intel Pentium (G4560) 3.5GHz Processor
ASUS STRIX B250F GAMING Motherboard – Black (Socket 1151/B250/DDR4​/S-ATA 600/ATX)
Corsair CX850 PSU
Elgato Game Capture HD60 Pro Streaming Card
2nd Hand GTX 970 for about £150 Ebay
Corsair CMK8GX4M1A2400C14 8 GB Vengeance LPX DDR4 Memory Module – Black

All of this inside my spare Corsair 760t V2 Case !!

Adam Hruza says:

How much would this CPUs performance be impacted if you were to pair it with a GTX 1050 as opposed to the 1060?

liagouras98 says:

guys can i play conan exiles with g4560 and gtx1050???

Hunter Arts says:

Is upgrading from G4560 to i5/7 easy? (not money wise)

Kosa A says:

You got my SUBSCRIPTION-great comparing, exacly what i need for my new PC. YOU ARE A MAN

Anshuman Walvekar says:

which is the best budget friendly motherboard for Pentium G4560 with gtx 1060 ?

Abdulla Adel says:

tnx grandpa

Arno H says:

Goddamn just awhile back I built a i3-6100/RX470 PC and now I find out that a couple months later I get the same CPU performance for half the price. My advice for anybody building a PC these days: Don’t spend more than 500-600 bucks on it (including quality PSU and SSD). Just not worth it. You get serious gaming power at that price point unless you want to crank the resolution.

Muhammad Yuda says:

oh ok i will keep my i5 3470 then 🙂 nice info

PhuckHue2 says:

budget crap. I’ll stay with my i7

Kviki 39 says:

Hi, can you pleas tell me can i achieve 2400MHz on Asus or Gigabyte h110m mobo with G4560.
I read on Asus official page that i need Kaby cpu for that but all things i have read on net are old and they all say it can ran just 2133.
please help

Alex Tran says:

Are the benchmark results at the first part of the video running on its integrated HD 610 graphics or a discrete GPU?

intelhd4400gaming says:

i3-4150 vs G4560?

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