Intel i7-7700K Review: Gaming, Rendering, Temps, & Overclocking

Our Intel i7-7700K Kaby Lake review benchmarks the CPU vs. the 6700K, 4790K, & 2600K.
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The full review is many thousands of words and has significant depth. We strongly recommend reading:

We encountered some interesting thermal challenges with Kaby Lake, but were able to work with multiple boards and determine the culprit.

Gigabyte Gaming 7 review:

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Test Lead, Editorial: Steve Burke
Video Production: Andrew Coleman

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blesyl67 says:

Any idea how to undervolt my i7-7700K . I’m hitting 90 degrees temps right here with an x62 kraken . 🙁

Pumafarm says:

Jesus! Cut your hair

JD Overclock says:

A little high auto voltages, mine does 1.232v auto on 4.5Ghz, 60ºC on Aida 64
Guess it’s better now, after all the bios updates!

Chuck Morrissette says:

so i just built my first pc my 6700k is running 70c i have been looking for the optimal temp and it just keeps send me to blog with options. i want facts

Bima Gaming says:

focus on cat XD

The3rdID says:

I know it shouldn’t, but that left over thermal paste on the CPUs really bugged me.

Alvaro Donoso says:

sorry but, what do u means with ht0 ht1?

John Doe says:

get that disgusting hairy creature away from the computer parts!

diotough says:

The disturbing conclusion should be: wow, Intel, you lazy bunch of marketers, just marginal performance jumps between 4790K and 7700K.

halim amran says:

are you a girl or just from born

Alfred Smith says:

Im still rocking an Ivy 3770K at 5ghz which has an IPC almost the same as the 7700K stock. Going to wait one more generation i think.

QuakeGamer632 says:

Looking at this now and seeing the Voltage the board was using on the auto setting is insane because at 1.4V (the Voltage that board was trying to use on auto) I am able to run my 7700K at stable 5.2GHz at 1.4V while this was tested with the CPU at it’s max boost frequency on all cores, just 4.5GHz.

Chuck Morrissette says:

So I just got a asrock 270z itx-ac 7600k and in the bios it shows the cpu idle is 51c but on the desktop every software I download shows it around 33c. I have been looking for hours to find a answer and I’ve got nothing but other OPTIONS. can you please guild me? This is my first biuld and I feel like all the reading I have done is useless.

CopperHeroin says:

Bro, Don’t sound so enthusiastic!

Divine says:

Any particular reason we’re benchmarking using a stock 2600k as opposed to an easily achievable 4.0 – 4.2 ghz OC?

NBA Wolfie says:

He kinda sounds like Mr Beast lol

MarcasswellbMD says:

The most hysterical thing I’ve noticed was that the number on Chip sold is an I7 and the number motherboard sold was an unoverclockable B150 Board… SMH…

PC Gameplay says:

up to 82c? Is it normal to let cores go that high these days? I’ve always kept them under 70c thinking even that was a bit too high. If up to 82c on stress tests would be safe for my 2500k maybe i’ll play around with it and see how far i can push it.


@gamers nexus i still have a 4770k and 2x970gtx but newest game like playerunknown barely give me 60 fps

Johnny1981 says:

Very interesting and I have seen this before…4790k at stock better minimums than both the 6700k and 7700k

Praise The Kek says:

@Gamers Nexus Is the small improvement in performance between the i7 7700k Stock clock and the 5ghz+ overclock is due to the gtx 1080 bottlenecking the max fps cap ?

brucemangy says:

i could swear the VR logo on the CPU box is moving (or NOT moving, while camera does) added during edit ?

MrGts92 says:

I know it’s an old video. But I have a MSI 6g 980ti with a Xeon 1231 E3 which I get consistent 70+ FPS on a GTA V or 144 FPS on a DOOM @1080p. Which CPU (and Mobo) to get for 1440p gaming instead, to maximise my GPU power and get same sort of FPS rates on this resolution? I also have a Thermaltake v21 core case.



BigMac5 says:

Moral of the story is there’s no point in overclocking the 7700k for gaming.

Ricky D says:

so i just got an i7 7700k it idles at 35c and under full load it hits about 75c when i run realbench. Is this normal with a 212 evo and this cpu at stock settings

root9065 says:

These motherfuckers know their shit. I’ve heard things in this video that weren’t even mentioned anywhere else. Good stuff guys.

JBiNN says:

Not trying to be a dick but you should shave and cut your hair lol

NefariousHS says:

This video convinced me to replace my I5 2500k with a 7700k. The salesman at Micro Center thanks you for his commission bruh!

Nsatiro says:


Darryl Eloff says:

I like your hair 😀

marcelo alvarenga says:

I am runnin a 6700k with 1.12V manual thank me later ( same goes for 7700k) … better temps for free … stuttering ? try disabling intel speedstep, puufff suttering gone 😉

Sachin Nair says:

New build for rendering and editing, is the $20 worth it for 7700k?

jack nguyen says:

what does ht0 or ht1 mean ?

Ricky D says:

how is the 7700k in streaming compared to the r5 and r7 1700 series. is the 7700k still decent at streaming, because i been streaming with it on the same pc i game on with no issues using x264. But others are saying the 7700k is not good for streaming.

Mag12012001 says:

Wash your stuff before making a video.But nice video.

blesyl67 says:

Jesus i got cooling problems with these cpu ..

Josh Mercieca says:

why reviewers don’t oc the old chips is beyond me. If people care about a new chip to oc then the old one is surely oc’d. In that case comparing the oc chip against stock clocks in pointless.
thumbs down

Andy Fetzer says:

Commentator always sounds like he’s bored lol

Chaz McDonald says:

Hot. In every way

Wainster says:

My old FX9590 CPU just died, it wasn’t ever overclocked. I’ll build an i7 7700K system. Due to space restrictions, I’ll run a H80i V2 cooler. I’ll again run the i7 CPU at stock, is the V2 cooler fine for a stock set up? Cheers

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