Intel Core i9 9900K & i7 9700K Review, Scorching Fast Performance!

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Intel Core i9 9900K & i7 9700K Review, Scorching Fast Performance!

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je njr says:

Wow! 9900k is a fucking oven! Draws more power than AMD TR?! needed a new high end board, 3x more expensive. All that for just a tad faster than 2700x in 1440p. Anyone who would buy this is clearly misguided and doesn’t anything about technology. This is not cutting edge new technology, this is a “brute force” tech to achieve better scores on benchmarks to attract stupid and brainless pc builders. I can’t even recommend other intel procs anymore considering it’s current pricing. For overall price to performance, its a no brainer to get 2700x and a motherboard which will be compatible for future 7nm procs.

Doom26464 M says:

@hardware unboxed do you guys plan to do any streaming test/reviews? I find it a real shame that intel did alot of marketing for streaming/recording for the 9900k yet next to no reviews covered it(besides GN which test 2 non demanding games).

MrZoichi says:

A+ thumbnail and benchmarking!

Rob S says:

If someone uses mostly software that won’t utilize multiple cores, like web browsing (10 or so tabs open), QuickBooks, word, excel (simple spreadsheets), but all at the same time, would the 8086k at stock 4ghz base clock outperform the 9900k at single core since they are both the same architecture (14 nm die)?

Would the above use only use one core most of the time or would it benefit from multiple cores?

Darin S says:

from your benchmarks it looks like the 9900k is a faster version of the 2700x. that being said the 9700k doesn’t have anyone to fight against.. the 9900k should have been called the 9700k and priced about $400, the 9600k should have gotten HT to slot up with the 2600x. I know that prices will come down at some point, but intel should have been more aggressive here.

Ash Haldane says:

Thank you for such an objective review. I was going to buy a 9900x but now I’m just going to stick with my 7700k for another generation. Might even make the jump to Ryzen if they release a 2800x or when AMD goes to 7nm.

Paul Bäumer says:

Do you think that the 9900K would be able to run at it’s 4.7ghz boost on an Asus Z370 Maximus X Hero? The 8-phase VRM design is able to deliver up to 210-215 Watts when using an overclocked 8700K.

Sevuz says:

I plan on building a new PC next month. It sounds like I should be fine a i7-8700k build right?

Dirk York says:

nicely done. going with a r5 2600x seems like the very best. technically not even a budget system. im just not spending insane money any more to get my cpu destroyed in 2 years by the new ones. peace

David Wilcox says:

i’m an NPC Intel is fast, i’m an NPC buy Intel. i’m an NPC competition is bad.

Cyber Drift says:

Glad to see the 9700k k there because that is the real competitor to the 2700x in price brackets even tho that is still $100 more. The 9900k should be put up against Threadripper at almost $600 for it

Marc Bourgoin says:

Heyyo Steve, you might dislike this since your test suite is already huge… But any chance you could also add Android ROM compiling to the list of CPU benchmarks?

I know there probably isn’t a big audience for it, but it is a very CPU demanding benchmark. It would also be quire easy to get up and running either via Linux native, VMware (which in my testing offers negligible CPU performance penalties) or via Windows 10 WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux).

For ROM? Plenty of Android ROMs have build guides, and device doesn’t matter too much, as long as of course each CPU does the same ROM and device.

Clean builds would also be the best benchmark, as dirty builds (building without “make clean”) does not really show CPU performance capabilities as clean builds do.

Anywho? Awesome review as always! Interesting to see the final results… I agree with your conclusion… This CPU seems to be more of Intel saying “because we can” more than “because this is amazing”.

It is too bad they’ve been struggling to get out better products… I remember with the Core2 lineup came out and was seriously impressed, same with the legendary 2000 series… Ever since then? It has felt like only marginal gains every generation instead of another massive leap forward for CPUs…

Qoostewin Sch'Kuen'Te says:

If you are buying a 9900K, move to Alaska and only run it during winter. This is mirroring Nvidia’s 20 series, it got an advantage but the price is massive to the compared adventages. The smart builder will stay clear of this over-priced chip.

Kevin Lancaster says:

I see no reason to upgrade from my i7-8086k and GTX 1080 Ti setup in the next two years. Both Nvidia and Intel screwed up with their releases this year in my opinion.

Invidious Ignoramus says:

Remember when it was AMD with the hot and power hungry CPUs? GG, Intel, GG.

Gabriele Piccoli says:

Clearly these processors are sold already overclocked to the limit of the 14nm process. No more juice can be squeezed. It won’t be a 10th gen unless a new process.

