Intel Core i7-8700K CPU Review

The newly released i7-8700K brings more cores and threads to Intel’s flagship processor and proves it’s worth in our tests.

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radeonxtx says:

Intel is getting bummed by ryzen and shipping these to everyone to review, they too late though.

sidewinder2057 says:

Большая Бомба

Zoyer1 says:

but what about a 200+ modded skyrim, will it prevent crashes??????

ImaFnT-Rex says:

so there’s a piece of crap in Microsoft’s new system :v

JCTiggs says:

Not really any difference in games with this i7-8700K. Guess I’ll stick with my i7-6700@4.7 GHz.


So again Intel wipes the floor with AMD, just like Nvidia completely trashed it in the GPU market. I would really like to support AMD, but they’re barely there to lick the leftovers off the table.

Fred Flintstone says:

Cooler is on sideways, fix it!

J0keriznogoud says:

If you are buying a rig now, go for the z370 else its fine.

Tylertron says:

A little disappointing that a 1080ti wasn’t used in order to further help against gpu bound at low res. But oh well! Digital foundry did a great review. The new Titan used really allowed the 8700k to shine.

anynameavailablewtf says:

I need a better wallet for this.

breadbitten says:

How is the 8700k more “efficient” when its TDP is higher than any of the other CPUs tested here?

GreeFoss XD says:

So nobody talk about the fact that gamespot stole a french YouTube video to post it on facebook?

DIVINE_logic says:

I really think you should leave cpu and computer component reviews and analysis to DF

Fern Savo says:

another flubbing chipset, those computer test dont mean crap average consumer doesnt know the difference, overclocking and gaming so far as you getting over 60 fps you are good, I dont like my chips running hot i want my shit to last, intel been ripping us off for years and they are doing it again like i said another god damn motherboard!!!

Deathjaw Nipplesprinkles says:

But is it better than threadripper 1950x?

CA GC says:

i dont like this kind of videos on gamespot, yeah they make good job explaining things on the graphical configuration on the games like ambient oclusion and that kind of normies things but a cpu review… just NO gamespot, how much did intel paid you to do this lame try of hardware reviewing?

Jozsef Alfaro says:

It’s Future proof for gaming

Shane B says:

Two *700k in a year Intel be sweatin.

RogueGamer25 says:

Look at that giant ass desktop PC. console master platform

Paulobraveheart M says:

hi,do you tink is i mystake build i gaming pc with 7700k?

Hakeem Hakim says:

Your test is a bit flawed…you should’ve used games that take advantage of all cores to get better results…seems a bit sided towards the 7700K. You should’ve also included Rainbow 6 Siege…Rise of the Tomb Raider, etc….

Connor Macloud says:


Victor Custódio says:

GTX 980 ?? PCMark 8 ?? 3DMARK 11 ?? Is this a bad joke ???

bassmickey says:

The CPU is being bottlenecked in the gaming tests, go like Digital Foundry, OCed titan X pascal, 1080p, max settings

Titan56ru says:

Интересно он знает что написано на его майке

Abelardo mier says:


Teh509 says:

No mention of ram speed. Using a 980 to test 1080p games?… had to use 3dmark 2011 to get anything to show up? Do yourselves favor and stick to reviewing games…. you clearly don’t know what you are doing.

Give Me A Smile says:

Fuck Jewtel, go Ryzen

Capt. RiskyBoots says:

How strong is a K processor? Does anyone know?

CanadianLoki76 says:

Completely messed up not mentioning that all 6 cores are boosted to 4.3Ghz. A pretty big omission.

Kings Tallington says:

why not try games that are more Cpu intensive like Arma 3, City Skylines & GTAV?

Tylertron says:

Has me hyped for the 9th gen honestly ! I am still on the 4790k lol… Glad to see these 8th gens doing well. 7th gen was…. well… a useless release ? Just like the 5770 series after the 4th gen.

Ahmed Omar says:

Nice mullet

Prince Nikorasu says:

Ryzen is still cheaper and all of their processors are unlocked right out of the box, none of the K and no K bullshit, so fuck intel xD

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