Intel i9-9900K vs i7-8700K – Best Gaming CPU?

Intel claim the new i9-9900K CPU will be the best gaming processor around, so let’s compare it to the old king, the i7-8700K and find out what the differences in performance are to help you decide which to pick, or see if it’s worth upgrading from the i7 to i9 CPU.

In these benchmarks I’ll be testing 10 games at 1080p, 1440p and 4K resolutions with all setting levels, as well as productivity workloads and other applications such as video encoding with Adobe Premiere to help you decide which CPU is worth it.

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VYP3R LOL says:

Ok so I know this will make me look like an idiot but I am very new to PC gaming coming from being an Xbox player so can someone please tell me what a 1% low means, is it when a computer throttles and lowers the frame rate or something else? Also what anti virus protection would you suggest?

4G12 says:

The 9900k is starting to feel like Pentium 4 in terms of thermal notoriety.

Romaera says:

thanks for this video, I do not think to change my micro for this i9 9900k, it is a shame what is making intel a shame !!! it’s not worth it

Neonmirrorblack says:

Your videos are pretty informative, but it’s hard for me to get over how you end every, single, sentence. They end abruptly as though you have more to say (it sounds like you could have used a comma instead of simply breaking into a new sentence), and you seriously stress the last word every time.

Jarrod'sTech says:

@13:37 the text down the bottom was reversed by mistake, the purple bar is the power draw and the blue bar is the temperature.

Michael says:

I am still rocking an i7 6700K with an every day over clock of 4.4 – 4.6 Ghz. Temps stay around 70 degrees C under load. I have seen other comparisons and for the price, I think I will be switching to AMD. Right now, that Ryzen platform looks really good for the price.

Oscar Chia says:

I7 8700k Overclock to 5ghz = Same as I7 9700k at least that is wut i did :))

Mat B says:

Here from “Hardware Unboxed” shout out. Subbed.

Ruben Torres says:

Do you think an 8700K at 5.0 ghz would be a match for the 9900K? I ordered an 8086K and I’m having it delidded so I can run it at 5.0 ghz.

Gregorio Lozano says:

Newest cpu with older gpu comparisons. Should have upgraded the gpu to an rtx series for better fps results.

suraj sukumar says:

theres one laptop u havent reviewed in your channel —- its th lenovo legion y530. Pls do one mate

John B. says:

I’m totally happy. I bought my 8700k for 310€ back in July along with a Z370-GAMING-PRO-CARBON-AC for 180€ and exchanged my 1080 GIGABYTE for a used Aorus Gtx 1080ti for just 250€ with 3 years of warranty left. I should be okay for the next 3-4 years for all the latest titles. If 9900k does not impress me. Only when Intel manages to shrink to either 10nm or 7nm CPUs will we see worthwhile products.

varun b says:

1% lows are better due higher boost clock on i9

lordwarblade says:

Am sitting with a i7 – 3770k CPU and i have it paired with a 1080ti it’s probobly safe to say upgrading to a 9900k would be worth it for me. That’s what am guessing atlesat, Seeing as everyone i have talked to complaints about 8700k has that “heating issue” or what not.

surject says:

Me and my i7-2600K@4.2 are waiting since BF3 launch in 2011 to be upgraded to a worthy successor …and it just doesn’t want to happen. Before I upgraded my system every 2-3y and the leap was huge… 086, 286/20, 386/33, 486/66, P90, P2-233, P3-933, AMD/XP, P4/hotnloud, AMD64-3800, Q6600@3.2, i7-2600K@4.2. Maybe I’m getting old but I can actually do everything I want, Cubase, AfterFX, Premiere, PS anyway, having 800 Firefox Tabs and 7 Chromes open and the Win7 System is rockstable for years ….Games all run well on a 780Ti (FHD) hmm… I guess I’ve to wait for the real 9th gen.

Sami Chris says:

Well i will upgrade to this from 8700k, 2 extra cores and 4 threads are main points, slight edge in gaming is nice bonus. For like 300eur it’s not that bad at all (can get 300eur easily by selling 8700k)

Stephen L. Westbrook says:

Something is wrong with your testing. I game on a 27″ Dell 2560 X 1440 . My I7-8700K with with 32 gig’s of G.Skill Trident Z @ 3200 Hz & an Evaga 1080 Ti is rock solid at 143.98 frames per second in Fortnite with Epic settings.

