Intel i7-9700K Review: Hyper-Threading’s Value vs. 8700K

We benchmarked Intel’s i7-9700K vs. the 8700K, 9900K, 2700, and pretty much every other major processor, including the i7-2600K. Overclocking included. Support us via the store: or Patreon:


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The Intel i7-9700K received ample criticism at unveil for its core/thread assignment, feeling like a departure from a decade’s worth of hyperthreaded i7 CPUs. The oddest aspect of the change was not the 9700K itself, but its predecessor: Intel had just moved to 6C/12T on the 8700K, a fierce and competitive upgrade from the 7700K’s 4C/8T configuration, but has now regressed to an 8C/8T part. It’s a mid-step. With two more physical cores and a boost in frequency, the part will undoubtedly do well in gaming — the question is just whether the value is there, especially with a price-hike to over $400 on the new i7, up from the $350 range on the 8700K. Further still, the 9700K drops four threads, which have proved advantageous in some workloads.

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Editorial, Test Lead: Steve Burke
Testing: Patrick Lathan
Video: Keegan Gallick, Andrew Coleman


A Casual Gamer says:

The 9700k should have hyperthreading and the 9900k shouldn’t be a thing

Dallas Chouinard says:

I’m glad when i built my computer recentlyI bought the 8700k instead of 9700k or 9900k the performance improvement is not that great for the extra $$$

HAL-9000 says:

I recently upgraded from a 4790 to a 8700k, glad I did not blow the extra 100 bucks on the 9700k. Happy with my purchase.

Liam Sheridan says:

Intel CPUs are stupidly overpriced. Thank fuck for AMD

Nixeus 404 says:

As someone with a 4690k and 1080ti (I got the 1080ti and an rm1000x used, both for the price of the 1080ti at msrp), I’m looking to upgrade (mobo, cpu, and ram) to current gen stuff so I can stream high framerate games like Overwatch and Apex legends with a close-to-offline framerate and frametimes. Should I get a 9700k? save up a lot more money to get a 9900k? or wait till the new generation of ryzen comes out, banking on them to be able to match the frequencies and frame times of the latest intel equivalents?

Alain Patry says:

Don’t want to buy i7-8700K if you want the ability to upgrade beyond 64GB RAM down the road.

Judge Dredd says:

633 nzd
9700K cpu 🙁

Harpreet Singh says:

Wich cpu are u using … hw many ghz are having when overclocking if u have done….. please tell me which motherboard i should buy to compare with i7-9700k… i will overclock it to plus 5ghz all cores… can u give me any advice between Z390 AORUS MASTER or Asus XI MAXIMUS CODE????

PC Master Race says:

It’s cool seeing in the comment section how many people that actually had a 4790k (Devil’s Canyon) and are just now upgrading. That is probably one of my favorite processors of all time.

somerandomdudeable says:

oh my god you’re spilling beer on the modmat

Anthony T says:

jesus the 4790k destroys the ryzen lineup. You can see the 1700 and 2700 are below

Xiaotian Guo says:

If you’re a gamer, hyper-threading doesn’t really matter. If you’re a video editor, hyper-threading matters. However, having more physical cores is always better than having more hyper-threading.

Javier Marquez says:

Hi, quick question building my pc right now. I was originally intending to purchase the i9 but after realizing it didn’t have support ecc memory, I’d figure I’d look i7 line, what do you think would a make a better pair with a p4000 9700k or 8700k? Great vid thanks!

Ricky says:

Thanks, I’ll be going from a i5-2500k to a i7-9700k soon. Thanks for this vid.

Void Pulse Gaming says:

So for streaming games which one would be a better choice? Would the lack of hyperthreads be significant enough to change my decision?

AnythingAndEverything says:

ive been running my 2600k at 4.8 ghz on water for the last 5-6 years, crazy it still runs perfect. Awesome cpu!

0Tweaky0 says:

I thought the 9700k your testing has no hyperthreading “intel i7-9700k 8C/8T”

bloomfield295 says:

my top reasons for buying the 9700k:
-getting it for less than 400$
-9700k pcb is thicker than the 8700k so it can be used direct die using the derbuar tool, will be delidding it and will use it direct die for the best temperatures.
-all 9700ks can do 4.9ghz
-8 cores is sufficiently good for me.

AnythingAndEverything says:

Here in denmark prices are: 8700k=480usd. 9700k=500usd. 9900k=590usd.

Dennis S says:

9700K sucks. I’ll stick with my 8700K. 9900K would be the way to go if I cared that much.

