Intel’s X-Series Lineup – What you NEED to Know

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You’re building a new HEDT PC, and you planned on an Intel™ Core® i7. But now there’s Core® i9… And what’s the X for? Time to demystify Intel’s lineup!

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Chadwick Garman says:

Thanks to Intew fow sponsowing this video owo
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You’we buiwding a nyew HEDT PC, and you pwannyed on an Intew™ Cowe® i7. But nyow thewe’s Cowe® i9… And what’s the X fow? Time to demystify Intew’s winyeup owo

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SunnyD says:

massive performance improvement “proceeds to show a 1-2fps increase in games”

Ksmash Gamer says:

Got this as an advertisement

Nicolas H says:

But those it run doom?

EDK ReefMeister says:

I still have a 3770k , good enough for me 🙂

crazyhamcat3 says:

Why is this an add? I always watch this Channe but an add

Josh Payne says:

WHAT?! Yet ANOTHER sponsored Intel video on LTT?! WHAT A SHOCKER! Sell out!!!

Ichmag Bäume says:

Show me da wae

Romulino says:

“If you really don’t care about money, then *maybe* buy this. “

JG- Kay says:

7820K is ordered =D Thank you Linus

uabir says:


Jenson Thomas says:

Decade prove side result dignity possible breathe long-term notice wind van improve

Callum Williamson says:

chip physician enhance comedy lately privilege oven fly shuttle introduce away typical.

Akita says:

not for gaming?

Cloud Jordan says:

Don’t forget to dislike the video so Shitel feel the burn

Aditya PAram says:

Hey gaming benchmarks for these chips Linus?

steze49 says:

But does it run crysis?

Tylor Miranda says:

Question computer community… Can I get an i7 7700k and fit it into an i7 4770 socket?

999is666upsidedown says:

why so much dislikes

sourcekick says:

What about upcoming Cascade Lake?

A9-X_Youtuber says:

i7 7820X VS i7 8700K for Gaming and Photo editing?

M21z says:

Hey look an ad I really wanted to see 😉

Benjamin McIntosh says:

This is getting ad placement in my recommended?

Brandon Garven says:

How is this an ad

I still watch your vids

Prageeth Senanayake says:

looks like its safe to say what used to be our most trusted reviewer is in the pockets of the villain he was suppose to save us from, hope your strategy is sustainable in the long run

maharaj meister says:

Gona get myself an i9-7980XE and try and get a tax right off, for like using in charity work….on my second monitor

brayan leed says:

speaking of the “future” tunnelbear is the best blah blah blah…

Ivan Surjadi says:

Why this video is an ad on my youtube home page…

Symon says:

You vented at the i9 only 10 months ago. They sponsor you and all is great? Or is that seriously the difference between Kaby lake x and Sky lake x?

Canonest says:

intel s*x hardcore.

Tu Chenz says:

most of the video dedicated to the more expensive skylake x.. go figure

CrazyGamer_playz says:

Why was this an ad

automodellista119 says:

This video makes me sad. And I’m not prepared to say why as I don’t want to justify it. Reasons or not . . . . . . .

danielsjohnson says:

Intel’s complicated naming system is one of the reasons I like AMD’s current generation of CPUs more.

Moonbogg says:

That mesh wrecks gaming performance. This makes X299 an impossible choice for gamers over 8700K. So, its either 8700K or Threadripper. X299 sucks. That’s why they paid you to remind us it exists.

Royce Barber says:

Linus Tech Tips, I think I solved Intel’s naming problems. A good name is a good brand.

If I owned Intel, I’d want processor names to make sense. Intel is a giant tech company with many sub companies and thousands of products. Some products for consumers (you and I), and some for enterprise and science labs. I’d like to figure out a naming system for processors. I’d like to know the release year, speed rating, number of cores, if it’s for mobile/laptop/desktop/server and if it’s for consumers or non-consumers. Instead of telling me if a processor is for consumer or enterprise, perhaps simply say it’s for Server instead of Desktop.

So a name might be, “Desktop 2018 8core 3.0-3.9speed”. Then have a exact product number after that, like 000023225425235.

So on Amazon or the Walmart website, you’d know the basics of a processor when you see: Desktop 2018 8core 3.0-4.0speed 000023225425235.

Notice I typed Speed instead of ghz. Because humans in general don’t know what ghz is, and ghz is confused with other technologies.

Edit- Instead of telling me the Generation number, like 7th Gen, you could just say the release year even if it’s not the actual year. But I really hate Generation numbers because it doesn’t tell me how old the product is, because I don’t always know what the latest generation is.

GPU Gambon says:

still rocking a x5650

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