Intel Xeon W Workstation CPU Review

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Xeon W is Intel’s high end desktop “workstation” line, but does ANYTHING set them apart from their Core i9 siblings?

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Matrix 221 says:

Hey Linus could you Make a video about the Phi Coprocessor?

Adam Brown says:

Is mean time to failure a concern for these chips?

CB Computers says:

Intel riping off their customers….. What else is new?!
The very reason why i will never touch another intel….. AMD all the way..

Baldeep Birak says:

Anyone using a Core I9?

Sina Madani says:

Basically branding, as concluded in the video. Or that Apple had some say in the pricing to make their already overpriced iMac seem a little less overpriced.

Dr_b_ says:

The xeon-w also doesn’t solder HS, like other xeons. Wonder what the thermals are like. The C422 motherboards don’t have 10GB ethernet built in like some similar X99’s that could socket a Xeon and ECC memory.

Leandro Ruben Schwarz Júnior says:

The smell!!! LOL

Incariuz says:

That Origin PC site is a total ripoff…

Eran Raz says:

is this video serious?! xeon are meant for servers – in there ECC memory is a must and also you can use more then 1 CPU on the same board. thats the market for xeon, not home usage or gaming.

Keybraker says:

Bro, are you totally stupid? Obviously these proccessors are server dedicated and not, to play games !
You pay the support for industry standards, like ECC, casual gamers don’t give a flack about this shit !

Terry Rodbourn says:

To me the only advantage to Zeon chips in dual configuration setups!

Seth Estrada says:

Those 4 PCIe lanes may also have something to do with onboard graphics that Intel perhaps abandoned at the last minute… just a theory.

Gamingexpert23 says:

Wait… this isn’t the original name of the video. Why was it changed from TOTAL RIPOFF From Intel!

Adam Gausmann says:

I have a Xeon W3520 from 2009 that still retails for $400! That counts, right?

Mike Soda says:

Yet another reason I’ll never try Intel lol.

shawn chartrand says:


NoWayItsPotato says:

uhhh… wasnt this named TOTAL RIPOFF FROM INTEL

sweety stix says:

Why are there hardcore fanboys to run to the defense of anything that really has no defense or justification? I’m not limiting this exclusive to Apple or intel, so drop the “I will always love to hate them…obsessively” bandwagon because I’m not talking to you. I’m talking about any given company with customer loyalty and dedication. How are they benefiting from this and why do they continue to do this relentlessly?

Skip ad says:

since i lost my work few years back, never again gaming hardware. ok only the gpu, nvidia quadro is not enough for me, but had been using only xeon with ecc on supermicro boards with 10gb lan. and i game on them, never got a bsod again ever and it never needs reboot , even get 6months on using the pc, editing etc.

Ubeogesh says:

Talking of ECC. Has it ever been confirmed that it actually does anything? Is it possible to test if ECC is doing anything? or at least see a log of ECC actually correcting an error? If not, why do people keep buying it? Sounds like scam to me.

ORIBDELL Channel says:

very good

Sekhar menon K says:

did u change the title linus !!!!!!!

sebastian says:

aren’t they made for servers? Of course it’s marketing, but unless they’re tested in real life we cannot actually say if intel are ripping people off. Stability is worth a million X9’s or Ryzens if it delivers

Capt777harris says:

Yeah, I considered building d Xeon system, but I didn’t see the performance boost for the cost.

Abd Alhaleem Bakkor says:

I don’t know why the hell do you make the memory run at the same speed ….. it’s meant to be faster in the desktop version -_- , this is annoying .

Timothy Gibney says:

No threadripper comparison? Come on Linus. Those who buy these would be examing them and tyhreadripper has A SHITTONE of cores for cheap for those who run these loads

Raskt Erko says:

Should’ve checked the power draw

Darkstar Gamers says:

Big hair more good

Morpheas says:

It actually smells like Greed, which is Intel pure and only motivation, and it surpasses any other company’s greed.

If they can get away with it, they’ll do it, no matter how blatantly obvious their tricks are to the consumer.

There’s no reason for these 2 platforms to be separate. You could have just Xeon’s with all the features available on them, or Core i9’s with all the features.

Charging a premium for ECC and VPro is pure greed, its trying to rip people off.

Kazi Moinul Hoque Sumit says:

Make some videos regarding printer and other stuff. Not pc building and performance…

mental_ says:

professional grade products, cpus and chipsets, come with a completely different class of service and support. When fixes for vulnerabilities come out, those platforms will have much higher priority for microcode and bios releases, as an example.

Clint Maas says:

The Xeon W is a marketing ploy to sell Apple hardware. All modern hardware is acceptable for 95% of customers. I don’t know why people waste money for hardware that does nothing extra…except for some performance numbers that nobody actually cares about. ….except for sales people.

Ace Strife says:

Herp derp Intel.

robertsd247 says:

You mean since you had your aspie employee break that iMac ON PURPOSE?

1) I will never purchase a thing from Origin since they sponsored this clickbait trash.
2) In the interest of saving the viewers NINE MINUTES of their lives, the reason why the chip costs more is because of its heat dissipation design. The CPU is designed to run in confined spaces with minimal airflow. That’s why it costs more and runs slower.

See what a google search can do?

Antonio Smith says:

I like AMD

James Mueller says:

since xeon is rated for workstation loads (hehe) wouldn’t it mean that xeon would last longer under constant load for longer periods of time? or no?

needforsuv says:

ONLY 8 sata’s NOT 10 BOOO x99 is better

TechKErala says:

Where is tunnelbear?

Deneke Donato says:

No 🙁
Don’t marry your cousin

dhan980 says:

Is ECC memory must for Machine Learning Applications ?

Adr Raz says:

Intel messed up here :/

ISOHaven says:

I haven’t blue screened in over a decade…

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