Is this the end for Intel? AMD Ryzen 2700 & 2600 Review

Is there any reason to buy an Intel CPU now that the AMD Ryzen 2700 and 2600 are out? Or even reason to get the X variants (2700X & 2600X)? Lets benchmark them and find out!
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Ranch says:

End? Really? Cmon haha

roller4312 says:

amd is trash.

Cloud Jordan says:


Its the end for Intel

Jull3 says:

i5 8400 > r5 2600

ですLoli Hunter says:

1. Intel is dominant in laptop market.
2. Have you ever heard non-tech people asking “what Ryzen are you on?” rather than “what core i are you on?”?
3. Shintel CPU still offer better performance than AyyMD’s with a little more cost. It also doesn’t depend on overclocked DDR4.
4. While Ryzen is all over the place on the Internet, Intel still has more consumers statistically.

debendra gurung says:

AMD is pushing more cores more than improving on single core architecture. Intel is improving on single core architecture better. In the long run a better single core architecture always wins. The handling of task on a single core is the primary focus, and then handling of distribution of task to multiple cores. Pushing more cores may sound good enough for now- but in few years some task may be too complex requiring multiple instruction cycles to execute it- the increased number of cores may only increase power consumption. An improved CISC might reduce the number of cycles thus increasing efficiency.
The benchmark dont do justice on what lies in the future, it only scores on whats in the past and current trends.
Just take an example of the Apples ARM Mobile Soc and others. Apple focused themselves on perfecting single core, while others were literally increasing core counts. And with A11 bionic, they magically leaped over the competitors.
Everyone including me thought, AMD with Ryzen will lead the pack, and Intels going to catch up to it. Turns out AMDs catching up to Intel latest release – by adding number of cores….

Idris Kloufi says:

Almost first 🙂

Myles Miller says:

Seems odd that the stock 2600 is beating the stock 2600x in GTA V

Tech Hunter says:

2700X OC vs 2700 OC, much difference?

Pierre Pierre says:

Hard to beat price to performance on the 2600.My new system will cost 6499 where the 2700 non x will cost around 8k+So ye the 2600 is a much better buy here.


Get the first gen 1600 non x and get yourself a 1440p monitor , pump your cash towards a GPU .

pc Juggalo says:

Who is intel

CastAway_Dave says:

2700x owner but the end of Intel? Not hardly!

Luca says:

Defo not worth upgrading from a 1600 to a 2600. I feel this new release is just more efficient first gen ryzen

Tech_bloodbath says:

I built my first PC two years ago I went with the I five 6500 Skylake CPU I spent over $200 on that processor. I just upgraded my PC I got a used ryzen five 1600x for $130. Intel is going to find it very hard to compete with AMD especially if you’re doing more than just gaming

Tech Wired Geek says:

Great video mate, as always! As you probably already know,
I’ve got a first generation R7 1700 in my rig and have been
quite happy with it. AMD certainly did an excellent job
with last gen and these second gen Ryzen CPUs.

CPUs aside, though, how’re you personally doing mate? I know you mentioned about your condition a while back, and that you have good days and bad. I really hope that it hasn’t been too bad for you lately buddy. I would’ve asked about this privately but not many YouTubers tend to reply to private message here on YouTube, so that’s why I’m asking here. I hope that it’s not a problem.

parani kumar says:

Hey can I run rysen 2600 with gtx 1080ti without much bottleneck @1440p 144hz?

Jay Rambo says:

I’m tired of the comparison between both competitors. Let’s be honest, when it comes to gaming intel hands down. Content creation u get more performances to the dollar with the Ryzen series.

DZLE - Designs says:

Hello 😀

Keith Brooks says:

Personally still going with the 2700X and overclocking it.
Not using the included cooler and using my watercooler instead.

Superuser TechMods says:

First again

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