Intel i7-8700K Review vs. Ryzen: Streaming, Gaming, Delidding [UPDATED]

Our review & benchmark of the Intel i7-8700K Coffee Lake CPU, vs. AMD R7 1700, 7700K, & more, including overclocking.
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NOTE: We have discovered that Gigabyte’s F2 BIOS revision, used for Cinebench and POVRay, did NOT have an MCE option, but instead auto-enabled MCE. Fortunately, our gaming tests were conducted with F4 & F5a, and are therefore unaffected (MCE off). The Cinebench charts have been corrected in the article (linked below), as we discovered the Gigabyte F2 BIOS issue just recently.

Article with more charts:

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Editorial & Test Lead: Steve Burke
Testing & Test Research: Patrick Lathan
Video: Andrew Coleman


Marek Nowakowski says:

find a nice diamond cut for heat conduit, can’t fail.

Final Fantasy says:

fycken powerful. i was gonna get the i5 8700k instead of my i5 7600k but that didnt really work out

BendaFPV says:

Hi, thanks for this great and complete video. Do you advise re-sealing the IHS with silicone or just put it on top ? Thanks

Groovy Gabe says:

I’m still very new to this, but which processer is best for streaming games in best quality?

Mathew Anderson says:

Thank you Gamers Nexus for including turn times with games like Civilization VI that actually show the benefits of a faster CPU for these types of games. Too many reviewers review CPUs on games that simply don’t tax the CPU, but instead tax the GPU… which isn’t the hardware being reviewed.

Leon Pozo says:

My r7 1700 is a bit of a bad chip.. 3.85gig at 1.42v… Would you agree its a bit of a poor binned chip. Don’t want to push voltages any higher.

Vikram Bhaskar says:

Can anyone explain me why Steve tested in prime95 at 4.7ghz rather than 4.9ghz/1.4V that was tested in blender?

Extricate - FPS says:

oof i got 5ghz stable at 1.35 volts and i can go to 5.1 and peak at 78C without delid for rn

James Hryb says:

Great video!! although I loose out on Intel optane, netflix 4K, and some other potential goodies from current gen cpu’s, my 4.7GHZ 6700K is mainly used for gaming and it NEVER lets me down. if there is a takeaway from this video, it is that my cpu is doing just fine for current and next gen titles. I’ll wait for the 9900K to hit the $380 mark before making any purchasing decisions.

Shaxi says:

Sooo.. Ryzen isn’t really that good?

Phil Griffiths says:

what program do you use to make your interactive charts/graphs?

Pigs Nation says:

My 8700K runs at 95°C with 1.35V at 5.0GHz AVX offset -3 during AVX workload. My X62 at max fan and pump speed too. Want to delid but no kits available here, all out of stock, even in Germany nextdoor.

Gamer Voice says:

This review is great… but I feel it lacks a bottom line.
Which processor is capable of yielding the better single PC stream at 720p 60fps, medium preset, @6k bitrate, x264, in a streaming while gaming scenario?

K Korhonen says:

how can i7 8700k push these results when its doing around 1200cb in cinebench thats around same as ryzen 5 1600 results?

Bracks says:

Seems like the 8700k should be compared to the 1800x for out of box performance since both are priced the same.

CaveMan PC says:

Wow this was a lot of information. I think I’m going to take a nap

Blaise Brennan says:

What is the most widely accepted Blender test? The BMW render?

Linnity says:

Torn in between getting i7-9700k or the i7-8700k for gaming + streaming. I will be playing spotify, running obs, running the game and etc. So which one is better? :>

Michael Chacon says:

Can you do another video with r7 2700x

Chris Bullock says:


boomboy 763 says:

so does the i7 8700k have decent streaming performance

cloudconnected says:

what was the cooling used for the temperatures?

Johnnie says:

This may be a dumb question but here goes… did you guys also use conductonaut between the IHS and cold plate of your chosen cooler or a more traditional “paste” that is not liquid metal? Not that it makes a difference in temp deltas but just wanted to know if you guys are using liquid metal in that part of your builds also.

