Intel i9 7980XE 18 Core 36 Thread HEDT CPU Review

18 Cores? The VRM’s are likely to be hotter than the surface of the sun….. Right?

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Michael Gusevsky says:

Price isn’t that big of an issue if u even consider those scales…
Advantage of tr is also pcie and ecc and cache…

Titan Mechanism says:

Delidded 7890XE plus 2 Powermodded Titan Xp SLI on watercooling. What PSU do you guys recommend? Is the 1500 Watt Corsair one enough?

Faris Leonhart says:

It’s a cool cpu but not worth the price at all, might thought about it if it was $1200~1400

Lewis Scott says:

Please review with the better board. Interested!

Ms.Nikita XXX says:

Time to sell the car, house and the kids to buy a CPU.

issaciams says:

Benchmarks and charts start @9:00

DamZe says:

2x the price of the Threadripper for 2 more cores and 4 more threads and roughly 10-15% more peformance = Intel have failed.

VerDeLanceDeNigro says:

Austin martin jaguar
7820 for the money

Vizeroy Asklenius says:

Are you aware of the current AVX2 and AVX512 bugs for the X299 CPUs?
According to Intel, the CPUs clock down severely under AVX 2 and AVX512 loads… especially under AVX512 – even when it’s jsut a few ms worth of AVX code.

evocatiproductions says:

Hey Tom! I definitely want you to Benchmark it with the Rampage! I am just curious to see what it can do, even though I definitely do NOT HAVE the money to buy it, especially after spending Thousands on my Dual 1080ti FTW3 Hybrids and my Over the Top Ryzen Build. But I still want to see what this can do when you do have it in the top of the line Board.

Also, I have seen some indications that the Single Core Performance on this CPU actually tops out the 7700k. Once you drop it in the Rampage, can you do some single core testing, and give us some game benchmarks? I would also like to see what the slightly lower cored SKU’s will do in Single Core and Gaming Performance.

I do Audio Production, so I do highly benefit when mixing my crazy 100 Track Projects that I do for some of the Indie Films I have been working on lately, with all the CPU eating Plugins, and while my Ryzen is Kicking ass and taking names, I am a little disappointed on how it slgihly holds back my 1080 ti’s. For that reason I have been thinking about the Coffee Lake 6 Core, but if the 7940x is kicking ass with Single Core Performance just as good as the 7980xe I would actually consider making that jump.

So yeah, I would love to see some of those numbers, I know its not a gaming chip, but its a matter of can I get the best gaming performance I can get on it, when I am not using those cores to Mix and Design sound and rendering the projects. Your Content would certainly help with that decision. Thanks!

Michael Gusevsky says:

Wow. How did u got tr to 700watt?

RoboDog says:

Who needs PCIe lanes anyway, as human eye cannot see past 44.

Irishgamer01 says:

Tom….Tom…..telling everyone u got a free processor and not challenging the outrageous price. ..looks so bad…….

Doug Red says:

Yes do it it deserve the try.

TheSaintST1 says:


i9-7980XE , at $2000(US)….
…well it’s a bit.. meh…

Stick with 1950X Threadripper.

Gerard Rossiter says:

Would love to see the benchmarks on the Apex once it’s delidded… Great Review

Michael Gusevsky says:

Ofc u r a shill and paid by Intel ^^

Kevin Wangerow says:

punish it on the rampage

Anona Mouse says:

How long will Intel be supporting that platform? Intel has a history of changing platforms a bit too often for my liking.

JakeOcowell says:

Hey Tom thanks for the video, when is the NDA over on the Cosmos C700P ? and are you going to release the video review the same day ?

Frank Drapalski says:

Delid. Then pop it in the rampage and beat it to within an inch of its life. Just for the nerd in all of us.

RED RAM says:

Just buy two threadrippers 32 cores for the price of one, 3d rendering oh baby !

tom Glimps says:

The best review so far! Thanks TTL!

Jack says:

Rampage please. We want to see how far this cpu can go. How close to 5.0 GHz with a delid? 4.6/4.7 at least in the rampage alone. The delid might get you 4.8, usually you’re voltage limited rather than thermal. This could just be a golden cpu.

Custom water cooling with a monoblock please.

Michael Flagg says:

do the other test

yeeyoh says:

With that type of power consumption, what kinda dream are people having ?

BlackWipeout says:

I can play Minecraft in 8K with this CPU ???? Troll off

Dean Pasic says:

Waiting for Threadripper 1990XE 🙂

kully singh says:

a year or two down the line you can hopefully pick this up for 1500 quid, in which case, it would be worth every penny!

jackelofnar says:

Honestly don’t get the point of the x299 platform. Low end processors look like they are going to stomped by coffee lake and the high end chips have threadripper. Sure Threadripper is a little bit slower (10%) but at 1/2 the price I just don’t see the point

Michael Gusevsky says:

36 core xeon upcoming

Akura JamakasiLOL says:

But it is good review as always, thumbs up! mate 🙂

nofreenamestoreg says:

Again a pointless CPU 🙁 Hope Intel could pick up their game with the prices

Freedom Chasers says:

Good Stuff, as always tom! And love that H500P Tease :3

Michael Gusevsky says:

Was it stable at 1.1 at full stress?.. Btw, Also, didn’t notice if u mentioned it or no, delided?

Marios K says:

The power draw for threadripper is the same as in the Engineering Sample review….TR is normally limited to 300W for the whole package, which is why i think that using the ES numbers should be avoided.
Still you haven’t tested the power draw of retail threadripper.

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