Is this the end for Ryzen? Intel i5 8600 Review

Does the new Intel i5-8600 spell the end for AMD’s Ryzen CPUs? Let’s find out! This 6 core, 3.1GHz CPU is locked, so no easy overclocking, but with solid IPC and good Turbo Boosting, does it matter much for gaming?
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demon6937 says:

Does it have big difference against i5 8400?

The Reaper95 says:

Well, with around identical IPC to the 6600 and 7600…..No, two extra cores won’t beat Ryzen. Even the 8600k wouldn’t go so far to as to perform better than a Ryzen 7. Which is around the same price if you compare say this 8600 (Or the 8600k) to the price of the 1700 (and 1700x respectively) you just won’t find much difference in price.

But I just upgraded from my 6600k, which I’ve been running at 4.4Ghz, to the 1700. And now my GTX 1080 is no longer bottlenecked at 144hz.

And hey, I will be doing some benchmarks on Sunday, so I’ll definitely update this comment with some scores.

SandmanSeth says:

I have 8 cores and 16 threads at 4ghz for $300. I’ll keep my ryzen chip, thanks.

caster troy says:

the answer is no if you need performance buy a ryzen 7 cpu

Ben R. says:

Take note that your 8700k is obviously overclocked with Multi-core enhancement because your score without an overclock should be 1400-1450. There is not a difference in single-core performance between Skylake and Coffeelake in single threaded applications so you may confuse people with this.

Mr11ESSE111 says:

This guy probably come out of cave yesterday so he didnt hear that for around 2 weeks will come new Ryzen 2xxx series of cpu-s and what a fak is i5 8600?? just 200mhz higher clocked locked i5 8400 !!

jxn141 says:

Locked at 3.1 GHZ with only 6 cores is this some kind of late april fools joke?

John Leonard says:

With the price of it now, NO

Ben R. says:

Your Ryzen chips are a little slow compared to everyone else’s. My 1700 @ 4.0ghz get 168 cine-bench in single threaded and 1768 in multi-threaded. Most 1600s get the same at least 165 for their single core score in cinebench at 4.0ghz.

ITK says:

At 1/3 the logical cores with a locked multiplier at around the same price of a R7 1700 is now:

No. Getting ass-raped by intel every gen to be forced to cough up 200USD for a decent mobo every gen and extra cash for a feature that should be included (overclocking) makes it all the more reason to not buy any desktop intel cpu.

And with 6 cores, they’re gonna being showing their age pretty quick. This is the same thing of console vs PC. The AMD chip/mobo is both cheaper and better over the long run. Intel is like the console you have to toss out completely every year because you can’t just upgrade the cpu without having to get another mobo.

Shekel says:

I’m looking into upgrading my pc and of course also considered getting an m.2. What was meant with the chipset limiting the performance of the m.2?

maidul rasel says:

Dude u need to relax…are u in some story reading competition?????

Андрей Кислюнин says:

Where is 8600vs1600x test to say that its ryzen killer?

TronicHardware says:

Hey guys, I need proper help! I would like to buy a new 4K system for the following applications: Lumion 8, Sketchup, Vectorworks, Rhino 6 with Grasshopper, Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, which are primarily architectural applications (Renderings and stuff like that – 2D and 3D). In terms of better performance, should I go for an Intel Core i9-7900X, 10x 3.30GHz or Intel Core i7-8700K, 6x 3.70GHz? Folllowing the other components:
Mainboard for the i9: MSI X299 Gaming Pro Carbon AC,
Mainboard for the i7: ASUS ROG Strix Z370-E Gaming,
SSD: Samsung SSD 960 PRO 512GB, M.2,
RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB schwarz DIMM Kit 64GB, DDR4-2666,
GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X Trio, 11GB GDDR5X,
CPU Cooler: Corsair Hydro Series H150i Pro,
PSU: be quiet! Straight Power 10-CM 600W,
Case: Variable

Vikram Bhaskar says:

Lmfoa..I don’t see the i5 8400/8600 putting an end to ryzen any day!

LiamE69 says:

Betteridge’s law applies.

Gul Dukat says:

Ouch. Ryzen 2 it is then.

Mr11ESSE111 says:

8700k result are overhyped and that result are with around 4,5-4,7 ghz

Adam Saint says:

Problem with 6 core/6 thread chips is, while they might perform well today, I think they’re soon going to show their age. I think it’s worth finding the extra for the 8700, either the k or non-k, which is a chip that will last you for years. I bought a 4790k a few years ago and glad I ignored the pretty universal advice to go for the 4690k instead as 8 threads really are useful now and 4 thread CPUs are starting to become obsolete in newer games, especially BF1. Or – of course – go for Ryzen 2.

