Intel i5-9600K Review vs. R7 2700, R5 2600, i7-8700K, et al.

We benchmarked the Intel i5-9600K for gaming, production, and overclocking.
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Intel’s i5-9600K is the next in line with the 9900K and 9700K (the latter of which we haven’t worked with yet), serving a more mid-range market at ~$250. The 9600K runs 6C/6T, similar to the 8600K, but has been updated with solder and higher native clock speeds. Overclocking the 9600K is also interesting, something we do in the review video above.

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Editorial, Testing: Steve Burke
Testing: Patrick Lathan
Video: Andrew Coleman, Keegan Gallick


Dirk York says:

Until you run a 2700x with a Vega 64 and crush nvidia. This shit is always dishonest. Like not all gpus run the same from AMD and Nvidia, a 590 beats a 2070 in bf5. So don’t listen to all this guy’s bs Intel shill shit.

TomaattiKeitto says:

The funny thing is that for me here in Finland i5 9600k and 8600k have the same price (300e)

Worstenbroodje says:

For me the I5 9600k is 150-180 euro cheaper than the I7 8700k/9700k and the Ryzens are pretty much the same price as the I5.
I never 3D render and I game alot so for me The I5 9600k seems like a prefect fit tbh, but listening to some reviews I’m not sure anymore…

Zach Chartier says:

5.2ghz on the 9600k? Rip I can’t get mine to 4.8 stable.

James Obrien says:

If the board makers would make a good MATX board for AMD I would be over there now. But that is not the case and so I am stuck with Intel. 🙁

dogbird says:

No battlefield 5 what?

Daevster 666 says:

I don’t think you should compare the CPUs by price, that’s just overwhelmingly biased. Compare the CPUs how they were intended to be. r3 vs i3, i5 vs r5 and r7 vs i7

Chris Laflamme says:

I love me some bojangles.

Psychol says:

gaming = Intel
work = Intel
losing money = AMD

Tayfun Çetin says:

ryzen is garbage

top banana says:

farcry 5 and assassins creed Odyssey have been messed about by AMD. ryzen users are getting stutters in assains creed, plenty on net to see and farcry as well

ed k says:

Doesnt it need to written in code to take advantage of threads?? If so a phone call would solve the answer.. makes more sense then assumptions. Any reasonable news outlet would do that

Stink186 says:

I am planning on building a gaming PC and I am leaning toward the I5 9600k right now. I am not planning on streaming or 3D rendering, so the R7 2700 is not a bargain for me. It’s also not as strong as the 9600k at gaming and is about $50 more expensive. The I7 9700k looks great but is out of my price range as I don’t feel comfortable spending $400 on a CPU. The concerns you brought up in this review about the CPU don’t seem strong enough to warrant avoiding it altogether. So it was weird in Far Cry 5, one game. But it performs quite well in gaming in most cases, even outperforming the more expensive Ryzen 2700X.

h2oaddict28 says:

Not fast enough, not enough cores, inflated prices, spectre and meltdown not dealt with, still waiting for something reasonable to upgrade to.

M Perry says:


iTzTheFox25000 says:

What is the GHz of i5 9600k?

Chay Warburton says:

Yeah I’m playing Just Cause 3, on a i5 8400, gtx 1060 3gb, 8gb ram.
It locked up, came back and I was dead -,- games a memory hog after looking at my performance charts holy crap.

Was the ram my bottleneck or my CPU having low threads?

Derek Thorson says:

One thing the 9600k has is diaper threading.

I0N says:

Im still on a I5-2300

Driveway Developments says:

I think you could have an unstable overclock hence the drops on the 0.1% low when overclocked.

Hoffi 1504 says:

What’s the fanboy’s problem? Intel & AMD are both great

Karl Manson says:

hi, im still using i5 3570 non k with h61 mobo, im using gtx 1060 6gb, im playing games at 1366*768 (60hz), because my monitor only support that resolution, when i force to 1080 the image is horrible, now i want to ask you, i want to upgrade mobo+cpu, which cpu should i choose for budget upgrade that have 2x better than my i5 3570, for now i dont want to change my monitor, because my money just for upgrade mobo+cpu+ram, so im gonna still playing at 768, im okay with vsync.

Jack Mancinelli says:

So, here i can find i59600k 250 euros, there is some better cpu for gaming at the same price? Thanks for videos 🙂

Doctor Fairlight says:

Thanks, but slow down your speech man. Frantic delivery. Sheesh.

Orionleo says:

Thanks for the review! I bought (or was given) an i5-9600k for Christmas because I won an Intel motherboard in a raffle. Unfortunately the Mobo didn’t have the right bios so I’m getting that updated. I would’ve went amd if the motherboard wasn’t the case.. and now I think I probably should’ve just asked for the amd build and sold the motherboard.

But I dunno, buyers remorse. I’m sure the 9600k will serve me well on these next few years regardless.

NickBroccoli says:

Returning my 9600k due to microstutters. Struggles in the games I play like bfv and destiny 2.

Balla The Feared says:

First comparison shows me you have an unstable overclock you stupid fuck holy shit how do these people have channels?

Brik Haus says:

OMG, that 100ms latency is what I get on my 1700X ALL the time. Like ALL the time. That explains my stutter in literally every game.

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