Intel Core i9 Explained

What do you need to know about Intel’s new Core i9 and Core X processors? Are they sensible upgrades?

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Image at 0:03 credit Flickr user gamsiz. Used with permission under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic.


Ramon Campos says:

Nop i preffer my cute and fkn powerful Ryzen Threadripper .
Fuck Intel ,you bunch of robbers and Rehash Masters .

David Del Rosario says:

Isn’t there the Xeon and the little known Itanium?


Im here with Celeron 🙂

Euphoric Intentions says:

You should pick up that iPhone X for filming future videos, might result in better quality footage, and easier/more utilitarian esq production and editing value….

Although, doubt you could afford it….

Jocelin Paul says:

ok do the video again but this time in english and not nerdy english please

re FLIPd says:

How come Linus doesn’t do any AMD Ryzen threadripper review?

Petar Ivanovic says:

RIP Ryzen threadripper

Alvin Chan says:

Core i9 explained: Intel’s moneystealer

James Clark says:

How much did Intel pay you for this advert?

Jesse F says:

lol kabylake-x…what a waste

Garapati Raja says:

My kidney or i9?…….

Daniel Dogeanu says:

It’s funny because when they launched multi-core processors they already had 80 real-cores prototypes. It’s really sad they hold technology back for the sake of that stupid Moore’s Law, which isn’t even real.

cyberjack says:

“I” Series is confusing a stupid .. the number has nothing to do with how many cores …would make more sense .. .. i liked good old days were Pentium was king, Celeron sucked ass and AMD just overheated lol .. Besides all that makes no difference if thy come out with 100 cores am sure Microsoft will have “windows 15” or whatever by then sucking 99 cores as usual hahaha

Yu Jay says:

Why do they have so little PCI-E Lanes?
Surely my 1080 Ti GPU, x2 M.2 Card and Sound Card etc will bottle my GPU..?

Christopher Heath says:

WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU ? Lay off the Red Bull and Mountain Dew.

hidden leaf says:

You look drunk man.

Speed 2 says:

Meanwhile I’m here with my Intel Celeron N3050

GAmer MIxer says:

hmm i think i7 x series is baterrr for the price and preformenc DONT REPLY !!!!! amd is better for §

Melon gamer says:

i only have 12 cores

Darth Shartstar666 says:

Linus how many tricks do your “earrings” turn?

Jimmy Brannan says:

I’ve tried this vpn thing and I ended up not being able to watch many videos

Michael Zehdnicker says:

so a mac cost about 3k and you can buy for 2 k something incredible

Michael Hinchey says:

Geez. How much faster do you want computers to be? If you find yourself in front of a computer, editing, downloading, burning a bluray, watching TV on one monitor, and watching bluray on another, and working with photos hop on another, I highly suggest you seek help. Like now

Snoops says:

This things a beast holy shit.

Flappy Paddle says:

all we need now is Cyrix to make a come back and it will be just like old times!!

Elfenignis says:

I still haven’t found a legit reason to upgrade from core i7 3770.

alexos8741 says:

what is a thread?

Eduardo Soutello says:

4:40 I just want faster computers too, but I live on Brazil, will be coast a kidney.

Lammet says:

“Intel core i9, The better and cheaper i7”

Heyjayda wolf says:

I’m just gunna use my if I have a asus 1060 and hope to upgrade to i7 with a 1080

kala captain says:

i3, i5, i7 are all prime numbers. Not happy that they decided to fuck it all up

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