Intel Core i5-8400 Review, Cheapest 6-core Money Can Buy! [Current Gen]

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Intel Core i5-8400 Review, Cheapest 6-core Money Can Buy!

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RAioD Edilan says:

Who cares if it tooks 5 seconds more to unzip a file, the little i5 beat the ryzen flagship in every game, good try amd lol

Lex -1172 says:

I would buy Intel for there performance but I hate what they do locking out chips that could be overclocked because they’re greedy and they use TIM instead of sodder which is extremely annoying

Foxaran says:

Still rocking a i5-6400@4Ghz 1.26V so I should probably not upgrade then

Elias Westerling says:

Hello, Im looking for a cpu/mobo for my first build! I am mainly going to play CS:GO and Pubg ( I already have a 1060 3gb w/ 8gb ddr4 ) and i am looking between the r5 1600 and the i5 8400 w/ b360 when it comes out ofc. Will the i5 be capable of handling a xx60-70 future gpu ( like the gen after Volta for example?)

shriharsh bankapur says:

Thanks Steve for such a detailed review…!

Trevor Cook says:

Thank you for still testing at 720p to remove the GPU bottlenecks. It blows my mind how many “reviewers” just don’t understand this concept.

what ever says:

The motherboards for those 8th gen cpus looks like very expensive!!

OudomSambat Chorn says:

What is blck oc ?

random gamer says:

amd makes horrible processors.

Jon Sk says:

what motherboard should i have for i5 8400?

Ren Clon says:

nooo thats r5 1600, ypu didnt say Intel’s cheaper 6 cores

PiiAnissimo says:

The best reason to buy the 8400 for gamers is that it doesnt fps drop or bottleneck.

Gehqster says:

$200 is not cheap lol

Rand Name says:

AMD can win as many “workload” benchmarks as it wants, but at the end of the day the reason I buy Intel and Nvidia over AMD is because of the software and drivers. AMD’s software and Drivers are abysmal. Not to mention the “out of the box” hardware inferiority. Meaning AMD has a higher chance of failure rate within a few years, especially on the GPU side. I don’t have enough proof to claim that about the CPUs, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

The BiG says:

Just bought 8400 but i still dont have ram and board…

unholy back says:

Should have tested the 8600k and do benchmarks in 4K.

Todor Jovanovic says:

In Serbia cpu is 200 € and motherboard isto 130€ 🙂

bubu mic says:

You forgot about the i5 8600k which is a BEAST!

SAFFY7411 says:

Thanks for the informative video!

I have the i5-8400 in my sights for gaming, however, a Z370 motherboard is about £40-£50 more than what a H370 motherboard will be.

I don’t think I’ll be spending the extra cash on features I won’t be using as I plan to keep the 8400 for a few years.

I don’t know why Intel pushed back the cheaper motherboards. If I was in a rush I’d buy the Ryzen 5 1600, but I don’t want to compromise on performance, a couple of years down the line where I am certain the 8400 will pack a punch with its stronger single thread performance (like in the video).

The waiting has commenced.

Daryl Catabay says:

i5-8600k or i5-8400 or i3-8350k (Most worth it to buy)

Username says:

Can I just wap the 8400 into my z170 board as an upgrade to my 6400 or is that not possible?
(edit: I know that it was stupid to get a z170 for a 6400 but it only costed a little more (for the board that I got) than some other options and I was planning on getting a 7600k initally)

IshTheGoat says:

It states on intel’s website it has 6 hyper treading cores but I’ve seen some videos that claim only 6 physical cores. Does it have hyper treading or not? I’m very confused

rishabh sethi says:

what about AMD FX-6300 ?

Thrilling Hazardous says:

Steve can I multitask i5 8400 while playing like more tabs on Google or playing other game(s) or opening cheat engine or others and the games are GTA V and witcher 3 and ac origins and watch dogs 2 and others and should I get i5 8400 or ryzen 1600?

Saddam Hossain says:

Cheap CPU? Gets fucked by the motherboard price

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