Intel Core i9 9900K: Do We Need Another Leap in CPU Power?

Just how much CPU power do we really need? With the Core i9 9900K set to deliver eight cores and 16 threads, will games actually make use of them? Rich discusses the i9 leaks and explains why we’re going to need this new level of power – sooner or later.

Here’s Alex’s Tech Focus on the effectiveness of PC in-game benchmarks:

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Heath Kidd says:

you sure these test not done on motherboard with other Pcie stuff plugged in like nvme and pcie ssd? could possibly explain why lower cores get lower scores and higher get higher. maybe on 16pci lane cpu (lower core) gpu is running at 4x on 24pci lane cpu (6core) its running at 8x and on 44pci lane (8+core) its running at 16x …. I wonder?

Ransom Seraph says:

I’m at a loss, Richard, you didn’t speak enough about the removal of Hyper Threading from i7-and it’s consequences – and also taking away the “flagship” status away from it.
So now that they ditched Hyper Threading from i7 – Does that make the i7-9700K a useless choice?
I’m asking this because I’m currently using an i5-3570K playing 4K games (or 2K) at 60Hz (or 144Hz).
I look toward buying a new PC and building it sometime in the future, maybe 2019, maybe 2020+. I don’t know yet. But when I do, I always told myself I’ll get an i7 this time because of Hyper Threading, now that it’s rumored to be removed, I don’t know if it’s worth it and worth going for i9. Maybe i9 won’t even be affordable.

Personally I think they should have just stick with the 3 cpu system: i3,i5 and i7. And stop confusing people.
Or at least make i9 significantly better than i7 without removing HT from i7.

tenchu Georg says:

We need a new Architecture. Sparc5

Zeezo TM says:

“Xbox 2” waw

argon opal says:

id stick with my 6800k @4.5 since 2016

m Cave says:

I’ll probably skip the 9900 as I just bought the 8700 but wow what a performance idling at 32 with fans and on extreme gaming doesn’t even go above 50c with an OC of 5ghz

jordan3802 says:

No. The 8700k will destroy next gen console cpus

SouthFacedWindows says:

Glorified Intel Ad.

tenshi7angel says:

The 7900X was 10 cores and 20 threads, and now you say 9900K is 8 cores and 16 threads?

E101ification says:

Great…I just bought an I7 8700k for £300….

Rust Cohle says:

I ain’t upgrading again for a long time, just got a 8600k and ssd this month. I literally need to remind myself there are better things to spend on like food and hookers

Impromptu says:

Parallelisation. Depends on the program, but the key to better performance from more cores (ie more available execution units) ultimately comes down to coding – specifically ingenuity with very low level task scheduling. Long way to go there. Speculative execution will certainly play a part, but it’s a bit of a touchy subject just now because of nasty memory vulnerabilities. I’d say that at least for now, unless you want to play Witcher in 4K Ultra while rendering video and running Blender, Photoshop and a couple of other things simultaneously, clock speeds are more important than core count. In short, Moore’s Law (not a law, but a prescient observation which is now running out of fuel) is being superseded by Cores War (a marketing exercise and test of user multitasking demand). Performance will improve for gamers and general users, sure, but the improvements will be very marginal for some time to come. We’re at the stage now where you can pretty much run a server off a laptop. Great, but who on earth would actually do that?
I’m no evangelist re hardware or software, but I think the initial significance of the resumption of the multicore battle is as a kickstarter for Linux uptake. You used to have to grit your teeth and dual boot at the metal. Nowadays you can just casually go and live in a VM Linux “room” with very little performance hit. 8700K with 16GB RAM? Leave W10 as caretaker with 2 cores, assign 4 cores and 8GB RAM to the VM, add a data folder file share and go full screen and you can easily forget you’re in a VM at all. Try without panic or pain. Distro doesn’t work properly or you don’t like it? Delete and try another, no damage done. Can’t figure something out but need to get work done? Drop back to the host. Simples. Uptake – you have an easy opportunity to prove to yourself that it can work and you can work with it. If you choose.

Иіск Рагіllб 1⃣ says:

what on screen data software is this? 0:22

Shadicgunman says:

*You have been in suspension for 99999999999*

Swiss TuYoube says:

Sind sie Deutscher? 🙂


share it… JK99H08YT91

CaliNative23 says:

I can’t wait to go from my i5 6600K to the i9 9900K.

Branden's Outdoor Channel says:

For 1080P video editing and gaming should I get 9700k or 9900k?

fuck says:

I’m still using an i7 950 @ 4.5ghz. Might upgrade next summer.

Zack Burkhart says:

currently using a i7 3770k @ 4ghz and maxing out brand new games at 100 fps… haven’t felt the need for more power yet

Dope Beats says:

we want 64 cores and 128cores 😛

dika2saja says:

The only Intel have power Leap is TDP and maximum temperature…

AMD is the lead of CPU right now.

C N says:

Still rockin my Pentium 2, it still handles Jazz Jackrabbit 2 with no problems, I see no reason to upgrade.

KAI KIN says:

That’s the reason why i love AMD. They beat INTEL so hard that they have to double the cores from 2016, which is only two years ago. Love to see competitions

Dre Dejong says:

This is the first Intel CPU that has made me consider to upgrade from my 6700K. But I will wait for the smaller process node version of this in the future.

Davis1337 says:

free lesson


MatthewT says:

If you are going to show a comparison between AMD and Intel show the clock speeds. Showing clock speeds for intel v intel and not for amd v intel. Everybody who does a video on cpus should always show the relevant information at all times.

wooo weee says:

Its worse than that, the artificial benchmarks assume a fresh boot, nothing else running when we all know people leave more and more stuff open,you don’t have 32GB+ of ram to spend your time closing stuff, so that may affect just how many cores matter in gaming, in real world multitask usage. Its the same way how they don’t adequately test ram use with games, having just barely enough gets you the framerate, but then you crash if you try to multitask when windows desperately tries to swap things back out of the memory you didn’t have.

freak777power says:

i9 9900k is what i am after.

livingthedream says:

What tech will be in ther PS5 and Nextbox?

DAGATHire says:

Love how DigitalFoundry watched AdoredTVs vid then made this as if it’s their own thinking… frankly… it’s pretty weak. Also don’t give a flying fuck what intel are doing.. they are just reacting while AMD are innovating… that’s where the story is. that’s where the excitement is… With the innovators.. not the reactors.

CountCarbsNotCals says:

We always need a leap in CPU power. Start leaping.

Ставрос Новороссия says:

AMD for life

Pingman says:

Great video. Do you think we’ll see a big leap in CPU power in 2019 with Intel 10nm and AMD 7nm fans?

Tiff's Right Ear says:


LanLock Gaming says:

i wont be happy until i have a 6 core 24 thread

Occlusion says:

remember the 7th generation….. basically not even a difference from the 6th gen, but the 8th gen was a big upgrade from the 6th

Forrest O'Connor says:

RTX 2080 uses NVLink. The support for multi-GPU support is suppose to be much easier for developers to implement with NVLink. So having 8 Cores 16 threads and dual GPUs with games that can finally use them… I think a 9900K with two 2080 Ti’s would be phenomenal!

Scott Grunwald says:

I’m thinking of upgrading from the 4790K, the 9700K looks beastly

Ben Featherstone says:

This vid’s well done, thx

Kevin Schmidt says:

There are just evolutions rather than being “revolutionary.” My understanding is Ice Lake is the processor we should wait for.

SH18 says:

World of Warcraft 20 man raiding, is pretty cpu intensive, maybe people could use that as a benchmark for CPU performance in future tests.

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