NEW Intel GPUs Get Petaflops, First 3rd Gen Ryzen Benchmarks!


**AMD Adrenaline Update**

Intel’s new Graphics card called Xe, Sunny Cove CPUs, 3rd gen ryzen 3500u, 3300u & 3200u benchmarked and AMD’s new Adrenaline update! Stay tuned…

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Intro Song: Vivacity


Alberto De Girolamo says:

Intel has far too much to learn before being something to even consider.

LaoJK says:

Take a shot everytime he says below

Guille Ghemi says:

auto OC is broken. My vega 64 can not run. Instant freezee. Manual undervolt is still the way to go. at least in this patch. Maybe it will be improving any time soon.

Your Favorite Driver By Youtube Person says:

Intel should just make sure decicated video card instead of integrated crap.

enovationsgr says:

“Intel is now ‘copying’ AMD.”
Yes right, just because the Gamer huge clickbaiter idiot addresser populist Meld said so. Go and check UFD Tech who was decent enough to present the actual Sunny Cove arhitecture. Not that different from Skylake

TurboCMinusMinus says:


Dipesh Limbu says:

1:56 wen you see it

lolmao500 says:

All GPUs scale to petaflops if you put enough in there… which is intel marketing BS as always

simpolang says:

After getting AMD employees to work for you, you finnally gettting some good progress. Go AMD none the less.

Mark Langdahl says:

AMD notebook CPUs have been a generation behind for the other Ryzen generations as well. Ryzen 5 2500U is a 14nm Zen 1 chip despite the name.

Ceezons says:

massdrop is fire tbh

DJ525 says:

I’ll believe intel when they prove it.

BigHeadClan says:

Well well well look who’s gluing together cpu now.

KaibaCorp HQ says:

Next we’ll hear Nvidia getting into the CPU business?

Francesco Gizzi says:

Ah how the tables have turned; Intel utilizing the same “DyEs gLuEd ToGeThEr” practice that they shunned so many months ago, delightful.

GraveUypo says:

does the new drivers still make sprites in gzdoom invisible? i had to rollback to the june driver because anything newer than that fucks up gzdoom and therefore is useless to me.
[edit] they do not. yay. the VR thing is going to be useful to me. i don’t particularly like using VRcat. a native solution is much preferable.

it just occurred to me that it probably doesn’t support gearVR. welp, back to vrcat i guess.

Dale Splitstone says:

What the hell! I watched this video and suddenly I have dozens of videos from Korn, Slipknot, Mondo Grosso, System of a Down, and other artists I never watch cluttering up my YouTube history. What did you people do?

Claxvii 177th says:

Click baity is beyond measure

David Higgins says:

hey, can you do a video on AMD’s new adrenaline driver showing how the new auto overclocking and undervolting features work and how well they work and would they be equal or better than manual tweaking?

Wylie28 says:

lets all keep pretending FLOPS mean anything for a GPU!!!!!

TheCooperman666 says:

The first 2000 dollar gameing card?

ThaRealERAQ says:

Those amd u processors are pointless. Apple a12x is faster smh

Mr11ESSE111 says:

on paper Intel can get space alien GPU/CPU technology but in reality thiose asshols got rebrands /refresh only for years

Jeremiah Hoyet says:

I’d like to see a review of before and after installing the new AMD drivers

Panicky Khan says:

Is the Larabee project coming back

saultube44 says:

Intel GPUs, we’ll see how good of a designer is Raja, all the previous GPUs sucked big time, so the originals have little to no value, but LInus Tech Tips had a prototype that was unable to make it work, that according to some benchmark on the Internet was a good contender for AMD and nVidia, so if he picked at that point plus what he knows about AMD CPUs+GPUs , which “he can’t disclose” but he will, but make a design that looks different to cover his traitor ass legally, so he has in theory the tools to make a good contender. BTW Intel had finally the GPU that could compete after years of trying and didn’t launch it? that seems odd, maybe Intel wasn’t failing but pretending and being paid by nVidia and or AMD, but it’s not likely since the investment was big and would have probably bankrupt even both of them with payuoffs, but something is fishy, maybe someday we’ll know what really happened

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