Intel’s i5 8400 – The Value King?

I’d love to call this the best gaming CPU under $200. But, it’s complicated..

Core i5 8400:
Core i3 8100:
Core i7-8700K:
Core i5-8600K:
Core i3-8350K:
Ryzen R7 1700:
Ryzen R5 1600:
Ryzen R3 1200:

NCASE M1 Mods:

Current gear!
Sony a6300:
Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN:
Sigma 19mm f/2.8 DN ART:
Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DC DN:
Sony OSS 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6:


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MoneyMan 6900 says:

Why’s he say zed ?? It’s just a z ?

valen tinus says:

ryzen still the best in some cases

dvassist says:

Seriously happy I found your channel bro. I am indeed impressed with your delivery. Very well done, very thorough and exceptional delivery. Cheers!

Mr Bit says:

this music is amazing !…who is writer?

p col says:

My 8400 is absolutely fantastic, I’ve been shocked by it’s performance since owning it. It’s a fucking steal for the price and how well it does.

Jack Hildebrand says:

Well it does make sense to buy a z370 with a i5-8400, it provides an upgrade path for the future.

Brad James says:

What if you can get a z370 for cheap?

trendtalks says:

should i upgrade from a i5 6400 to a i5 8400 or a ryzen 5 1600?

georgi ivanov says:

you need and water cooler for i5 so it’s not so cheap in the end

cybernibba says:

What temperatures should I get on idle with stock cooler and stock paste?

Suraj Tomar says:

Sir please help me, I have a Vega 56, which will be the best CPU ? Does going all AMD help as I have a Vega 56 ? Will my Vega 56 perform better if paired with ryzen gpu as it also have a vega in it ? And which MoBo series should I go with – enthusiast or the middle one ? Only for gaming.

X D says:

If i am planning to buy an 15 8400 and just slam it into my msi H270 motherboard, i mean like it got the same sockets, but will it work ?

xZiddel says:

What’s the point of getting ryzen if you can’t even overclock it to 4.7ghz? Not interested in buying from AMD until I can hit a stable 5ghz like almost every unlocked cpu from intel

Ismail Baloch says:

What if i buy z370 motherboard for i5 8400 to upgrade the ram 3200mhz?

Kimz Sama says:

very informative…just a quick question are you using stock cooler on the i5 8400??

Abdullah Z says:

The most importing thing, do you get a i5 sticker in the package?

Alrik De Koen says:

Sick intro

Mati MRQ says:


DeeJay9870 says:

I am using a i5-8400 with a MSI 1060 6gb and 8gb of 2400MHz RAM yet GTA V is running at such low fps. I’m using more than the recommended specs for the game so can anyone help me understand why its not running at at least 40 fps?

Sheikh Rony says:

Suggest me please {Gigabyte H370 AORUS GAMING 3 WIFI 8th Gen + Core i5-8500 + gtx1060} and {Gigabyte B360 AORUS GAMING 3 WIFI 8th Gen + Intel 8th Generation Core i5-8400+ gtx1060} which set up is much enough for gaming?? please answer me..basically i i want to the difference between the two motherboards?

TheValueKing says:

But I’m TheValueKing!

Constantino says:

lol, everyone knows AMD does amazing CPUs for multi-core stuff. These CPUs will be a hot buy 5 years from now when games start to use more than 4 Cores.
But Intel has the better game performance for sure. Dominating the market has an effect on games being more Intel friendly, as well as RAM sticks.

nadav says:

Is an intel 8400 good for a gtx 1080? Or should I get a better processor? If so which one? i really need help with this

Anon says:

All I can hear is “blah blah blah” after you said Ryzen 5 is great for gaming performance.
The fuck outta here.

Wagner Diaz says:

I have the i5 8400, no complains at all. Great value.

Inhumane Reactions says:

rocking the i5 8400 + asrock h310m + zotac 1080 ti on my rog swift pg279q and boom 100+ fps on every game @ 2560×1440 ultra settings.

DKane_CZ says:

AMD SUCKS !!! AMD processors are made in garage and you can also see it on performance. Intel wins like always

Lou D says:

What PC case is that in the background?

Nexus says:

basically if your gaming. just get an i5 since they are now about the same price and the i5 8400 never once falls below the ryzen cpu’s even overclocked.

Virendra Gawali says:


Nathaniel Feldman says:

I use my i5 8400 for 1440p 165hz gaming

Bavarian Wolf says:

is it worth to upgrade from intel 2400 and ddr3 to this cpu and ddr 4 and new mainboard?

DaZ says:

I have on my i5 8400 2 cores and 2 threads da fuck wtf only 2 cores I bought my pc gtx 1050ti I5 8400 8gb ram what do to if I have only 2 cores when it sellibg with 6 cores? pls help sr for my English

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