Intel’s new lineup of HEDT CPUs has finally arrived, but are they just a power-hungry reaction to AMD?

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Prague 541 says:

1950X went on sale today for $799. 1920X went on for $649. And 1900X went on for $449.'s pricing is so far outside of reality that it is nothing more than a blatant integrity violation of the highest order…as Intel has ALWAYS been guilty of. I laughed till I almost passed out the other day watching the $3200 Epyc CPU just DESTROY Intel’s $13,200 Xeon. Then they put a pair of them together vs a pair of the Xeons….$6,400 vs $26,400 (for CPUs ALONE), and the Epycs rolled up the Xeons by %45 across the board. Intel is bloody, on the ropes, shit knee-deep in their pants, and every bookie in town is cancelling bets as fast as they can to keep from going under. GET EM, AMD GET EM!

dukedurell says:

Yep this just confirms my conclusion that I have no use for such a beast. I’ll continue with my plans for a R5 1600x build

Bryce Johnson says:


John Rickard says:

You have GOT to be kidding me with those power draw readings. I have a server with 4 CPUs and 32 total cores and it only draws 550w total compared to 600+ at max load!

shaikh ibrahim says:

i have a question, is it possible with below configuration ?

MSI X299 Gaming Motherboards – (Ram support 128GB) with Intel core i9-7980xe + 2x GTX 1080 Ti

Braden Fitzpatrick says:

SkylakeX vs. Threadripper vid please!!!

Mr.Reliablesoft says:

I have 7960х,periodically crashes to a blue screen of death, error memory management.Acceleration disabled,the problem is when you encode a video in edius 7-9.How to configure BIOS correctly?

Tom Xu says:

Damn I just bought 2699V4 and this comes out…

rota cetle says:

This thing is so fast that I sometimes find myself making sure my invisible seatbelt is on.

Gabriel Braga says:

AMD FTW guys !

Alex says:

6:11 Mah heart mah soul

Nageek Gamer says:

7980XE @ stock speed vs 8700k @ 5+ GHz

*Read more*

Trajce Playz says:

But the real question…

Can it run Crysis?

DJ NoReality IIIXJannikXIII says:

and what do we learn from it?
If you are only going for gaming, buy a 7700k. .

yveL 90 says:

hallo everyone … im trying to buy a CPU for my future workstation and I can’t decide witch one or what to buy or whats the best to buy at this moment … maybe someone that has more experience can help me out … my budget is between 2000$-4000$ only for the CPU … programs I gonna use are Photoshop Lightroom Premier Pro and After Effects … I use only 4k video and above

PsychedelicRainbow says:

I died at 6:08

sAkram says:

Yep one dollar, 1998$ left

Dave Coding Pro says:

Every time he says “Ting” I think of “THE TING GOES SKRRRA”

Usama Sohail says:

Do some machine learning / AI benchmark on v100 or google’s tpus

Tasty Tinfoil says:

I just came here to laugh at 2 grand for a fucking cpu above your description, don’t mind me.

Er1ck says:

that CPU Overclocked alone consumes like 4 times more than my whole 1060 laptop…

Restless Sheep says:

Why do you have blue paint on your hand ?

Albert Baaren says:

The more is see this… the more i’m might go for a Threadripper xD even the 1900x is super cheap here lal.

El Jefester says:

What’s that stuff on his arm, smurf cum?

Christian Holmstedt says:

Spinning Dick at 7:41.

Juj says:

Wtf lol at 7min 40ish seconds… the dicks on right xD

socia net says:

Want you guys to review the ASROCK X299-ITX/ac MB.
It’s the first mini-ITX with x299 chipset !

Munjee Syedd says:

And now we know why his arms are blue

Chad Russell says:

can we stop saying HEDT?

Director Slay says:

I really do wanna pick one of these up, it would be amazing for streaming/editing

TheSpiikki says:

He killed some alien, thus having dried blue blood on his arms

hamzadad khan says:

leenus tech tips

Bruhaker says:

But… will it run Minecraft?

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