Intel Core i7-6700K Skylake CPU Review
Nicolas11x12 reviewing the Intel Core i7-6700K Skylake Processor.

Manufacturer: Intel
Model: BX80662I76700K

Full Specifications:


Anthony J says:

i have an 8320…shall i upgrade? i think so.

Stürmer Cannabis Show und Aufklärung says:

Nice Video…

Yanteus Maximus says:

You should put a better GPU in these CPU benchmarks.

Brian Holden says:

dual channel DDR4 is not faster than DDR3

aguanteedguy says:

Hi, how are you? Could you tel me the name of the benchmark’s song? Thanks a lot.

octane81 says:

Funny how your results in this “benchmark” suddenly changed from your other 6700k “review”

Peter Anfindsen says:

excellent..should i upgrade from my 2700k i7 nickyolas..perfect english love accent…sounds official

calical26 says:

not worth upgadeing yet wait for the 7700k cpu dont matter that much yet for gaming give it till gen the this gen 6 years from now

Bop'N'Mucket says:

Based on these numbers it doesn’t seem to be much of an improvement over comparative CPU’s. It’s sad to say that unless you are buying a new rig there is probably little point in upgrading to Skylake. Skylake seems to be too expensive for very little gain, disappointing really. :/

Anthony B says:

Destroys AMD’s 8 core, not a huge surprise.

bryce hamilton says:

fx 9590 pulling 370 watts holy shit!

xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx says:

lol i7 6700k = crahsed i7 4790k = not enough ram

Nevsack63 says:

My i7 4790K @4.6GHz is at 1.26V. Running the 6700k at 1.345V ?? Isn’t that burning the chip out ?

DarkDynasty says:

It’s too expensive. £200+ and £25 for a cooler. i7 4790k’s are the same price on sale. Not to mention there is still a premium for DDR4 memory. Pricing is a fail for Skylake.

David Young says:

I am going to wait for next Gen chips. My 4820k still stands up. I am not going to upgrade until I see 6-8 cores. This chip should have been a 6 core and support pci 4.0 if possible. That would have struck my interest. I want to see what intel 7700k vs. amd zen will do.

Weston Konik says:

Gotta love that song XD
Do you have any Sony Vegas benchmarks with an Intel 5820k?

MrFlexy SMPS says:

Which is better this one of the non-K version ??? I just want to use this for FL Studio and a little bit of heavy gaming 😀 ??? What do you think bros ??? +Nicolas11x12TECHX

roogac says:

4770k Cooler than 6700k???? Those charts are very Strange???

CuzItzAless says:

This 6700k is a real beast but it’s too expensive

Autovern87 says:

Talking WAY to fast.

Ron Moes says:

You could have said the ddr3L memory is something totally different then ddr3 memory kost people own. so if someone is planning to get on this platform and want to use ddr3L memory, they have to buy this also. personally I would go for ddr4, but I think most people will.

Madalin Constantin says:

3:45 wtf kaveri +4 fps over i7?

roogac says:

This Channel has some flaws, in other videos 4790k falls behind 10-15 fps in certain games, but here… 4770K and 6700k are the same in Many tests…. That’s just Strange

ネーナ・トリニティ says:

FX mastur race!

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