Intel i7 6900K Broadwell-E CPU Review

This thing is amazing. If you have around $1000 to blow on a new high end CPU, this, my friend, is what you are after.
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nynty5 says:

I love mine. It runs cool and the 3200 Plats register correctly. The board automatically makes it 4ghz

Sanjarih Jamshed says:

Great Stuff, mate….I was wondering what kind of overclocks have you been able to achieve? Mine is suppose to arrive in 3-4 business days.

Sabba says:

I love overclocking results of this K processor!

TechXSoftware says:

That CPU costs the price of my whole PC lol

MammothGaming says:

6850K seems more in my price range but it is 6 core i don’t think it is worth replacing the 5820k with it ):

rastabg23 says:

My goodness this guy is pale as fuck. Nice video though, nice benchmarks and I appreciate the reviews.

ilya vxt says:

great video and i hate to ruin it but you made a mistake in 3:20 with the name of CPU’s in the bottom right…

chaddwick25 says:


Covert says:

I might as well wait until Kaby Lake-E or longer to upgrade my CPU lol

Billy Donmecz says:

Sup fam. I would really like to see an After Effects project being worked on, or would really prefer any DAW (Pro Tools, FL Studio, Reason, Ableton, Cubase, Sonar, Reaper) launch a huge project and load Multiple instances of Kontakt, Serum, Massive, Sylenth etc. and route those to mixer and add reverbs, eq’s x5, then compressors, then work on the master bus with midside eq, glue comp, etc. you know, real world stress test, INSTEAD of synthetic benchmarks, OR games which are (clearly) the way to go for testing GPUs.
Otherwise cool vid. Cheers from Mexico.

0cards0 says:

i heard that big cache makes latency higher, & that games work better on 4 cores then 6 cores because with 6 cores only the last ones are the strong ones, so does this cpu really optimal for gaming & some rendering?

Gragons says:

Do you get sponsored for all of the videos you do

scorlin gonzalez says:

do you know how it compare to the 6850k in content creation … do you know if the performance difference justifies the extra 500 dollars … i really want a chip that works good with software like 3ds max and maya ….

EE gamer says:

I wish I had one

zBruda says:


dwarfer777 says:

can someone explain why cpuz reports 3.5ghz at all times on my pc, v v rearly does my cores run at 3.7 at any loads

MammothGaming says:

i waited to 7am. i like you you upload before school…. unlike linus XD

H4lf Lif3 says:

Would be better if you post the lowest framerates when you test games

MyOtherAccount says:

how can one man have all that power.

MLG_Master X16 says:

Meh I am just gunna get the 8 cor broadwell ep Xeon CPU!

Ward de jager says:

is this part of the new kaby lake architecture n ..or still skylake ?

HyperGamers - Games and Tech says:

Haven’t watched your videos in ages!

I thought the 6950X was the successor to the 5960X!

Also, Nvidia don’t recommend anything above 2 way SLI for the pascal GPUs.

Shmaehdawlf Shmitler says:

I was going to make an i7 6700k 980ti setup, But I think I will get a 6900k and 1080founders sli.

SenTiNel says:

Did you have any problems building the system with this chip? I recently got this chip with an MSI x99a Krait edition MoBo and it won’t post or boot. Apparently I need to update the BIOS for it to be compatible but I don’t have a spare haswell-E chip kicking about ha! Such a pain in the arse and not seen anyone else with this problem really! 🙁

420blazeit says:

Wish someone sent me free $1000 processors, Hell I’d shit myself if I got a 4790k to replace my i5 4440 to go with my new 1070 🙂

Sumed M says:

could you benchmark battlefield 1 to compare 4 (7700k) core vs 8(6900k) core. at the moment battlefield 1 (dice frostbite engine) e is the only game that utilises 8 core or more. this would give us an idea about the future of gaming. please

Hard Knocks says:

I hate the way all company’s do this.You spend 1000-2000 $ to get told not even a year into the build its out dated this is better bla bla bla,.They need to slow the f### down for Christ sake these are not phones wtf.Intel goes to fast basically the same shit with a diff name and Amd makes promises they never give and when they do its already outdated..Nvidia is joining in now with there bs msrp and they will get too the msrp as soon as there outdated 6 months at the most will the 1080 be on top. .. I was realy liking pc builds and now i see after my first one its a scam just like the iphones…

WawiK says:

i think my I7-4790K 4.0 still is the best price/performing dont you think?

Darren Green says:

oc results??

Jrholdsworth says:

Nice vid, so if the 6900k works with x99 do you think that the 7900k will work with z170?

ZiisusChrist says:

Hope that Zen brings 8core cpu prices down.

Mike Messiah says:

3:33 I dont understand the graph. Where is the score for 6900k

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