Intel i7 8700K Review: A New Gaming King

Intel i7 CPU Lineup:
AMD Ryzen CPU Lineup:
Gigabyte Aorus Z370 Gaming 7 Motherboard:

Planet Coaster (Modern RCT Game):


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DeadSeedTV says:

Can’t wait to upgrade my FX8350…. I smell something brewing.

Sindragozer says:

Roller Coaster Tycoon is a great game series! The 2nd one is my favorite as well! I spent so much time playing that in the early 2,000’s! I didn’t know about this new game, I’m looking forward to checking it out, tyvm for dropping the knowledge of its existence!!!

heltjettad says:

**** you. This video made me buy a new rig. Bye bye 3500$. Jokes aside, nice video as always.

Camlope355 says:

I just retired my 3770k build for the 8700k. I wouldn’t have upgraded if it wasn’t for my Asus formula dying. It had a good five year run.

Daniel Kreiss says:

I am going to be upgrading from an AMD FX-6100……Time to upgrade lol

papek 12345 says:

What about you start benchmarking proccesors on lower resolutions or lower graphics settings? Its retarded to benchmark processors on high resolutionts with maxed out settings. In cs go going from a i7 7700k to a i7 8700k gave me about 80 fps more.

Boe Dillard says:

I have the 6700k and it pretty much similar in speed when gaming even though it is 2 generations back.   The differences in this video vs. many other 6700k gaming comparisons is more significant – possibly due to the video card or drivers they are using.   They could have 20 cores on the 8700k and it won’t help gaming.  More cores is important for video editing but doesn’t do squat for games. I would however love more PCIe lanes as I have a 16x video card, 8x raid card and 8x Nic.      I would imagine those people with multiple 4k monitors might want SLI video cards would appreciate more PCIe lanes as well.   Hopefully the rumored Coffee Lake -S with 40 PCIe lanes isn’t just rumor.

Darius Guran says:

Greg, nice video, but you know nothing about ivy or sandy bridge. Most of the people don’t run something more powerfull than a GTX 1070 at 1080p and the i5 2500k barely sweats at it.

Pinkish says:

I’m super happy to see that you’ve grown so much, I’ve been watching your videos since I believe around 50k subscribers and I always thought the quality and quantity of your videos warranted a much larger subscriber base and I’m so happy to see that it’s happening, best of luck Greg!

Shoaib Sikandri says:

Can i install i7 8700k processor 8th generation in core 2 duo 2.4ghz cpu


Yeah, im one of those ivy bridge dudes. I am definitely upgrading.

Yato says:

I have a skylake i5 but need an upgrade, cause IT only has 2.7 GHz soooo Yeah

Clayton Hernandez says:

Ugh it bothers me that they wrote on the CPU!

Molten wow says:

Fx-8350 and Proud! 😀

Sudden Revelations says:

Can’t upgrade with my i5 2500k. It is still running at 4.5 GHz on air. It will be 7 years old soon. I don’t notice any lagging at 1080p. I blame game developers for not making AI more interesting. After the second time playing through a game there is no reason to ever play it again. So if I can get by playing newer games on an old CPU then it says a lot about the evolution of graphics

Europa says:

8700k 5.2ghz @ 1.375 volts no delid running 14-16fps more than a 7700k. Feelsgoodman

nnnscorpionnn says:

I still use 6700k and It is still awsome. I am not gonna upgrade until intel releases 10nm cpus

Capster Gaming/Music says:

Slow down! You talk too fast! I reccommend slowing down the vid.

fatalradius says:

I’m still running a GTX670 with an i5 Ivy bridge…I’m thinking of going 8700k with 16gb’s of DDR4, but obviously can’t get a new video card yet due to inflation, will I get an FPS boost on my gtx 670 with an 8700k?

Luke George says:

I5-8600k is gaming king.

