Intel’s NEW 8th Generation CPU’s… EXPLAINED!

Intel’s 8th generation Core series of processors are almost here and in this review we give you a rundown of Kaby Lake R ultra low voltage CPUs, Coffee Lake and MORE!

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MrZodiac011 says:

Sounds like my new i7 7700k i’ve had for a month is gonna need an upgrade again, it’s gonna perform like shit compared to the 8700k knowing my luck 🙁

Matt Cousins says:

is it a voiceover at the start? lipsync looks out

Rock Crusher says:

TY for that very informative video on the new chips from Intel. I may be looking to build a new desktop computer in early 2018 and I really needed to get the latest updates on products such as this.

gamamew says:

More like Core i 8th generations CPUs, because it’s not the 8th generation since Intel started making processors.

Oilslik says:

Anybody know if XPS 13’s will have quad core

Mr11ESSE111 says:

Linus sayed that Coffelake are only just updated 7th generation chips

Dondre Campbell says:

Intel = The perfect chip for gamers who do productivity on the side.
Amd = the perfect chip for content creators and people who do very very minor gaming.

Amd fans= 90 percent arent content creators cause i damn well know they aint writing code, making music or editing videos.

gustavo santos says:

so basically they rebranded kaby lake which is a rebrand of skylake.
but they added 2 cores so thats definitively worth this time

Ace_Of_Spades Gaming says:

14nm++ is 8th gen. Coffee Lake will be 10nm, right? Will the 8th gen run in a z170/270 board? This is what we are all waiting for…well, the truth anyways.

nevermind…this is all about mobile chips…

poiisondn says:

That laptop you’re using @6:29 I still have it. My mom uses it now and it’s like 7, nearly 8 years old now. It’s nuts how it’s still running.

Taisto Apilasaho says:

Im currently upragrading my rig, but all these news for intels new line of processors has me me thinking, that should i wait for these new processor line ups or just go now with the 7700K which im currently planning on? Any tips? And i have also thought about getting ryzen system, not closing off that possibility either.

dorrocrafter says:

4:47 base clock frequency is as low as 1.9 ghz? Lowest speedstep? If they sold it as that they needn’t bother wtf is going on.

CheekyGoose says:

I just bought an ultrabook for college, and I was really disappointed with its performance in creative applications such as those of the Adobe Suite. Why did it take Intel this long to decide to give its _U_ lineup more horsepower? I’m going to be stuck with this laptop for the next four years. 🙁

Goofin N Spoofin says:

Official Coffee Lake release date & pre-order info on my channel.

Boston Mccormick says:

Stop that.  Never say “Consume Content”….ever

MikeTheKid SWA says:

Coffee? Because Intel needs to wake up? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHHA

Linh Hoang anh says:

Why don’t they call it coffin lake?

Muhammad Yuda says:

this what i need longer battery not more core or more thread.

Woosh Woosh says:

want pussylake

Bob Pony says:

Meanwhile, I still have my Intel Core i7-4790K and I am still happy.

Fire Dragon says:

Around when does i7 8700k come ?

La goizTa says:

Will there be Celeron?

Sergeant Scumbag says:

i want at least a 30% increase in performance before i get rid of my 4790k

Jorge Nascimento says:

Let’s have a quick refresh of the refresh of the refresh of a refresh of Kaby lake called coffee lake.

ZRgaming says:

isnt 8th gen icy lake

Chris Brown says:

Will be excited to use it in my first build when released.

Aquacelot says:

lol after ryzen release intel fanbois have bee converted into amd slaves yet most of them don’t have an AMD product. I really don’t care which side is better.

Mark Davenport Jr says:

Not bad if Intel can keep the price low with the 6 core variants I might consider switching back to intel sure ryzen is cool and all but the drivers ugh.

Valentin Heidenreich says:

The only bad thing about Intel CPUs is that they don’t have good stock coolers. Hell, their “K” line doesn’t even have one. If they do something similar as AMD’s Ryzen CPUs, at similar prices, that would be great. I might consider getting an i7 8700K for the PC build I’m gonna build for myself in the near future. But the fact that I have to spend more money on an aftermarket cooling solution kinda sucks to me :/

Trinescity says:

only if the tim isn’t ass then im buying it

GK says:

Pc i3’s will have 4cores and 4 threads, i5 6cores 6 threads, i7 6cores 12 threads

sam roemer says:

Will they be lga 1151?

devontoner says:

I had a core i7 720qm quad core notebook. A Samsung rf510-s02. That was a first gen core CPU quad core notebook.

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