Intel Core i7-7700 Benchmarks + i7-6700 Comparison

I took a look at the performance of Intel’s most powerful non overclock-able Kaby Lake CPU, the Core i7-7700. I ran benchmarks including a power draw test and compared it to the i7-6700.

Written Article:

Intel Core I7-7700:
Intel Core I7-6700:






Fall Shock says:

But how does a 7700 compared to 7700K?
Should I buy a 7700K instead of 7700?thanks

SixtyFPS GAMING says:

I didnt watch the whole video. Did you mention what cooler you used for both chips ?

Glen W. Ford says:

Great job.

Ong Yau says:

did you did a update in your bios for the motherboard? if yes, is it hard? or can you do a guide on how to do it?

Matías Giliberto says:

For gaming is better i7 7700 or 7700k? The difference price in my countrie is 70 USD. Is justifiable? I will note any difference?

Eratosthenes0815 says:

Thanks for the info. I will add an i7 7700 to my ASRock Deskmini 110. Your info was very helpful…

Benjamin Wagner says:

You only showed one chart for the temperates, is that because they had mostly the same temperature? I want to upgrade to i7 from i5 6600, running a Noctua U9S. Now, IIRC the 87 peak will never happen because Prime really “kills” your CPU, like that won’t happen during regular gaming, etc. right?


Nice vid dude.. I have a Gen 1 core i7 920 2.6ghz .. and I’m going for the i7 7700 in my next build for games will I see a massive improvement in performance !!?

MongolianCh0p says:

thank you for this review. bought a 7700 today. it arrives tomorrow.

i cant wait to see how it is, ive been using the same i5 3570k since late 2012

Faisal Khalid says:

hi, I’ve i5 6500 3.2ghz(turbo 3.6ghz). if 3.6ghz is single core boost then what is all Cores boost and where I can find it. didn’t see on Intel site.

pulse TV says:

fuck the nigga!

indrek aamann says:

Opinions on this computer build for 1700 euros
Intel Core i7-7700K, Quad Core, 4.20GHz
Arctic Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 jahutus
MSI Z270-A PRO emaplaat
DDR4 Kingston HyperX Fury Black 16GB (2x8GB) 2133MHz CL14 1.2V
Internal HDD Seagate BarraCuda 3.5” 1TB SATA3 7200RPM 64MB
Kingston SSDNow UV400 240GB SATAIII, 550/490 MB/s
ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080, 2x IceStorm, ExoArmor, 8GB GDDR5 (256 Bit)
Chieftec ATX PSU A-80 series CTG-650C, 650W Modular
Corsair computer case Carbide Series™ SPEC-01 RED LED Mid Tower Gaming
Internal DRW LG GH24NSD1
Monitor Asus VE248HR 24inch, D-Sub/HDMI/DVI, speakers

Jason Broody says:

hello sir! please do gaming benchmark on i7 7700

DiegoSan says:

i7 7700 vs i7 6700k?

Adra C says:

Im looking for something for play battlefield 1 and others new games , is the diference to much in 7700 and 6700k in game? and what you would recomend.

BeatmasterAC says:

while to Gen 6 CPUs, the jumps is almost non existent. I am upgrading from a i5 2500k to a i7 7700 and that jump is huge XD

144p please says:

My I7-7700 CPU get up to 77 celcius (170.6 degrees Fahrenheit) playing CS:GO, while playing H1Z1 the CPU dosnt even hit 60 celcius (140 degrees Fahrenheit). I`m worried that me playing CS:GO is damaging the CPU. I`m cooling the CPU with a corsair hydro series h75. I just don`t get it, why does my CPU get so hot? Im worried.

SnFr Legendz says:

i have a question if u can help me, i have an 550 80+ bronze psu and a gtx 1060 strix and i dont know if i can use that psu in my new build with an i7 7700, great vid and keep it up bro

Kiro says:

What would be better to get, i7-6700k or the i7-6700? There both the same exact price on Newegg at the time but what is better for streaming/gaming

Michael Angelo Alessandro Ramirez says:

I am completing my 3rd PC Build and will be using it for gaming, streaming and video editing (Adobe Premiere) My question is should i get the i7 6700 or i7 7700 when in my country it is a 47 dolar difference?

Jacob St Louis says:

R u the cousin of Prettyboyfredo ???

Wan BerryHD says:

well i might go with plan B if 4C 8T RyzeN doesn’t live up to the hype.. it is Xeon 1231 v3,LG 1150 socket H97 mobo with current DDR3 RAM i had in my FX 6300 rig with a 2nd hand G1 970 gpu.. how was that..? 😀

xXGetRektXx YT says:

should i buy a external gpu?

TheExirt says:

do you think the 7700 is worth the $15 jump from the 6600 or the 6600k w after market cooler is about a $30 jump all i reallly want it for is gaming streaming and some fl studios

Luis Flores says:

Can i7-7700 handle streaming & Gaming ?

WhaleyTube says:

Does the i7 7700 K have windows already installed or do I need to buy a windows pre installed card

CMOmusic says:

Really appreciate this video man, I’m trying to upgrade my core i3-4150 build. That was a budget build I made a while back, but I’d like to make an official build pre-dominantly for music, video rendering, but also some gaming too. I don’t plan on overclocking so I think the 7700 will suffice for me. What’s a good gpu you would recommend? I’d still like to play triple A game titles at good settings for the record.

tenshi7angel says:

Lemme get this straight. My 4790K beats this chip in cinebench? LOL

kyo rash says:

I got a brand new i7 6700 for 249.99 at microcenter and also got 30 bucks off my motherboard

Interscope Records says:


Neon Black says:

Nice job for testing non-k CPUs, please do some gaming benchmarks as well on those CPUs!

Bunch says:

At around 4:20 you showed the temperatures but what chip were those for? I didn’t see any side by side comparison.

I’ve watched around 4 of your videos so far and enjoy the topics you cover along with the quality production.

Keep up the good work, I think your channel will grow a lot in 2017.

Darkerkiller says:

I just bought the i7 6700 cpu for £190 used. It was cheaper than a new i5 6600.

John Stewart says:

Overclocking is nice and everything. But man, I paid top dollar for a silent PC build already. The cooling needs of a 7700k make it absolutely impossible to cool down the PC in a quiet manner.

That being said, I can’t believe a CPU as powerful as a 7700 just has a Thermal Design Power of 65Watt. Even the cheap 15 dollar cooler I bought for my mum’s office PC can cool this down with the fan only spinning at silent 20% speed. Awesome

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