Gamers Nexus says:

NOTE: We have discovered that Gigabyte’s F2 BIOS revision, used for Cinebench and POVRay, did NOT have an MCE option, but instead auto-enabled MCE. Fortunately, our gaming tests were conducted with F4 & F5a, and are therefore unaffected (MCE off). The Cinebench charts have been corrected in the article (linked below), as we discovered the Gigabyte F2 BIOS issue just recently.

Article here:

lasthope420 says:

thank fuck for the old wood wall. I love this set

Frank Logrim says:

Wouldn’t comparing the 8700k with 1800x be abit more fair considering it cost about the same plus the 1800x will use all 8 cores at 3700mhz and max boost for 1-2 cores 4100mhz.. So in my eyes Ryzen is the clear winnere even tho you might get a few less fps in some titles, can you really neglect the superb performance you get in other desktop workloads.. Bonus games are getting more multi core/threaded so its also going to age way better!

TronicHardware says:

Hey guys, I need proper help! I would like to buy a new 4K system for the following applications: Lumion 8, Sketchup, Vectorworks, Rhino 6 with Grasshopper, Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, which are primarily architectural applications (Renderings and stuff like that – 2D and 3D). In terms of better performance, should I go for an Intel Core i9-7900X, 10x 3.30GHz or Intel Core i7-8700K, 6x 3.70GHz? Folllowing the other components:
Mainboard for the i9: MSI X299 Gaming Pro Carbon AC,
Mainboard for the i7: ASUS ROG Strix Z370-E Gaming,
SSD: Samsung SSD 960 PRO 512GB, M.2,
RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB schwarz DIMM Kit 64GB, DDR4-2666,
GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X Trio, 11GB GDDR5X,
CPU Cooler: Corsair Hydro Series H150i Pro,
PSU: be quiet! Straight Power 10-CM 600W,
Case: Variable

Sloth Mc says:

Does anyone know a specific brand of clear nail polish should be used over the capacitor? I don’t want to use the conductive type

Chris Bullock says:

show crysis 3, titan fall 2, call of duty ww II… some real games that’ll show some real performance. And not the same old games that we all know will give the same old performance numbers.

Hayden Joy says:

Could you let me know what rpm the fans were running at on the X62?

Trent F says:

Why would intel use better tim on their mainstream cpu and not their $600 to $$$$$$$$$ cpus? I have owned several intel chips including the 5820k I have now but I think I’m done with these cheap assholes. They’ve owned the cpu market for a decade and they just can’t accept that they are getting less margins than the past. You can now expect intel to cheap out and squeeze every dollar out of the consumer until they release a mainstream and hedt chips that are so thermally unacceptable that they’ll really wish they could go back and unscrew the consumer.

SVTsupercharged Hi says:

Intel is still making AMD look like Pre schooler’s.

Mr Bmw says:

How come you don’t do 4K benches. Struggling to see if the 8700k is worth it.

Engidza Okami says:

Really good video, it shows the truth. Not like the overpaid Linus clown that changes the benchmark values in favor of Intel to make it look even better.

Jeremiah Lozano says:

When delidding system can I put my system vertical again. Or should I keep it horizontal.

uchiha Sasukee says:

blah blah and blah

TooMuchStarbucks says:

Dumb question, what is Steve using to spread the liquid metal? Going to be attempting my first delid soon.

Erez says:

what’s the lifespan of the liquid metal?

BreakRank says:

Why didn’t you test the 8700k against the 1800x? Like this, all we know is, AMD 1800x still might be better at streaming, but we don’t know. Great stuff!

Kasai Brightwater says:

Lmao my old i5 ran fine on 5GHz and turbo’d to 5.5GHz


do you know there is a Letter “G”.

Almir Preldzic says:

These new Intel chips are so much faster at running Spectre and Meltdown, they’re worth every penny.

Chris Bullock says:

Wow….amazing STOCK performance of the 1700(non-X) compared to the very powerful i7-7700k even when its overclocked….amazing.

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