Intel Whiskey Lake Processors – Explained!

Intel has launched a new lineup of Whiskey Lake and Amber Lake processors. Let’s take a look at them and what you should expect.


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Sony RX100m3 –
Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 –
Cinevate DUZI Slider –
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Jonah Pettrich says:

Straight up innovation? So that’s why I bought a Ryzen 2600X and am perfectly happy with it and the price/performance-ratio…

Marcin Gawlicki says:

crap lake.
it’s so sad but Intel – there are insane and stupid, they should leave things as it is and say: sorry, we screw up, but we promise to fix that.

And they should start working on new architecture, better one and make things like AMD did (low medium and high performance), 3 products not another 20, they make chaos and confusion. I’m more and more tired with Intel, any new news is another crap and bullshit. It’s just sad. wake up Intel!!! you are going down straight to the bottom, ppl hate you!!! and ppl who had to use Intel products hate them even more.
I hope they finally wake up and start to hear what ppl talk hear opinions, critic, ideas and reviews and do something!!!

thx for explaining this chaos.

His Supreme Clarkson-ness says:

“Straight up innovation” my fucking sides. Is this for real? I can’t think of a less innovative company, with perhaps the exception of Apple.

Nick Donnelly says:

What is it with these FUGLY orange and black ‘gaming chairs’ – they are laughably disgusting.

Go to Ikea, cheaper and way better looking.

Alexis Barrientos says:

I count 12 times the Whiskey Lake thing and yeah, its overwhelming, I think its like you said Intel tries to still relevant but 20+ processors in less then 2 years and only for the laptop space… Just damn no.

Fulgore Elite says:

next up intel’s new Vodka Lake

Sai Swaroop says:

Isn’t he more slimmer than before?

T3KKANッ says:

I still have my 700€ 4yo 3rd gen i5 laptop with a GT 700m series graphics card. And im fine

guilleout says:

you don’t have tO do a shot every time….BOOOOOORING

dika2saja says:

Stright up 14nm++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

ScytheNoire says:

Intel is really trying to push people to AMD.

Jones Lego says:

whats the intro song???

Pasha Boss says:

too much infos for one video

LD3D says:

I guess intel drinks whiskey to deal with amd’s ryzen cpu’s

Bipin Rimal says:

So, you’re saying buy AMD?

InconvenientlyPlacedTroll says:

Man….that is the weakest brand of whiskey ever poured…was that colored water??

Fiona Ian says:

Can’t wait to see it in action on the asus zenbook 14

Mart says:

Processors lead to alcoholism.

ALLGames&Tech says:

The dedicated Quad Core Audio DSP is nice but they need a dedicated ai chip in there! I have the kirin 980 and even the lower cheap versions they just fly! They still lag because they aren’t the most powerful but you have no idea how the ai chip speeds things up! It makes intel look like an ancient chip…. But maybe its too much for pc cause I know my android phone isn’t running no where near as much software as my pc…but i might really really help!

Sanij Nowluck says:

what do you mean these CPUs aren’t for drunks?

Supercharged says:

There is literally 0 point if there is not efficiency gains. Current laptops can already hardly utilise turbo boost.


The year is 2069, cancer has been cured and Intel has run out of liquids to name it’s skylake refreshes

Danny Paul says:

Sheep will go to best buy and have no idea what their buying. thats the sad part.


i hope that till 2020 apple will ditch that prehistoric intel for their own A series solution…

Peddinti Kartik says:

i got a notebook with i7-8550U 5 months ago

Prince Kid says:

the processor name are getting out of hand

ardias says:

Intel: throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks…if you have to have an “education campaign” to explain your products something is very wrong..

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

When I can download RAM why wouldn’t I do the same with CPU?

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