Big King Gaming says:

i7 4790k to ryzen 1600/1700 worth it?

Max Mustain says:

Have a I7 3770k at 4.222 GHz not going to upgrade soon.

Obiwan Kenboi says:

lol no.

Scooby Dooby says:

The i38100/i5 8400 are the end of Ryzen. The 8600K/8700K are the nails in the coffin.

Classy African says:

Nope, Ryzen superiority established.

CountCarbsNotCals says:

Good review. Interesting chip.

CyberClu says:

You mentioned how the 8600 is better at gaming than the ryzen 1600, at the end of the video, but failed to mention that the Ryzen 1600 crushes the 8600 in content creation and productivity, since it has SMT, and the 8600 isn’t hyperthreaded and only has 6 threads, as compared to the 12 on the R5 1600, for those that aren’t just in it for pure gaming.

Ryan Sherman says:

I have a ryzen 1600 love my cpu

mu7sin mu7sin says:

how to boost it

Андрей Кислюнин says:

Ryzen 1600x@4.2GHz for all cores, in old bios, old mobo…. In x470 i think it will be 4.2@1.3-1.4v, 3600+ ram 24/7 🙂

Edmundo studios says:

Had my 3570K for 5 years now still does everything great

Adam Stevenson says:

What would you recommend for gaming/Streaming and what is the best bang for your buck AMD OR INTEL? Great vid and keep it up!!

LFly R says:

Unfortunately it’s not a Ryzen killer :). Ryzen 5 1600X definitely destroys it absolutely everywhere in praxis and on paper.

Ryzen 5 1600X (=194 EUR)
– 6 cores 12 threads
– 3,6 GHz base all core clock
– 4,0 GHz turbo clock
– L2 Cache 3 MB
– L3 Cache 16MB
– 24 PCI-Express lanes (x16 for GPU + x4 for M.2 NVME SSD so all other SATA connectors remain usable + x4 for Chipset)
– SMT (Simultaneous Multi Threading AKA Hyper-Thrading that actually works with visible performance bumps)
– TDP of 95 Watts (Wraith Spire can cool it very ok and Wraith Max can OC it to max)
– real world power consumption at stock clocks under may stress is 97 Watts (so lower power consumption for the performance you get in comparisson to Intel)
– better IPC core-to-core and clock-to-clock than any Covfefe lake Intel cpu….that means if they are both clocked at the same all core frequency, Ryzen cores are faster and more efficient everywhere because it’s a faster architecture in everything
– approximately 25 degrees lower temperatures everywhere (can be easily cooled with Wraith Spire cooler and at stock clocks it won’t exceed 65 degrees at max stress)

Intel i5 8600 (=230 EUR)
– 6 cores 6 threads
– 3,1 GHz base all core clock (worse IPC and much much worse multi-core)
– 4,3 GHz turbo clock only on 1-2 cores (especially locked on B360)
– L2 Cache 6 x 256 kB = 1,536 MB
– L3 Cache 9 MB
– 16 PCI-Express lanes
– no Hyper-Thrading
– TDP of 65 Watts only at 3,1 GHz
– real world power consumption at turbo 1-2 core up to 4,3 GHz is around 110 Watts and all core turbo 4,3 GHz (possible only on certain Z370 chipsets) is 130 Watts)
– worse IPC than any Ryzen cpu at the same clocks
– absolutely no real whatsoever multi-core performance because DX 11 and DX 12 see Intel cores as single core units calculating without being aware of each others progress and not sharing any architectural resources amongst each other
– it cannot be cooled by default Intel crappy cooler, unless when only using 3,1 GHz 65 Watt TDP all core frequency

Push Tech Talks says:

Before the bigg tech tubers and totally worth it just when i found out i subscribed nice video

Morten Søgaard says:

Ryzen 1800x

Marko B says:

dat clickbait

filippos demo says:

Hello i just buy i5 8600 and i use it on Z370-A PRO Motherboard …my psu is 550 w and i connect my 4 pic power to adapter 8 pin ,,,,,,,my cpu always run at 70-85 Celsius ,,,,, can you help ?

barry van dijk says:

LOL .. ” end of Ryzen ” … AMD is just getting started ! Within one year the 7Nm Ryzen 3000 series is coming !
AMD’s 7Nm and infinity fabric will be a revolution !!! R.I.P. Intel 🙂

kiril K says:

If one doesn’t mind gaming and does not need to invest in additional graphics card, but is fine wit integrated GPU – probably…

Dorian Gray says:

There is supposedly a 8700T coming out. Much lower base clocks and high boost, but a 35watt TDP. Have you heard about this? It seems a killer chip for cooling/silence/gaming etc.

Gambit896 says:

Awesome video & review as ever 🙂 keep up the stellar work as always mate!.

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