Gurmeet singh says:

@gamersnexus i could really do with your advice, i am building a music production/perhaps video editing build,

So far im in going with-
I7 9700k
ASUS prime intel-a Z390
32gb 3000mhz
850w psu
Samsung 970 500gb (for OS and DAW)
2tb Samsung SSD storage

1060ti graphics card (undecided)

Would appreciate any comments or suggestions.

Cryss Erik says:

Should I upgrade to that from a i7 4790k or is there any difference i’m looking for a combo with a RTX 2080 for 4k gaming. Would it be a big difference?

CupOfAwesome says:

“If you wanna game, 9700k is boring. If you wanna make content, 9700k is boring. If you bought it, you’re boring. I’m bored, which is boring. The price? Pretty boring tbh. What should you buy? Meh…”
Always good to get advice from the experts.

Dayto says:

Thank you for pointing out the 4790K Its time to move on.

blakedmc1989RaveHD says:

can it run Crysis 1? 😛

Dave Houghton says:

I love my old i7- 2600k it has been a faithful Ol’beast… time for the 8700k I think.

rawa dabba says:

i went to the computer store they only had 9700 and 9700k so i went for 9700k version upgraded from 5930k ,
5930k is a decent cpu but with the latest games and all that i was getting freezes and stutters now i dont with 9700k

Hamza EL GARRAB says:

the 8700k is 60€ cheaper here in EU. I’d put that in a bigger NVME

MegaParrotMan says:

Your selling your merchandise so fast your working hard to get more stock? I chuckled so hard.

mettiflo says:

Currently in Italy the 8700k goes for around 398/400 euros and the 9700 for 444 euro.Kinda crazy I paid mine 327 1 year ago, still oced my 8700k to 5 GHz and I don’t see myself switching for a long time.Here is the hope amd release something new in the next 2 years.

MarioPlaysGames says:

I’m keeping my 7700k for another atleast 3-4 years

Lachlan H says:

Still on the 2600k. Holding out for 3rd gen Ryzen! Hope it’s not a letdown 😛

L ort says:

went back to intel after trying out ryzen, meh ryzen is garbage for high fps gaming where cpu is bottleneck… might suit gpu bound peasants tho.

Space Magic says:

Looking to upgrade from my 7 year old AMD FX 8350 to intel. 8700k is what I’m looking at right now. And 10% frame rate of the 9700k doesn’t seem worth it. What does the internet think?

hartsickdisciple says:

Intel doing things like this is the reason why I’m still using an overclocked, de-lidded 3770k. The old dog still performs very well, too. It seems like the 9900k should’ve been the 9700k. 9700k should’ve been an i5. I’ll wait and see what Zen 2 looks like.

Brian U says:

Should redo this video with rtx cards.

kimbo slice says:

*has 2000$+ of cpus hes doing a video with*

*doesn’t bother to even clean em*

you and I are very different people

Wee Mad Max B says:

4770k still no issues today!

Vex TM says:

I can’t decide to buy the i7 8700k or the 9700k

Sir Alucard says:

So the entire video you compare the 9700k to the 8700k, but then when it comes to temps you show the 8086k, why?

Phantasm HQ says:

I’m planning a build soon and i kinda want to get a i7-9700k. Is GIGABYTE Z390 UD good enough ? I wouldn’t really want to pay more. I want to overclock a little, but not to 5ghz. I want to get somewhere 4.2 – 4.6 ghz. Also what cooler should i get?

Sam says:

the 2700x costs 290 € here, i7 9700k costs 350€ , 8700k costs 380€, 9900k costs 480 € so the 9700k looks like a great buy for gamers upgrading from old platforms ( like I was from i5 3570k)

brtcobra says:

i went from an i5 3570k to an i7 9700k ans i am blown away how well my games now run even when streaming

jinxtacy says:

I started feeling the need to upgrade this past year. I5-760. I actually want to transition into racing games, but don’t want a furnace in my room either. I think it’s time to do a CPU upgrade but will wait for the new Ryzen offerings. Realistically 8400-9600k or an R5 would be what I’m looking at and we’ll see how that plays with my HD 7870 XT. The budget for this grows quickly when factoring in a wheel and whatnot. It’s a shame how good this rig has done over the past decade. SC2, LoL, and CS:GO aren’t the most demanding titles admittedly.

Samuli Karppinen says:

have u tried Forza horizon 4 as benchmark game?

Spryguy902 says:

I would like to see where an i5 6600k @ 4.8 Ghz would fall on those list? Thinking of upgrading but if it’s any where near those other i5’s it may not be worth it.

Vertigo101 says:

debating on upgrading my 6600K to solve mouse stutter in games like the Division 2 & Battlefield 5.
only games that seam to cause it.

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