The Raddest Scorpion says:

The little song in your voice is SOOOOOO always the same! XD

Muhammet Emin Saraç says:

You are great

CoDxSander says:

so does that mean that the i9-9900k is better for streaming then for example the i7-9700k & i7-8700k?

Killziah says:

Would rather delid an 8086k/8700k any day of the week for better temps than the Indium STIM. Pushing your OC harder because you have better temps makes the 8th generation the superior gaming CPU.

Realunmaker says:

I keep getting better buying advice from channels more focused on the technical side of things than from channels centered around getting a better bang for your buck.
Is getting review samples that powerful?
Anyways great video, you should be bigger.

CrabbyGamerGOD says:

I wanted to ask you about ROG strix scar 2 1070 variant….is it better than zephyrus m….not considering thickness just as a whole cause it’s cheaper….also does it run hotter than zephyrus m.

Steve Cade says:

Would like to see 8600k included (or disable hyperthreading on the 8700k). Not many games are using more than 4 cores that much. They’re more about ghz and single thread performance.

montetank tankkiller says:

Well-its a nice vid but not very useful with the 1080 instead the 1080 TI. The GPU is the bottleneck.

sky walker says:

Lol, Intel is asking $100 more for 1to 2 fps increase , going from 8700k to 9900k , wtf Intel , you suck bad. If its multi thread performance that’s costing more than I rather buy r7 2700x for half the price for same performance. Intel failed big time this time around, oh even last time as well. Rip Intel.

lava08 says:

Can you do this test with the integrated graphic processor ?
Just curious
I think this way you give the cpu more work to do.
I want to see how good
i9 9900 can handle it vs i78700k
Thank you

Stuart Tonks says:

Nice review, glad you showed temps and they seem spot on as well 🙂

George Giannoulis says:

very nice video, thanks.

My personal thoughts, looks like 4k is still too much for the hardware, even for 20xx series nvidia (2070 is 1080 actrually but 2080 is too much money anyway to consider 4k successor). Looks like people have to wait 1 more year so 2080 price drops to be a real 4k60 (in AAA games).

burr says:

Wouldn’t it make more sense comparing it to a 9700K? Since it’s a bit better than the 8700K at a lower cost.

Kasper Krejberg Petersen says:

I thought of getting the I9-9900K but this changed my mind, I wouldn’t pay so much more for so little difference!

Nathan Cassous says:

Hey, could it be that there’s no big fps difference because maybe the graphic card can’t exploit all the power of the I9 ? Im a newbie at that but i don’t know the answer;

Dhia Zuz says:

Very clear.. does not worth it to up.

GreenXDark says:

Nice video, I subscribed 🙂
I know there might be more of a GPU bottleneck with the 1080 than with a 2080 Ti but as I use the 1080 myself (and plan to do so for a while) these benchmarks were especially interesting to me. Seems i won’t need to upgrade my 8700k anytime soon, at least when it comes to gaming
Edit: just wondering, is your 8700k delided and what is the AVX offset?

Harrison Koch says:

The difference in 6-core-to-6-core comparison was most likely due to the larger cache on the 9900K vs. the 8700K.

part1cle says:

1080TI + i7 8700k is best right now

Hans Järnmark says:

I preordered the i9 9900k, havent recived it yet. Gonna call the retailer and see if I can change it for an 8700 k (with z390 mobo). Got an 5820k atm, but the preformance difference between 9900/8700 isnt worht it imo.

zungaloca says:

best 2700x none of these fucks

Raikozy says:

I feel really guilty for not watching your video fully, but dang 859 AUD! I thought you guys would be paying something similar to us canadian at 660 ish dollar since our dollar value is not that far off from each other.

Lay4jumper2 says:

You should also test the 9900k vs 8700k with emulators like RPCS3, Cemu etc

Kenneth Reece says:

What about while streaming? I’m planning on starting to livestream on twitch soon with a single pc

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