Prophet seven says:

Can you do one on Time Line Editing with a couple layers and color corrects? On Adobe Apps. Thanks!

Daris Alfafa 2 says:

When it comes to performance per dollar it is a definite pass for me.

Tobinat0r1337 says:

lol needs more power than Threadripper and are Slower xD
Intel Failed

Nolan Flynn says:

So… All those 9s… Where does Intel take its naming scheme now?

Edit: de-autocorrecting it’s

Mike Roy says:

I think I’d go with a Ryzen 2600 for gaming now, or an i5 8400-8600k.

What is Intel thinking with these i7 and i9 skus and prices?

Abe's Mission Control says:

Too hot for my taste. And I play at 60fps anyway (as do most non-competitive gamers), so while the 9900k has a purpose, it’s not one I need to bother about. Currently on an i5-4590, and Ryzen should work well for my next upgrade.

Peter Connell says:

I really hope I don’t sound smug, but this is exactly what I predicted – lipstick on the 8700k, which already maxes out intels monolithic, ring bus, architecture at 6C 12T.

We knew amd had nothing new. Somethings had to give, and the plausibility of alleged improvements was certainly one.

Much of the claimed improvement isn’t sustainable in the real world when heat & power are considered.

As steve says, at that price, who is the target.

In fact – is there a target at all? The target price point belongs in another tier above desktop – the imminent 2920x. I look forward to a real world comparison.

Patrick D. says:

I’m picking i9-9900K because I have 2 RTX 2080s NVLinked that power my 1440p G-Sync 165Hz monitor. Funny how people never take SLI users into consideration when it comes to CPU performance. They keep doing those crap 1080p benchmark instead of joining 2 RTX 2080Tis with NVLink and do those tests at higher resolution which would make more sense and give a better value to such CPUs.

Ross Martin says:

Very interested to see what Zen 2 brings to the table now. Nice review Steve’o!

Michael Jung says:

Wow im glad I didnt waste my money building a new PC this year
Nvidia and Intel both shit the bed this year. Pathetic. I will wait for AMD zen2 or just get a 2700x cheap.


The high temperatures when around 5ghz on the 9900K is the only thing that deters me from upgrading my old x58 platform systems. Will wait till Intel’s 10nm Ice Lake series to hopefully get 5ghz on 8+ cores at around 50-60C. AMD just can’t cut it when it comes to real-time processing applications like audio recording/production.

François Piednoël says:

lol … Only threaded workloads …

David McCarthy says:

Hi Steve, I’d like to offer my thoughts on Intels range and their pricing, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.
It seems to me that Intel have decided that if you want more than 4 cores (with no hyperthreading unless you get the top of the range) on your CPU you have to pay a premium for that. Many years ago I got an i5 750, it cost round $220 au back then, it was a 4 core beast that you could overclock the crap out of if you wanted. That CPU lasted me for over 5 years and I have nothing bad to say about it.
Now when I went to upgrade that to the same chip in the generation that was out in 2015 with a skylake part, the equivalent part was locked, cost $100 more and was $150 more if you wanted the K skew. This put the i5 out of my price range and I had to consider a 2c/4t i3 instead.(as it had only 2 physical cores I saw this as a step backwards)
Bottom line was they were asking for the sort of money I would have been laying out for i7 in 2010 for an i5 in 2015.
The latest i5 retails for for $459 au, nearly double the price of what I can reasonably afford.
I have gone down the Ryzen path now (R5 2600)because I simply can’t afford their so called “mid range” CPU’s any more – I am a system builder and I want to build my ENTIRE system for the price the i5 9600k is going for, not just get one component with a shitty cooler or none at all.
I am very happy I did so because the Ryzen offers great bang for the buck, I can get an 8c/16t Ryzen cpu with a decent cooler included for the price of the i5 and still have change left over.
So why would I ever go back to Intel unless I won the lottery and just wanted top performance at any price?
I would love to hear your thoughts on what I see as Intel shifting their entire range way upwards in price, but not offering half of what their competition does at any given price point.
Keep up the good work, I really enjoy your vids and you keep me right up to date with everything, so a BIG thank you for that. Cheers from NSW 🙂 . ps. maybe make a video on this subject??

CrackedDylMil says:

So basically if you have a 144hz monitor you need Intel…

AZAdventure says:

Intel is just giving last gen more power and calling it a new skew. 9900K sounds like it is just an 8700K

Joey says:

Time to cancel 9900k and buy a 2700x + motherboard for less money..

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