New Ryzen CPU’s Beat Intel In Gaming! (if benchmarks are true)

We take a look at some early leaks on overall gaming performance among other details from a Spanish tech website AMD beats or matches Intel is 7/10 different games! We will have to see if this holds true.

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What I film with Panasonic G7 Lighting




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Felix Kütt says:

4.3 GHz is exactly what I expected.

jules changed_to_increase_privacy says:

Gear Dink 🙂

erin scot says:

ok im new at this
can anyone tell me if my set up is ok
i7 7800X 6-Core 3.5GHz (4.0GHz TurboBoost)
ASRock X299E-ITX/AC mother board.
650 Watt Silverstone SFX Series power supply
6GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
DDR4 2400MHz 16 gigs
2TB Seagate BarraCuda Hard Drive w/ 16GB Intel Optane Memory M.2
i just got this stuff..i need help lol

Tan Tan says:

Second suck ass video youve made. Looking for views? Put on a skirt, youre already acting like a whore.

Jeffrey Photonboy says:

I’m still optimistic that Ryzen will be a good value but people should be very careful especially when it comes to motherboard quality and choosing DDR4 memory (Ryzen bandwidth). I think the R5-2600 may end up a great CPU, though I am curious to see how current motherboards work with it and how the 370, 470 and 570? motherboards work with the various Ryzen skews… for example how would a 370(older mobo) + R7-3700X (2019ish CPU) work?

J0xxe says:

nice clickbait bullshit faggot, delete your shit channel

Johan Krüger-Haglert says:

You shouldn’t look at click bait bullshit reviews which fool people and you shouldn’t spread them in stupid click bait YouTube videos.

5 Minute Gaming says:

Good news sir. Healthy competition is a great thing! I have owned many AMD and Intel rigs over the years, it’s always nice to have viable choices!! (much like Youtube LOL…subbed!!)

Jad Nassrallah says:

Thumbs DOWN bigtime you gave us ZERO actual information in that video ZERO benchmarks ZERO numbers so that was really bad. + clickbait if I was thinking of subscribing to you channel 1% now I’m 9999999999999999999999% sure that I will never do so.
Please plan the videos before you upload, people out there need real accurate information about these products not just abstract descriptions we can find on any forum.

Thanks and best regards!

Mtndewgang says:

If you buy a unlocked i7 and don’t oc the snot out of it, you’re wasting so much money.

Jeffrey Photonboy says:

The example benchmarks show the i5-8400 (Turbo max 4.0GHz) sometimes losing by 2% and sometimes beating the i7-8700K (Turbo max 4.7GHz) by 4%? So the tests are so close that margin of error is sometimes letting a weaker Intel CPU beat a stronger Intel CPU so this tells us WHAT EXACTLY?

The 4K test in particular is idiotic for trying to say Ryzen vs Intel is better as a general statement. Just Fuck Off. I rarely swear but this is just shitty reporting.

Real Animation Pro says:

You neglected to mention that with Intel you need to de-lid and buy expensive coolers and motherboards. You also need to know that the reviewers got cherry picked CPU’s and most Intel CPU’s cannot get the high clocks that reviewers get.

But anyway, thanks for the video, it was very good.

kalter spiegel in englisch in schlecht says:

Fuk amd is better then my i5 4210u how roast cenebench with -11points

Rocket sams says:

those test were done with a gtx 1070 at 1080p ultra settings…not really a cpu benchmark if u ask me…

Arturo Cesar says:

Might as well be Intel? How is being allowed to use your old motherboard the same as ACTUALLY being forced to buy a new motherboard? It’s this kind of mentality that gives gamers a bad name. You get a cookie and want the whole damn jar. Performance drop or not, intel doesn’t even let you use your old motherboard.

Gamer Meld says:

No it doesn’t. These are margin of error numbers, due to the lower end GPU, in games AMD already excels at. You could take a 1070 at 4k, match it up with a newer i3, and get the same numbers.

David Whitfield says:

Lol people need to quit pointing to 4k results like somehow that shows cpu performance in any way it doesn’t also that article from wccftech is so crap anyone that can’t see that lol…

Game Arena says:

Done sub + notification bell + like

Adalberto Gutiérrez says:

quoting my man Tom Hardy as Max Rockatansky “THAT’S BAIT”

YG - Yuke Gaming says:

stocksettings = lol

Mpit 1089 says:

El chapuzas informatico ftw!!!

Dicezlol says:

Wow, so 6700k seems to perform better then a 8700k :O intel is doing something wrong here when that happens, luckily it’s the 6700k i own so. Not upgrading for a few years. want to see at least a 20% performance gain for processors before i upgrade again.

Giorgi Mekantsishvili says:

good good

MZM says:

i hate bla bla bla…

Himanshu Bisht says:

Alert to Intel workers, dislike the video immediately!lol

Kusuma Yogi says:

amd use smaller 12 nm process for ryzen 2800x and they can get 200mhz+ frequency from that ,but still bumps tdp to 105 watt from 95 watt. they also support higher ram frequency so the performance increase 16 percent + 200mhz core clock= around 21 performance increase from ryzen 1800x.
it beat core i7 6700k by 1.5% in single core.

Yackaro says:

Around the middle of the video, when you mentioned **amdfanbois** …. *TRIGGERED CRINGING*
^ ^^

^I’ve seen how far that fanboyism goes and it’s not a good thing.
^^I’m a Ryzen/RX480 owner myself so I feel like I have a decent grasp of what I speak of.

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