Intel’s RYZEN-KILLER – Core i7 8700K

It’s Intel’s turn to disrupt the mainstream market with SIX CORE Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs… But can they disrupt like Ryzen?

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Kekistani Refugee says:

only comes with 16 PCI lanes and dual memory channel. I rest my case…

CaptaInChaos2012 says:

Sounds like your better off with the 7700k unless you need 6 core.

The new i3 don’t look boring, it’s good to see them turned into quads rather can keep the hyperthreading dual core theme.

Doctor Whoo says:

That Asian lady is hot!

Anurag Sharma says:

Will z370 be forward compatible ??? or will i have to buy z390 board for the upcoming 8 core intel chip??? Please help… Need to decide ….. i7 8700k or AMD 1700x

John Doe says:

Niggas been sleepin’ on Coffee Lake.

Ta3kno says:

In terms of gaming, should I go for i5 8600K or i7 8700K? I already have an old platform. I’m still rocking i5 3570K from 2012 and it has been been a great CPU until recently. It has started to show it’s age. It has always been bad with BF1, which I mostly play atm. So I would be going for an Asus or MSI Z370 motherboard (obviously), 16 GB DDR4, 8600K/8700K and mostly likely Hyper 212 Evo cooler, alternatively Noctua NH-D15.

I might also replace my old HDD for a new one in terms of storage, and a second SSD. Everything else will remain the same. I got an Asus GTX 1060 6GB GPU and Antec HCG-620W PSU. So I’m just stuck between 8600K and 8700K. I’m playing at 1080p, so GTX 1060 and 8600K should be a good pair, but would I see any benefit the extra money for choosing the 8700K?

Nick G says:

what do you think is more future-proof in gaming: coffee lake i5 or ryzen? thank you

bumperxx1 says:

Alright guys how’s it going Scottish man adore 21 says that he found a game the new Assassin’s Creed where Intel will gravel at the feet of AMD because of the sheer amount of CPU and thread I however don’t believe this he found one fucking game

Mombaa says:

that isn’t a ryzen killer… much more expensive, you have more to waste for a mainboard and the boxed cooler is better

Slip Shield says:

I’m sorry Linus I used this intro just now as a sound tester for comparing three cell phone speakers ^_^ love the vids

German-American Mapping says:

*T U N N E L B E A R*

bandeandotj says:


Reignand Bongao says:

Why is nobody talking about the i3 8100. Its a freaking i5 with i3 pricing

Mon Mc says:

I bet the next “Z” board will have 8c/16t what you guys think?

New Horizons says:

if it is not available in the market then it is not killing anything.

this is just a paper launch.

also , Ryzen has cheap motherboards as well, and 8 cores are much better than 6 in streaming regardless of CPU Frequency.

J Doe says:

If this is for work?  And you’re sweating an extra $100-200 for your work equipment?  You got problems.

Jusp Game says:

why the 1700x? the i7 8700k should be compared to 1800x

WetOct0puS says:

I will be building a new PC ( completely new to replace my 6+ year old pc), so buying latest components is not an issue. Im more interested in i7-8700k, I do gaming A LOT but i also need cores and threads for my 3D rendering…So I guess this chip is a perfect balance between being new, speed, cores, and price is not too back either.

Shadow Blade says:

i wish i had a girlfriend like her 🙁

Male39 says:

2x more power , just to bump performance. Lame

Onemoredude says:

Not buying a new cpu until AVX512, sure a 6 core is great, but it will become obsolete as soon as they release next gen, diferent socket , different mobo etc.. its just not worth buying these “prototypes” i want something complete

Mylly says:

Holy shit that intro was lit 😀

Taldren says:

Continue to use old DX11 games to compare ryzen (/facepalm). Could have at least thrown Wolfenstein II on there.
Did you at least use DDR4-3600 @ 3466 15-15-15-35 memory timings on Ryzen (looking at the charts I don’t believe so).

Anthony Thomas Ruggiero says:

I use Adobe programs every single day. My main programs (adobe) are Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign and Lightroom. These are my main programs but i do want to get into video work, using Premier and After Effects. I have been doing weeks of research and just can not figure out whether or not to get a Ryzen or the 8700k. Any help is greatly appreciated! I do not do much gaming although I would like the option to run a game or two (not important thought because this computer will be a 90% work computer, I am a graphic designer and photographer). Thank you!

sistemas1 says:

someone can mail me a 8700k  ^^ just the cpu T_T

sampo määttä says:

should i buy i5-8400 or amd ryzen 5 1600 help pls i prefer the i5 personally

Reaper God says:

I’m looking for a processor, not a mini stove.

Mccock says:

Why Not Release ANOTHER processor and socket Intel you FUCKS whats next cappuccino lake !

InkDropFalls says:

Will it or wont it …Fit ROG 270f Mobo

1001 Drinks says:

This tunnelbear is so annoying that I will never subscribe to that….

ulet bulu says:

4:30 they look indonesian people eat micin :v
shit hahaha


Need Help To building intel 8700k Gaming And video Editing Rig
Hello , i am a video editor and a gamer . i am building my own machine for the same . i have a budget for 4000$ and want to build a solid machine which can last long for my domain .
List of parts till now
1. intel 8700k
2.corsair vengeance 16* 2 gb ram (32 gb) 3200hz
3.Corsair Hydro SeriesTM H100i V2 Extreme Performance 240MM Liquid CPU Cooler
4. AsusRog Strix 370-E Motherboard
5. samsung 850 Evo 1TB
6. acer predator x34 monitor
7. zotac 1080ti gddr5 11gb amp extreme
8. corasir crystal series 570 x case
9 seasonic X 850 Smps -x series 850 watt 80 plus gold
I have few questions
1. for the budget i have is my cpu selection worth it ?
2. i have a conflict about motherboard between asusrog strix 370e and msi 370 gaming pro carbon ac , which should i go for and why ?
3. storage is vital for editing process , kindly suggest the best combination for storage and speedy access with the data and how to manage the two for maximum output ?
4. There are several open fan type of gtx 1080ti from different manufacturer which is best …?
5. if i have plans to further increase my graphics cards in future , is my power supply good enough ?
6. what do u suggest which case can give this kind of rig its form factor ?
7. how can i overclock the processor to 5ghz ?

Thank you for all your input .
if u can suggest a better rig configuration it will be helpful.

Caio Portella says:

She wonderful

Yancke van Tonder says:

I love you guys, but i cringed so hard with that intro, you owe me a new face.

TurboManTom says:

Where is the Ryzen 1800X?? You pit the top i7 against the #2 Ryzen…..Good thing you’re sponsored by Intel

8700K $419.99
1800X $459.99
1700X $349.99
All from Newegg

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