Intel Kaby Lake-X Core i7-7740X Review – Better than 7700K?

A video review of the new Intel Kaby Lake-X Core i7-7740X Processor. Is it worth moving to X299 and Socket 2066 instead of using Z270 and the Core i7-7700K?


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Daniel Terry says:

You showed like 2 games? People not really gonna buy this chip for productivity. Actually I don’t think people are gonna buy this stupid fucking piece of shit chip anyway so I guess it doesn’t matter lol.

thereddog223 says:

It is literally 30 more for the 6 core why bother

Lp_Xero says:

I have 4770 non k, should I upgrade to Kaby lake 7700k to have better performance on demanding titles? I have a gtx 1080 ti currently.

Simon Fuller says:

the i5 and i7 variants are nothing short of an insult to our intelligence. Who in their right mind would pay £700+ for a motherboard coupled with this chip when you can buy a 1700Ryzen along with a z370 mobo for £420 that doubles the number of cores and threads?????

Jon Doe says:

Dual channel, LOL! Why would anyone choose this above the 7700K (which is also cheaper), let alone the the Skylake-X. Who’s their target market, someone who spends too much money on a fancy motherboard and is forced to limit its potential with a shitty CPU? This is a definite panic move from Intel.

kjell martin olsen says:

im on msi x299 raider i5-7640x and i7-7740x with 32 gb 3200 ram and a some how 1070 FE gpu. hope to benchmark it. o c i have a 1080 ti 11 gb version and FE on a i7-6000k. ps its 6xxxk .clean install win 10 x64 latest 15063.608

Neville Robertson says:

Offering such cut down cpus basically turn your setup into a retarded rig.

Once the Ryzen memory shit is sorted, intel is basically asking people to just ship.

BrookTP says:

In amazon Uk it’s by far cheaper than the i7 7700k so i consider this a win for my scenario.

peaheaduk says:

Another pointless release by intel 🙂

Jos Geerink says:

01:19 shouldn’t that be LGA2066 for the 7640K?

AAArmin says:

it is really funny how you separate the UK from Europe 2:25 almost as if you want to be separated and appreciate the decision xD
I don’t want to argue the internet is sadly no place to discuss

perunasalaatti 22 says:


Tsun Dere says:

It looks very suspicious, during the entire video you were showing the CPU from the backside. You’re probably not holding a 7740X. You’re probably just clickbaiting and faking it for the purpose of getting views. If you really had a 7740X, you would at least do a close up on the CPU or close up on the monitor screen on CPU-Z to prove it’s actually a 7740X. Instead, you just show static images of CPU-Z which are probably just photoshoped.

Pepper_Doze says:

LOL… The 1800x beats it in most benchmarks… Damn…

Patricio- V says:

Soundtrack? Thanks!

Debrishi Bhakta says:

Awesome Mate!

Philosophical Mind says:

the game benchmarks dont seem right, kaby lake should have more fps then the ryzen one’s

perunasalaatti 22 says:

why not just get ryzen 1800x it’s better

TrueDesireHD says:

ah im early time for a joke


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