Intel Core i5-4570 Haswell CPU Review
Nicolas11x12 reviewing and benchmarking the new Intel Core i5-4570 Haswell Processor.

Manufacturer: Intel
Model: BX80646I54570

Full Specifications:

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Clint Steegman says:


Dawncast_ says:

Probably run BF4 maxed out on that aswelll

martjek says:

great cheap processor for gaming, if you arent planning on overclocking you cant get much better value than this, especially if you make it run at turbo boost constantly.



dori34543 says:

Yes. Definately. My much older PC can play it on high-very high.

Much Obliged says:

nope , lol jk yes it can i’d add an SSD in there if you got a bit more money

The Gaming Fox says:

This cpu good with a 970gtx

Eduardino says:

Can This pc run battlefield 3 on ultra?

Chieftec 700W, Smart Series, 12cm fan, 80+
Asrock Z87 Pro3 motherboard
Intel Core i5-4670K (3.4GHz, 6MB Cache, LGA1150)
Deepcool Theta15 PWM, CPU Cooler
Kingston 8GB, DDR3, 1600MHz, CL9, Kit Of 2, HyperX Blu
Giga Byte GeForce GTX770, 4GB, GDDR5, WindForce 3X OC
Western Digital 1TB, 7200rpm, 64MB, Sata III, Caviar Blue
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium SP1, 64bit, RUS, OEM

bala murugan says:

very good review thank you so much

mdcTztroyTV says:

thank you for this review!
I just got this CPU for my new Rig. It really performs well for a budget build like I had and this will be primarily used for gaming.
I created a quick video bout my build here, /watch?v=sOS4HnbCfmY

Francois Louw says:

You sound a lot like one of my early WoW buddies,loved the video got a sub from me mate

ToothyGus says:

thanks for the review. Can you tell me if you can run Team Fortress2 in 1080P with this chip’s iGPU? I will be buying it soon but i have to wait one month before i can buy a 7970 card

Bitek Sintek says:

How do I get into CPU Z and GPU Z?

Doctor Z says:

probably, i have the last gen 660 ti with an amd processor and i can run it at 40 fps

AartjanM1 says:

I love this CPU its great and easy keeps up with my R9 390! But in this review i saw a temp of 70?? I have a arctic i30 and it never gets over 60°C

yonan007 says:

should i get this or the amd fx 8320 ? plz someone answer me 

berchmax says:

Decided to get this for my new pc. Runs SOOO well compared to my 6 year old cpu.
I’m just using the stock cpu fan that it came with, and now thinking maybe I should invest in something better. Any suggestions for the cpu fan, anyone?

Daniel Vekslender says:

Question: Why is the OS language/PSU/Motherboard related to gaming performance?

Peter Feher says:

My head is acheing now!! I was about to get an fx 8320 or 8350, but the more research i did on these, and the i5 CPUs the more convinced I became of that I should change my mind and get ani5 instead. So I started to look for an Intel CPU, and their bencharks, and what do I see review after review? Hasfail! Maybe I should return to my original plan…

Eduardino says:

can it run atleast 60 fps?

Boris D. Teoharov says:

With CM 212 EVO cooler – 26C idle and up to 38C during continuous high load. Room temp – 23C.
4570 is not that hot. Stock coolers’ performance have always been very poor.

Vladi Ramone says:

Can this CPU work with R7 260X 2GB ?

ivan134 says:

Get the i5. i7s have no noticeable increase in performance for the extra price you pay when it comes to games.

Kalam33t says:

PLEASE ANSWER. Can I use this processor with motherboard GIGABYTE H61M-S2V-B3 ?

one human123 says:

Nicolas I was   your great fan and always watched your review, but recently I have noticed that you are getting very much biased with AMD cpus, this cpu never deserve a 6/10…even if the intel procs beat amd in whatsoeva field u lean towards one of ur benchmark also I found that when you compared intel i3 4150,fx 6300 and fx 6350 ..which all cost same and even the i3 beat the 2 amd  procs in gaming  u advised the viewers to go with amd…if a processor is good you should give it the credit..whether intel or amd.also I know that  it is hard for you to get products unlike linus tectips,Austin evans..who are properly finaced…but please don’t try to be bias!!and if you are reading this please for GODshake we want the old Nicolas back !

Psychobabas says:

this is a beast cpu, just got it

XxKoskAxX says:

I dont get it why do u say stock cooler cant do his job… i got the i5 4570 and a stock cooler,  temperature idle is 25-30 C and in game max 50-60 C max!

Gianluca Camilleri says:

18 fps while playing batman ?

KEEVVY says:

+apu how ever nice video

mikecar52 says:

geat review

troublemakerX2 says:

It can easily run it. I run it on ultra and with smooth FPS on this:
-Intel Core i7-920 (first gen from late 2008/early 2009) 2.6 Ghz
-12 GB DDR3 1300 mhz

pumpa kungen says:

can someone please help me out with a question. Should i get a 4670k with a gtx 760, or should i get the 4570 with a 770?

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