Intel CPU Innovation.. or Lack Thereof?

Has Intel pushed performance ahead in the last 10 years? Let’s take a look!

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Joe White says:

aren’t the newer extreme edition chips almost feel like overclockable xeons minus ECC support

Sankanyu says:

And then came X299 and the lizards eye seems real.

Killerps says:

0:06 You just put that on Junk , Then give it to me Instead.
I have Intel gma 4500 You will never Feel about us :'(

denny tan says:

x299 bring me here

Momiji says:

“like every time you upgrade your computer”
must be nice to upgrade more than once since sandy bridge

James says:

I hope you guys do this benchmark again for non K series i7 cpus 7700, 6700, 57xx, 47xx, 37xx etc.

My builds are focused on performance, stability, and best efficiency for 24/7 uptime. Also, I know for what I do I could just get away with an i5, but the enthusiast in me likes the new technology in computer components, but will never actually overclock.

I split my time between using my desktop as a workstation (economic statistical analysis, programming, dev), server (nas, media server, virtualized environments), and some gaming.

Gliitched says:

Why is Intel deliberately attempting to tear its revenue into shreds? All that they’re doing is just focusing most of their attention into other, smaller, and most likely, less valuable markets than the consumer CPU market. They’re neglecting their own “ocean” of fans who appreciate them for their high-performance processors. Are they going to let AMD take over the market and just let themselves sink to be the next company to produce highly unstable, 8 core, 300W, 5.1GHz space heaters?

Zico Pham says:

Can he make a new one of these videos to compare AMD with it

Tech World says:

yeah i feel like this

Nani says:

i5 4670k still rocking it:)

Frode Angell Løtvedt says:

Published on on April Fools’ Day:

Intel CEO admits to industry-wide conspiracy to slow CPU advances, kill frequency boosts

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich met with top investors and stockholders this week, on the same day that Intel held its Technology and Manufacturing Day. ExtremeTech has received a tape-recording of that meeting and the contents will shock you: According to Krzanich, there’s an industry-wide conspiracy to slow CPU clock speeds and architectural advances to a crawl, while IBM, Intel, Qualcomm, ARM, Samsung, and a dozen other companies all rake in enormous profits.

“We actually got the idea from Craig Barrett,” said Krzanich, referring to Intel’s CEO from 1998 – 2005. “Back in the late 1990s, the Pentium 4 was controversial because it dramatically increased clock speeds without delivering a corresponding performance improvement. The technical press labeled it a ‘marchitecture,’ and complained that customers weren’t actually getting the performance they thought they were entitled to.”

“What we later realized,” Krzanich continued, “Was that we didn’t actually have to sell people any performance improvements at all. We could just tell them the chips were faster, make up some benchmark numbers, and kick the product out the door.”

Hanro says:

and 4, you listed more than 3 items so…Half-Life 3 confirmed

rc-wingman says:

still happy with my intel CoreI7 2600+ from 2011 and I am not planing for an upgrade the next 5 years 😀

philip dias says:

pentium-d sucked. core 2 was ok. Yeah, i7 920 was awesome when i got it. then got bored and had to get a i7 4770k, more so for the chipset. then i got an ebay 6 core xeon for the 920 system, and it was better than the 4770k…errr. finally we get threadripper!

Hervaldeezi Mascarponi says:

0:42 how Linus gives head

azzip says:

This is why I stopped buying computer hardware new, the hold stuff can perform just as good if you are willing to upgrade to an external GPU.

Cooper Gates says:

i7 3770 future proof and efficient enough?

Damion Bacchus says:

clevwr way of saying intel is giving snake oil lmao…..!!!!! glad to know it ent better with the i9

Marinus Krab says:

Nice wig, like these simple, yet funny addons^^.

berserk er says:

Intel need to go close to bankrupt.

They still dare to threaten to void the warranty of those who OC their 7700K, like why then the K series in the first place?

Mark DiPilato says:

what game did they use to benchmark at 2:07 ?

Bryton Massie says:

was that supposed to be the Futurama intro that Linus was singing?

Matt Theriot says:

I bet AMD engineers watched this video and chuckled…

xophaser says:

agreed, cpu development hasn’t change much, especially for laptop. My 5 year old vaio laptop with i7-3612qm (2.1) runs most of my 2d software like my new msi stealth ghost with i7-6700hq (2.6). The only real changes in the laptop was everything else. Faster ram and a newer nvidia gpu for 3d. CPu advencement has been smaller then the other computer components as of lately.

abu bakar says:

And now.. Intel is butthurt n cry in rnd

Viper87 says:

you should compare it clock to clock

Budget Gamer kings says:

Anyone Give ME 900 HZ Monitor Gonnna PLay HAlf LIfe 2

sephirotic87 says:

I’ve been saying this since Haswell. Moore’s law is dead. But many fools still trying to deny it. Now it is blatant obvious. Intel can’t fool them anymore.

Kevin Vergueiro says:

Still rocking a 2600k ! xD

Mecha slayer gaming says:

oh no, Intel is run by lizard people! how did we not see it before?!?

SweetyHeaven says:

I think it’s time to completely switch manufacturing process and start making graphene CPUs. I’d love to have some 40GHz+ CPU though it would most likely make software optimization go down the drain.

Saxie81 says:

This video deserves a 2nd look now.

kf zhu says:

Well that proved that even a decade old processor (Q9650 or even Q6700) can still game well with the fact that something a decade newer is only about 5-6 times faster. At around 2008-2011, the annual increment decreased from 40% to 10% so that is the reason why today’s stuff allowed even decade old hardware to survive. Well the difference between i7-965 and QX9650 is VERY questionable as i7-965 is around 45% better than QX9650 by absolute maximum, so it doesn’t seem to make sense to have almost twice the frame rates

Scott Stamm says:

This rings sooooooo true after X299 release to try and combat AMDs TR X399 release.

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