Intel Core i7 8700K Review: The Fastest Gaming CPU Money Can Buy?

It’s fast. Sometimes brutally fast. A hushed awe please for the new i7 – faster for gaming than the 7700K, faster than six, eight and ten-core Skylake-X enthusiast chips. And of course, faster than Ryzen. Here’s the full lowdown on the flagship Coffee Lake-S i7.

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TenshoFinale says:

It does not exist, it is a myth.
cit: amazon customer lol

Durnib Bhaiya says:

For i7 8700K without overclocking Cooler Master Hyper 212 Turbo/212 LED air cooler enough?

MotoK tips says:

Forgot to disable the multicore enhancement in the bios didn’t you… These 8700k results are overclcocked and not stock.

All these results are pointless.

Josh Lessard says:

You can’t even buy it HUUUUUH DUUUUUHH oh soo guuud but can’t even purchase the damn thing

Серёга says:

А говорят, что под крышкой сопли и надо скальпировать, тогда температура на 10-15 грдусов снизится у 8700к

billa69 bolla69 says:

without ryzen intel wouldnt have done this. they would give you 3% performance like they did with 6700k –> 7700k
so competion is good

alltrue says:

What about i5-8400?

David Lybaert says:

Try Arma 3, please.

skarmarl says:

This CPU will SMASH photorendering like photoshop/lightroom/illustrator right ?

Nev Prime says:

what the best chea cpu for 4k rendering and editing for a small YouTuber like me?

BlackGymkhana says:



My head hurts but I wanna get a Gaming pc

sarihaddu says:

I purchased 6700k in January 2017. Is 8700k really that better compared to 6700K? Should I upgrade it now?

brenyboy26 says:

I guess he saying if you go the pre existing strong RAM with good bandwidth, and the cash to splash, upgrade it.

Rias Lucifer says:

going to i5 4670 to i7 8700k soon, can’t waittt

Dark Titan says:

testing at 1080p is useless

Nikita Garets says:

What about a multitasking, for example AE render + photoshop drawing? 
In fact I can left 2 cores in 8700K for the Photoshop drawing during AE rendering, or 4 cores in 1700… But in tests with 4 cores only 8700K looks the same performed as 7700k, however I can’t find any information about 1700. 

So – what CPU would be better? Should I buy TR 1920X or 1700/8700K will be enough?

Bob Jones says:

3930k vs 8700k, PLEASE!

Luciano Castro Araujo says:

Perfect review! It was exactly what I needed to know to change my old 4770k. tks!!!

Ian Kennedy says:

16 PCIe lanes + “24” on the board via DMI 3 (so, really 24->4) rendering SLI totally pointless. The best gaming CPU you can get if you only use one GPU and ONE NVME.

Thanks, Intel. Call me when I can SLI and NVME SSD without hitting the chip-set bottleneck.

DarkMoon says:

xeon e5-2699v4(and extreme OC to 4.7 GHZ on 22 core(all)) vs i7 8700k 4.7

No_Name Gamer365 says:

What would happen if I made a PC that had and i7-7700k, 8gb ram and a 4gb GPU?

Pseudo Soul says:

Here’s my dilemma. While I completely understand the 1080P/TitanX testing methodology, I never ever play anything at 1080p. So I am trying to determine the actual difference in performance I should expect going from a 1700 3.9ghz w/3200 CL14 Flare X to a 8700k 5.0ghz, in 2k, 4k, and VR environments. I have had nothing but a great experience with my Ryzen, however I am not a fanboy and prefer performance numbers over branding any day.
For reference my video card is a 1080Ti Lightning X.

tehsimo says:

What is Handbwake ?

Ricardo Bastos says:

I cant understand this results in other tests I7 7700k have more fps than i7 8700k not in all games but in few. Today is hard trust in some reviews.

GP Patrol says:

The moment you said “intels dominance over amd” all ryzen fanboys unsubbed

Anthony Rondon says:

that cpu is a beast!!! is like 30fps more (in some games)

Narf sc2 says:

Nice Video, most poeple laugh at me when i say RAM speeds matter for gaming. I would appreciate a Video showing a 5.2GHz 8700k with DDR4-4133 including cache overclocking compared to DDR4-3200 memory (Should be possible with Asus’ Apex Board). Just to see how much it can squeeze out additionally.

H4doKo says:

asus motherboards auto oc lvl 3 cache to 4,4ghz instead of 3,7… perhaps the all core turbo is also higher.. so the benchmarks are not accourate?

Charles Coatsworth says:

By far the best CPU reviews on youtube, thanks again

Francoporto says:

Personnellement je préfère les anciens benchmarks, maintenant on a plus le temps de voir le framerate et frametipe… En plus il n’y a même pas de Ryzen dans le comparatif alors que c’est le plus important.

Hakan Agargun says:

Hey Richard, I’m considering upgrading from my 4790k to the 8700k+DDR4. I was wondering what (if any) fps gains I would get at 4k res, as that’s what i play at. I’m currently paired with a 1080ti. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Have a good one 🙂

Playdt says:

Looks like a really great chip. I would love to get it for my first build.

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