Intel Core i7 vs Xeon “Which is Better?” – The Final Answer

Core i7 or Xeon – which should you get? Are Xeons only suitable for rendering, and are Core i7s only suitable for gaming? Watch to find out…

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Carl Hopkinson says:

Have you investigated effect of the size of the L1 and L2 caches in various games. Ftequent cache misses can devastate performance.

Francois Vanheerden says:

Cheero , might as well buy a backup phone.

cadillac cts says:

twin xeon x 5675 ea 6 core 12 thread only i7 that comes close is 1600.00 for cpu alone xeon is a gaming beast throw a gtx 1060 in it and twin ssd in raid 0 just wow

pan haha says:

how to download xeon? ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

The Potato says:

your hand really likes to touch that god-knows-what under the table, isn’t it?

D Grossi 1999 says:

Linus might be forgetting that Xeons support more Random Access Memory.

Nick says:

Once Skylake is fully released Xeon processors and Core processors won’t even use the same socket! Intel Core processors will use LGA 1151 and LGA 2066. Intel Xeon Processors will use LGA 3647 and LGA 1151 with a specific chipset.

Bro'sTube says:

Your voice is so smooth and nice to listen to! Thnx for explaining.

frank thompson says:


cornbreadman says:

I love my Xeon 🙂

Kelly Boyd says:

WTF was Luke talking about, regarding binning?? Binning doesn’t affect performance in any way, just “may” decide which chip is a Xeon and which becomes an i7. We already know the clockspeed and cache amounts of the Xeon vs. the i7, so the binning is/was irrelevant!

K o B a C H i ™ says:

Depends. If it’s a new build and you have no gpu, get i7 because between gpu upgrades, you’ll atleast have the intel gpu on the i7. If you are patient get the Xeon. I am no patient person, so i7 for me. Also overclocking enthusiast will choose the i7. I’m running at 4.7ghz

JayJay Golden says:

also, professional components get new architwcture sooner


Gideon Kloosterman says:

I have a xeon E5 🙁

Ofer Krupka says:

I have it in my laptop…
thats why it run good for long time… 🙂


Nice video

CoolJaden665 says:

imagine an Intel xeon processor e7-8890 v4 playing minecraft XD

Jorge Daniel says:

Meanwhile my 2008 Macbook is running on a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo.

Samrod Shenassa says:

Why are you in the kitchen?

TheArrogantOne says:

26000 mA here

Carlos Raúl says:

The gipsy blonde guy who knows about computer.

Prussian_Kamikaze says:

Could I use a GIGABYTE MU70-SU0 motherboard for a gaming pc?

Tech Skits says:

Kind of funny how I’m switching from a i7 to a Xeon

Simon Lee says:

If you mainly using browsers Chrome/Firefox 54+ with multiple tabs (10+) and only a casual gamer, what would be the better choice? A Xeon, i7 or Ryzen?

Jean Diniz de Oliveira says:

I’m okay with my E3 1270v2
Bought it for less than $200
Was using it with a GTX 1070, now I downgraded to a 770 to buy a Strix 1080 from a friend!

Ebram B says:

Which one should I buy for Architectural rendering and running heavy software’s like 3dsMAX?
(ACER PREDATOR G6-710 I108022 NL) =
Intel Core i7-7700K • 32 GB • 512 GB SSD + 3 TB HDD • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080
(HP Z2 Mini G3 workstation)
Xeon® E3-1245 v5 Intel HD Graphics P530 , NVIDIA Quadro M620 (2GB GDDR5), 16 GB DDR4-2400 ECC geregistreerd SDRAM (2 x 8 GB)

Hardware Guy says:

i’m using a Xeon X5670 4GHz + 16GB of RAM + GTX 1060 in My main Gaming PC, i love the Xeons

dan kolov says:

Hi what you think about Gigabyte GA-X79S-UP5-WIFi+Xeon е5 1660. Will it be overclocked?

Tatenda Dhliwayo says:

Are old Dell T5500 or T7500 workstation worth it for 3D animation ? I see most of them have XEON 6 core processors and in some cases dual xeons. With 3.5Ghz speeds. One going for between $150 – $400

Hans get zhe flammenwerfer says:

is a modified Xeon E5440 E0 worth it for 35 bucks?

Samster Birdies says:

Xeons win for rendering because you can find a used one for like 30-60$ and it performs almost the same as a 300$ i7. of course this video was made 3 years ago… so its different now.

Yanin pc says:

Dear all of you. please kindly to recommend to me, i want buy dektop for rendering Cinema 4D, Sketchup, AutoCad, after effect, premire, Maya , etc… please recommend me that i should buy Xeon CPU or Core i CPU?

Halil Nevzat Demirel says:

adamsın lan

2001qwert2001 2001qwert2001 says:

Xeon phi

Aravind harsan says:

hi, this video was amazing, i need one help for build workstation for 3dsmax,maya,vray,lumion rendering.
please say which processor (Xeon / i7 /Amd ryzen ) is best for rendering.

Rondo Cat says:

A socket 1151 – 3.3Ghz Intel Xeon E3-1225V5 (i7 without built in graphics) cost here in Norway 230 Euro while the similar i7 and ryzen cost much more… The cheepest i7 3.6Ghz cost 310 Euro and the smallest 3Ghz ryzen cost 320 Euro. Looks like to me the Xeon is a much better buy as you get a i7 similary prized to i5 and AMD FX line of prosessors.

Member Berry says:

Xeon E5 2660 is only $50 on ebay and ranks 94 out of 2500. My old ass pos CPU costs more and ranks 1125 out of 2500. Time to upgrade.

sonnyps2 says:

Great great great video. Thank you, as always.

Conal Flood says:

Out off all the likes there is 710 sour twats who unliked, lets all give a round of applause for these gobshites.

Nívia Silva says:

I have a Xeon E3-1220 v5, 3ghz, 8gb Ram, Graphics card Matrox G200. Can i game with this configuration?

_ WhereWolf_Engine _ says:

just buy a ps4, pc stuff is so confusing and boring!!!!

bitch fuck says:

guys is a

intel Xeon Quadcore 2 * E5620 avec 2.4ghz turbo bost 2.67 ghz 16cores et 24 mo de cache équivalant de 2 core i7 quadcore.


Fellcaster says:

I can’t find my dick after jerking off to “raining blood” by Slayer whilst doing a handstand, do any of you know of a good way to find my genital. help

myonen 5k says:

I’m building 4 Xeon D machines for my business and would like to be able to do some light Linux gaming will it work. I’ll have a GTX 1060 video card and 64 gigs of RAM and a 1TB SSD

The Master says:

lol the “new” iMac Pro brought me here

XTrigga0X says:

how about Itanium cpus

Talha 121 says:

i5 2500k for gaming

Iván Chocrón says:

I have a question. I use Ableton Live to compose electronic music. Running a i7 5930k right now and I load it with so many plugins that sometimes it doesn’t seem to be enough. Xeon E5-2695 has 14 cores (28 threads) and costs about the same. If I sell my 5930k I can buy a e5 2695 for the same price. Is it actually going to improve the performance for this kind of job or is not worth it?

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