Intel i7-4960X Ivy Bridge-E 6-Core CPU Review!

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Intel i7-4960X Ivy Bridge-E 6-Core CPU Review!

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you really need to do your homework

░▒▓█YTTeeVee™█▓▒░ says:

this motherboard overheats for me

Michael P. says:

Did you even watch the video? There are tangible performance increases in terms of CPU power, although nothing major. This is a tick, you shouldn’t be expecting much more than 10% performance upgrades, which is around where this CPU is at. Not to mention it does more with less power as well. If you are looking at the gaming benchmarks, you are a fool. LGA 2011 is not meant for gamers at all.

derick jason says:

your right im definitely getting a 4930k five frames ant worth five hundred

CreeperOnYourHouse says:

Exactly what happened that allowed Intel to overtake AMD in 2006…

riothero313 says:

The FX-9590 dropped price big time, it’s less than 300 bucks now. Is this CPU more than 3x as fast?  I just couldn’t justify spending 3 times the money and getting maybe 1/3 performance boost.

Sam Pass says:

I take… that he doesnt care for AMD.I wonder how nmuch FREE stuff he gets?? How bnout it Steam and Nvidia???

L12345678962 says:

Dude you are so cheese, sleeping with your Dog and you have no technical skills, you should be reviewing dog food

L12345678962 says:

This dude is so cheese; take a class in computer 101, shame on EVGA for having this chasse man review their product. Yes the 4930k costs half as much.
If you are an enthusiast gamer and EVGA consumer you don’t appreciate his inexperience videos

Hari Nam says:

you wrong men, you have nothing to do on this channel because you don’t have sense of appreciation for this nice work, get out of here

LLB LLB says:

I still can’t believe AMD released that CPU at the price range they did. I also can’t believe anyone other than reviewers bought it. Just doesn’t make sense. Shoot, even at the current price it isn’t worth it if you ask me, especially since you can get the lower ones, and oc the hell out of them. (or a i7-4770k lol)

philipx550 says:

Intel is simply overpriced. I would love to get an i7 in my system but it’s simply not worth to go with.


bla bvla bla!!

HervyDant says:

Everyone likes some metal, whether they know it or not.

derick jason says:

im getting a 4930

TheOneAndOnlyBlack HD says:

You bought that shit 9590? Why?


I have that shirt 

Sabansux22 says:

will this cpu be beter than the i7 4770k for dayz?

CerN says:

I find it funny that you recommend the 4960x for productivity when the 4930k is almost identical, and costs half as much.

Sam Pass says:

Hey this F_______r sells for everybody. Hes not REAL he IS A SALESMAN!@! Surprise!!!!

Adrian Hernandez says:

Better yet buy an FX 8350

Voxel8or says:

Cores do not affect the speed. They enable for more multitasking, without hitting performance. Educate yourself.

philipx550 says:

1st: FX-9590 price went down and it’s around $300 now.
2nd: FX-9590 vs i7 4960X (which has 12 threads so no wonder it’s faster)
3rd: i7 4960X vs i7 4930k (4930k is around $500 and only 3-5% worse than i7 4960X which is $1000).
You just went full retard, never go full retard sir…

fullmetalloser says:

‘We’re multitasking, baby!’


And running the FX-8350 @ 5ghz is about the same as a 3770K with turbo on.

iSynthesis says:

yes. overall Performance 8 cores vs 4 cores is pretty much same Performance. So what do you learn? If Intels 3770k would have 8 cores, it would have double the performance.

iSynthesis says:

Lol isnt the Mac pro going to contain “new-generation Xeon processors”? / MacPro

philipx550 says:

Only for gaming an i7 is a waste of money and complete overkill. i7’s are good for rendering and editing. Theres no difference between an i5 and i7 in gaming.

philipx550 says:

Not sure if you’re just another hardcore fanboy or completely retarded -.-

Psycho Kitty says:

i7 4770k to but i5 is good to for only gaming i5 is enough but i will but i7 4770k or maby wait for another gen

mrFluorocarb says:

@Tech of Tomorrow After the first 20 seconds, I like your style and your review. Very professional and straight to the point. Subscribed.

TheOneAndOnlyBlack HD says:

Oh and the difference between 8320 8350 and 9590 is basically 82 85 is just clocked higher and 90 is a thermal solution that you can be done by yourself.

KangaPvP says:

At Originpc they have this cpu Overclocked Intel Extreme Core i7 4960X Hex-Core (4.4GHz – 4.8GHz), 15MB Cache,how did they get it to a hex core and 4.4 – 4.8 Ghz….. I wanna know that

damian logan says:

Should have made your graphs different colors. But I guess that’s just what old people do


No way it’s been proven that a 3770K (in turbo mode) is the same as a 5Ghz FX-8350.PS 3770K is NOT SANDY BRIDGE and is way faster then Piledriver.

philipx550 says:

Good choice. Worth to go for!…You seem to be very rich ^^

philipx550 says:

It’s not “way faster” -.-
It’s more like 5-8% faster overall. The only big difference is rendering…i7 3770k is a beast when it comes to rendering. Everything else is pretty much equal. If you see a big difference between them then you may have a fanboy problem sir.. 🙂

philipx550 says:

Even at stock speeds the difference is unnoticable.
And I think FX-8350 would be faster if it runs on 5GHz than 3770k stock. Becouse Piledriver is now on sandy bridge level.

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