Intel i5-8400 Review: 2666MHz & 3200MHz Gaming Benchmarks

Reviewing the Intel i5-8400 CPU with both 2666MHz & 3200MHz memory, primarily compared vs. the 8700K & R5 1600X/1500X.
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Editorial, Test Lead: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman
Testing: Patrick Lathan


Timothy Storey says:

Righteous dude he is…and great hair.

Sudden Revelations says:

How many fps on average do you lose going down to a slower memory on the i5 8400?

Tomislav Tomic says:

The human eye can’t see more than 3000Mhz anyway

Phil Atkins says:

Mostly just £190 – £200 on Novatech, Ebuyer etc. in the uk for the 8400, but some sellers are trying to price gouge on shooting for £250 – £270

fabinho7756 says:

BCLK OC is working on all AsRock Boards!

Zangetsu says:

the action starts at 15:40 y’all

Ray Henriksen says:

For future tests, could you add some more 6th/7th gen i5s? Just as a reference

BigTabs_ AKA_Kyle says:

Glad Intel has compatition can only mean better products for customers. Will hold out for ice lake.

But all in all glad AMD is back.

Lupen94 says:

Great review

RK says:

what about old 6 core processors like i7 970? can it compete ?

chazzy2501 says:

12:48 the i5-3570k stock is on the chart twice.

bdpSovietafr0 says:

As a gamer thinking about those platform costs in January…… ~$60 H310 mobo, 8~16gb of DDR4 and the i5 8400 looks like a damn good deal for getting into 1440p/1080p-144hz gaming on a semi-budget (with something like a 1070 when the prices eventually come down some with the 1070ti coming out)

David DeCorso says:

Ryzen is good for workstation stuff but not gaming or single-app stuff (compared to the 8th gen Intels) imo

Ceremco says:

JayzTwoCent said that you can’t lock the 8400’s multiplier (well he said base muliplier and you’re talking about the turbo multiplier) to anything in the turbo range. So it is possible in theorie to turbo all 6 cores to max turbo speed? (in this case all 6 cores running at 4.0Ghz)

Andrei Pelle says:

I would like to see a better focus on the r5 1600, not the r5 1600X(since the latter isn’t such good value. The former overclocks well and does not require a cooler). Good video either way.

Ryan Sherman says:

the i5 8400 is not available so that makes the r5 1600 the better option but either cpu will be a great mid range gamming pc

Battloid.kouji says:

Has intel said anything about why the base clock is so much lower than the boost clock for the 8400? normally it’s not an entire GHz.

Code:Creator says:

The sad thing is that those motherboards will only be available around the release date of Pinnacle ridge

Equinox - says:

Well done Intel, one month later and we’re only seeing a trickle of instant OOS paperlakes at inflated pricing. Well done.


What is the difference of stock 2666 and stock?

Leviathan says:

i5 8400 in germany box: 278, tray 270 8600k tho wof: 280 and tray:250 euros … wtf 8700k is 540 tho so nvm

M Wu says:

Is this with Turbo Boost on or off? How much of a difference would having it off make?

Aoyagi says:

Heh, AMD is back at the bottom of the gaming graphs despite Ryzens and Threadrippers. Some things never change, I guess.

Sopheris says:

There is one important thing missing in those benchmarks. What will have higher noise level using same cooler i5 8400 or r5 1600? Could you check it, or at least write here what are your impressions without measuring it (also could tell what are fan rpm on idle)? I think soldered IHS will make ryzen quieter chips and for me it would be very important factor.

UCanBeMyBigBoss says:

What shampoo do you use for that glorious mane, dude?

Oscar Banana says:

Thanks a lot for the numbers Steve, I cant wait for the other motherboards to become available. As an aside, just wanted to say I really respect your testing methodology. Eliminating variables and discarding inconsequential old data is much more “scientific” than pretty much any other channel I regularly watch. Take it easy.

L jose says:

Guys something really fishy going on with this conlake thing..
In all 1600vs 8400 benchmarks i see if amd cpu usage is like 29% intel ll be well above 50%!!..& frames are much smoother in amd than intel..
I say its a fact that 1600 is much powerfull than 8400 but it seems like intel is fooling us with something like auto overclocks in all benchmarks…

Amer Huba says:

So 6600k is still well enough until 2018 black fridays. Mkay.

Peizxcv says:

8600 is killing the 1600/1600X

Tanzir K says:

I’ms so glad that I’m not a big fan of RTS titles. Ashes of the singularity literally bitchslaps any CPU you throw at it :/

ThePrayofHeroes says:

when do you speak about the i3 8350k bec its an really interresting cpu ( mostlikely for gaming)

Petrus Perius says:

Had to order this while i wait for my 8700k (looks like we are not getting it until December :/ ) Had hope i could blck clock it on the asrock fatality gaming i7 mb i got a week ago. Will see in a couple of days if i can get some oc on it.

Charley Steeples says:

In the UK the i5 8600k is £278 at most retailers which is ridiculous as a main stream product that has a msrp of $257 so in the uk it should really be lowered but I realise that it’s probably because of stock shortages but the market is tough at the moment.

Zafirul Rahi says:

can i5 8400 run 2400 Bus ram or should I change

Lazarus The adventurer says:

you make the best reviews,
if somebody is out looking for hardware, you are their only choice in getting the right information , you are correct , precise and with lots lots of usefull info, ! thanks GN

Antolio Parker-James Supreme says:

im looking for a new chip, upgrading from1156, i think a 3770k or a 3570k is probably enough for most games no??

Caveman says:

The 8400 seems to be able to perform well for its price in modern single player games that use dx12 / vulcan and can utilize 4-6 cores properly.
I’m curious how well the 8400 going to perform in older, poorly optimized dx9 online games that need a lot of single core computing power.

Overtime123 says:

Can you improve the way you show OC vs stock benchmark results. Maybe use different colours, offset the name or something. I don’t have a solution but maybe spend some time thinking about this…

TheTomtah says:

Forgot to include whether its worth buying a 3000 mhz memory with the i5-8400 for gaming in the conclusion.

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