Intel’s Coffee Lake CPUs All You Need To Know!

Intel’s Coffee Lake CPUs 6 New SKUs


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eyeofefil says:

could have been better if I can use the same motherboard

CodyB93 says:

the i3 8350 will beat a 1700 at gaming FACT

nec roide says:

Lol I feel sorry for myself for buying kabylake fk intel

Camdex says:

Well if Ryzen 2 isn’t very good it’s going to be FX all over again. These new Intel chips look pretty good for the money….other than having to get another new motherboard

CamoKing says:

all core turbo boost… does that mean i don’t have to overclock?

Abraham Da silva says:

is i7 6950x still good?

Space Jam23 says:

@Tech of Tomorrow I have 6800k 4.4ghz and I’m planning to get the i7 8700k what is your opinion @ Tech…

Aurelian Manoli says:

Im using a 7700k and its more than okay for me. On the other side AMD made a real comeback with Ryzen wich is the best CPU you can buy on the market now. Coffe Lake still wont be able to beat the thread performance of the Ryzen. And Ryzen 2 will blow Coffee Lake away. If Intel doesnt come up with afordables 8 core CPUs i dont see them competing with Ryzen.

Alcamuz says:

The competition is back! Now we have 4 cores i3, 6 cores i5 & i7. Thanks AMD for this!
I can’t afford to buy a whole new system, so my strategy only good for AMD’s new products not Intel.

Stormcrow says:

Im waiting to pair Cannon lake with Volta when it comes out hopefully. Im not looking to optimistic for Coffee Lake as much.

D Tbone says:

i7 man myself….8700K all the way..

Aco Rangga says:

you have to move on guys… try AMD and you will not be disappointed!

Iron Man (Mark 23) says:

you look like a mixture of goldberg and stonecold man

ShallowDepression says:

I got 7 years out of my i7 920. I’m hoping to get the same, with my i7 4790k.

max bootstrap says:

Yes, *forget about Intel* until they fully reform themselves. Then we’ll talk.

Supervillain says:

stuck between 7700k or 8600k and this was my final stop before buying, respect your opinion very much!

Elstan McFrolicker says:

Many of the new GNU/Linux distros released this past summer, work well on Sandy Bridge. It will be a more few months before many GNU/Linux users can run Coffee Lake. Although, one could probably test it now if they wanted to…. I guess with Arch Linux.

doop00 says:

“Tell me what you guys think” Well I was going for the Intel Core i7 7700K Kaby Lake as i’m about to buy a new rig. Start of this video it said they suck 😀 and I’m like why do they suck? I read quickly an article that said I know they’re replacing Kaby Lake already with the 8th Gen Coffee that’s coming out Oct 5 so tomorrow from when I’ve written this. So I’m glad I did some digging again before I settled on parts, this new coffee lake looks great.

bubu mic says:

Whoa … Do i need windows 10 genuine to be able to use my coffee lake cpu ???

Flight Fanatic says:

where are people getting them for 359? everywhere i look its 419

Huckleberry Hound says:

all amd for me. I don’t want hardware conflict in my system.

Snapdragon Razor says:

I’m really excited about the release! Will be getting my hands on 8700k when it comes out. Thanks for the video Elric! 🙂

Julian says:

I have a 4770k, and I think it’s finally time for me to upgrade. I’m thinking of going for the 8700K, I’ll see how it stacks up against the 1800x

Yasin Omidi says:

i would buy a 8100 if i can get it in stock for a good price

Not So Grumpy says:

From a strictly gaming standpoint very few games will benifit from more than 4 cores at this point in time leaving the only ones to benefit being creators.

mdd1963 says:

It’s 0339 am…where are our 8600K/8700K reviews????!!!! 🙂

teddyfinneman says:

this sound like a heaping load of stinky crap on a cold winter’s day

mpeugeot says:

You are trippin’ again, year of disappointment from AMD? R7 1700 – amazing bang for the buck, overclock it and it crushed everything intel that was less than half the price. R5 1400 – 3.9 GHz overclock and it is as fast as the 4790k for $150 bucks. Now, I agree, Intel has been having a year of disappointment, but AMD has been killing it… While admittedly stumbling at times with Ryzen RAM and RX Vega. The RX480 and RX580’s have been constantly sold out, but that is just because they fail so hard, right? I might add, I have never been an AMD fanboy, but they got Ryzen and the RX480/580 right.

KvGv says:

“Ill be testing the 8700k against the 1600x” “I like doing dollar for dollar testing” ??? Am I missing something here? R5 1600x is 220~$ i7 8700K is going to be around 360$?

Michael Ramos says:

When to expect Coffeelake back in stock?

Randy Guy Peters says:

Just upgraded to the i7 7700k… kinda pissed that theres a new mobo and card with much better performance for about the same price. I guess I will wait to see how it does for content creation before upgrading because it is either that or the Thread Ripper series for me

Hiren Gandhi says:

Currently Happy with my Ryzen 7 1700 🙂

ZeroFrost Satyr says:

Humm i have a 4790k, i hope this is the generation that will make me want to build an entirely new rig…

Radex23 says:

Quad core i3? Take my money.

PeaceOfficer says:

What an idiot. Why would you test the1600x vs 8700k??? It should be 1800x vs 8700k (top CPU vs top CPU).

Nguyên says:

Cannon Lake next year?

RGMUFC1 says:

intel, awesome CPU, totaly shit quality motherboard. Thanks, AMD all the way and beside, when AM4+ will came out, then 8 gen intel, won’t be so awesome anymore, especially when Zen 2 comes out.

809nel says:

I’m dying for Black Friday, Cyber Monday XD

lily wang says:

Intel must pay you a lot. Bro.

mike mclaughlin says:

i’m shit pissed that i have to buy another mobo every time (or every other time) a proc comes out. I would like to buy a really good mobo for future proofing and be able to get several cpu choices down the line. i’m not asking for over the top extreme chips, but just in the same line for at least 3 generations. EG: 6700k to 7700k to 8700k. it really should not be that hard to do. seriously!

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