Big Thumbs Up Gaming says:

The question is how good is an overclockable i3 now? If you think about is, it’s essentially a i5 7600k for 50 bucks less

actuallywill says:

with the same settings, except slower ram and using a ryzen 1700 @3.975ghz with a 1070ti strix at 4600mhz on the memory and 2070-2101mhz on the core after becoming stable, at 1440p my “lows” in my frame rate don’t go below 80fps, it is weird that intels is so low, they are always better when it comes to gaming, or anything that only uses a few cores, 4 hyperthreaded cores are usually best. My point is though, could that just be an optimization thing? Also, my frame rate caps at 200, not 189, something that is also different on ryzen than intel. Either way, I want an 8700k as my second system I am building.

Evelisk says:

Had a bunch of newegg gift cards lying around so went from 6700k to 8700k. I only really notice a more steady framerate. At least my new mb has rgb lol. I don’t think I’ll upgrade again until it is completely outdated.

Dinocrest says:

Got a killer deal on mine 40 bucks for 2 my friend didn’t need them

So magical says:

what were your temperatures like?

Lucas Alfonso Leguizamón says:

Guess I’m keeping my 6700k

Paul Roosen says:

looks like my 4770k will do for a few years more

Monkey96NL says:

Upgrading from i7 7700k is bs. But i still got a shity fx3850 soo i7 8600k is it. If it ever comes in store…

Dragonfreakgaming says:

thank you for using universe sandbox. i was very curious on the performance. Also i think i will wait for the 8 core 16 thread ice lake cpu on 10 nm that will be an absolute beast.

Gadget Gallery says:

Gentlemen….HOLD YOUR BREATH! Intel is coming!!!

Paul Yoder says:

my rysen 1400 keeps crashing..thats why im here lookin at the 8700k..

M T says:

But can it run Crysis? What would this do with a GTX 1080ti with 8700K?

Keatononame says:

Bought one 10 minutes ago

Justin Lee says:

I have a 4790K and I’m glad I held off on upgrading. I think this is the CPU I told myself to wait for.

Helarden says:

Well this video made me feel a little better about buy kabby lake chip even though I got an i5….

Mark Richie says:

I have an AMD ATHLON XP 1800+ chip. is it worth upgrading my system from that to a system with this intel 8700K chip?

Nicholas Reif says:

I feel like he’s talking really fucking fast.

NightWing OW says:

I’m upgrading from an i5-7600K to i7-8700K. Thought going to i7 might be worth it. Also, I just really wanted to for some reason, but yeah, don’t we all?

shayson1357 says:

im still on a sandy i3-2120 with an MSI960 and 4gigs 1333mhz ram, planning on getting a 6 or preferably 8 core i7 but not coffeelake, preferably the next generation or the one after that if the next generations is not that much better or doesn’t have 8 core i7 as rumoured .

strife2k7 says:

369 euro for an i7 8700k or 349 euro for a ryzen 7 1800x? What to get. I can’t make up my mind. (Or maybe wait for zen+?)

René Fabre says:

Helpful review, thanks! Appreciate your insights re: Skylake and Kaby Lake. I’m like so over educated trying to figure out my upgrade path (for video editing) from (too embarrassed to say) old HP laptop that I’m paralyzed trying to decide. :O)

Layarion says:

well i have the i5-4690k

A.F Ero says:

i5 2500K
Geforce gtx 970ti
8 Gb ram

Holding onto mine i5 2500k till the bitter sweet end. I can still game on high settings. I do notice things have slowed down a little bit with heavy loads on the CPU, but its nothing bad.

I feel like the time of upgrading is coming in the near future, probably next year. But for now im a proud owner of the Sandy Bridge generation.

Layarion says:

What does 1% and .10 mean?

Hayden Salts says:

You need to re run your benchmarks with a maxed Park
That game is arguably one of the most cpu intensive out there

Ash says:

Did pubg run smooth though? ?

Seyedmorteza Ghaffarishahri says:

“Just a bench-marking video”? Wow! Because no one else can do that?!

Last Bullet says:

i dont care what some ppl advise… i like my i7 8700K & yes he is the master of gaming !!!

Tupac Amaru Shakur says:

6700K and laughing at all others

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