Intel CPU Kernel Bug 50 Percent Performance Loss & CEO DUMPS Shares

Intel’s woes continue, as synthetic tests show intel’s processors in server focused tasks can be negatively impacted by up to 50 PERCENT (particularly in heavy IO / context switching CPU thrashing scenarios).

What’s even more damning is that this impacts the server / HPC world more, which can be argued is worse. Because Intel’s corporate clients (who purchase large orders of potentially thousands of server racks) are going to wonder what to do.

Meanwhile, Intel’s CEO dumps as many shares as he can, with Brian Krzanich keeping just the bare minimum amount of stock.

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Blackops Catspy says:

Can I get 50% of my money back?

Patrik Miskovic says:

people still buys intel cpu lol

danthemanzizle says:

lot of people gonna switch to many core amd cpus for servers i think. intel is probably whipping their engineers right now to get next gen architecture fixed.

Brian Beard says:

Id lay odds that this being done to FORCE everyone to buy 9th gen stuff. Drive the stock down so they can buy it back, then say the 9th gen doesn’t have this hole and oh look 30% higher performance. The bigger question is why has this not been an issue before now?

Jeff O says:

Nice fake news and clickbate title

Tijana Nestorovic says:

Karma hitting intel.pretty hard
They will lose market share thats what i am 100% sure
Now im not a experr but i think they will be held back by this arhictecture that they were doing for last decade
Meaning that they have to chabge things so whike they are doing that amd can get money and outperform them
Yes i got intel cpu in my rig and yes i despise intel

Adanos says:

So this bug was recently discovered or did they introduced it recently ?

sudiptamaity1000 says:

This is a classic 0day bug planted by nsa go and read wikileaks even has ring -3 level that you dont has access add injury to insult intel even killed compromised its random number ganerator so you compromise your cryptography

Theo Buunermond says:

I’m using a Ryzen 7 1700 and Linux and smile 🙂 It might not be the greatest, but at least a trusty system…

GglSux says:

LOL….Ohhh the confusion…..and stupidity……..and paranoia
Mate that with the inverse correlation between common sense and the wish to express Your opinion on matters You barely understand, add the instantaneous channel to an easily duped and or provoked audience and VOILA : let me present to You “The Internetz” …
B.t.w. if You think Bitcoin is to volatile then investing in “tinfoil manufacturing” seems to be a good bet 😉
Best regards

404 Error Not Found says:

Great so I spend 3k on my intel build and now I want to rip the Intel chip out.

SilientDeathStrike says:

Not only is Intel a monopoly, but they cut corners as well, that’s shitty.

yellowsuzuki06 says:

Will the Microsoft “fix” change anything on the performance hit?

Eric Witte says:

Never design in a back door you can’t easily close…

catonpillow says:

Raja in a blue shirt. This man is the ultimate troll.

TheXlen says:

come on is it really that hard to make a proper research? all the videos on YouTube on this topic are garbage, 1)the patch will work only on intel CPUs as AMD has totally different core architecture and a hotfix for intel won’t apply, 2)randomizing caches that much will slower the computing speeds anywhere from 5-50%, 3) intel predictive algorithm is one of the main causes of this security hole, it causes the main information leak as it predicts what memory you will need to access and doesn’t even put it in smaller parts, it puts in whole blocks, so the computing speeds are higher, note it still is architecture bug not software bug, 4)amd has this kind of randomization for quite some time, 5)this hole is in every intel cpu that’s built from 1995(except atom series) and that means in the beginning amd had it too, but the architecture changes has been more than enough of a change to make it virtually non-existent although it still exists in a form, you must have a physical access to the hardware inorder to exploit it.

Colin says:

Sharpen those pitch forks light those fires intel needs to burn !!!!!

Nepturion says:

I smell a lawsuit!! Intel… will burn a hole in their pocket.

Мандибрики і Цирупопики says:

Intel got an epyc fail here

barry van dijk says:

Welcome Ryzen+
Btw … Fuck dx9 games ! It is 2018 ! Wake up !

Francois Vanheerden says:

What game at 4:30?

Jens K says:

Insider trading = jail time (unless you’re a banker ofc).

DR.NEGA says:

Intel have a fix from firmware update after the research team discover earlier….but before i go in the details what youtubers miss important details….the bugs are more a virus effecting all x86 and arm designs….android going do auto update patches for smartphones if they find a fix since spectre is very nastly bug and Intel users going get motherboard updates while AMD their is no fix for their Spectre problem since this is pure ugly on that bug than Meltdown is mostly network coding that can be fix by software and hardware patches more latest details emerge on new info i found on

Richard Lízner says:

when you have amd cpu and nvidia gpu and you dont care about this 🙂

J D says:

I’m just waiting for someone to claim 60% 70% 80% 90% and 99% performance loss.

Doktor Kranium says:

such an EPYC fail from intel

marsman2009 says:

I’m shure that  audio crackle is because  this was recorded on a Intel system.

Nathan Somoza says:

Welp rip my ne intel build

BileMonkey says:

Is the shitty, crackling audio a bug or a feature?

A_commenter says:

a little pedantic knit about the linux patch bothers me:
It checks if the CPU is not AMD -> patch
instead of checking if the CPU Is intel -> patch

this will hit people with VIA cpus, I don’t believe VIA CPU are affected.

Robi SE. says:

man im so happy with my ryzen 1700

12Burton24 says:

is there somewhere a legit source for the shares of the ceo

WertzOne says:

Fake news.

erik heijink says:

HELP I AM ON A 6700K plz help give me money to buy ryzen !!

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