Intel Core i5 2500K Quad Core CPU: Review and Benchmarks (DH67BL Bearlake)

Intel Core i5 2500K Quad Core CPU: Review and Benchmarks

This is our review of the brand new Intel “Sandy Bridge” Core i5 2500K Desktop CPU. The 2500K is clocked at 3.3GHz with turbo boost up to 3.7GHz, features a 32nm process, Intel HD 3000 Integrated graphics and unlocked cores. There is no Hyper threading on this model.


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Phil Langdon says:

he does blink, it’s just an amazing coincidence that whenever you blink, he is aswell.

I wonder how many people will now watch this video without blinking to catch him out…

Emmanuel Pangan says:

but the question is.. Does it blend??

Sandeep Deol 'SANDY' says:

good job grate gob

da199011 says:

ive got a vaio laptop with an intel core i3 2,13ghz cpu. is the core i5 3,10ghz better? and can i install it on my laptop? are there other things I’ve got to keep in mind when installing a new cpu, such as the fan? I was also thinking about cleaning my pc for dust and putting on new thermal paste, wdyt? The pc’ got 4 ram, but how can i get more? do i have to buy it separately and make sure that it will work with the cpu? I will get somebody to do it all for me, obviously, i’m not good at this:P

darthmon26 says:

Was he eating a hotdog before doing this he has a yellow mustard stain on leftside of his beard!

robiscool09 says:

@maggotgreece he did 0:08

SlipAllCityToy says:

I have a very crappy laptop that is probably 2/3 years old now, and it gets boiling hot after 30 minutes if I play minecraft FFS, and I can play Starcraft 2 (mostly low settings) without a problem, it’s a great game.
Still not graphic intensive.

iammestaman says:

He sleeps with his eyes open…

Dark Ra says:

been out of the loop for awhile now… He says that hyper threading is disabled, can you enable it? or do you have to buy a diff model? If so to the latter which cpu is the closest 4core with HT enabled?

eragon2121 says:

Yes, desktop master race, lol. Screen sizes of laptops aren’t big enough anyway, 24″ is perfect for me.

Russel Demos says:

@maggotgreece okay dead set he blinks right at the fucking start of the video.
this is pc’s benchmarking and reviews, not a staring contest.

befreud says:

@MouthofSaurons it is if you only have integrated graphics (=

Gabe Newell says:

Is the 2500k good enough for a gtx 670?

Petey A says:

i play assasins creed revelations with sandybridge 2500k and work perfectly….

SweMw2 says:

@MouthofSaurons dude i had a amd athlon ii x2 and a xfx 5450 and i couldnt play it on medium-.-

NIckDoe says:

….yeah like 1 time for like 4:12.. HE IS A COOL GUY THOUGH!
I like his videos!

cosmic2castaway says:

@TheSkittlesNerd actually you can upgrade laptops it just depends on your skill. The easiest things to upgrade are ram and the hard drive. As for as the CPU and GPU you can’t really switch them out without soldering. Also I’m running a laptop more powerful than most desktops that are made for gaming. (cost 1k though lol)). So no not all laptops are horrible for gaming. Sure they have their limits but it is nice to travel and play games like left 4 dead and gta4 on a laptop :D.

Kazi Mizan-Uz Zaman says:

@philpwnzu Hahaha! made me laugh out loud!

SweMw2 says:

@SlipAllCityToy -.- on ultra it is

epicgamer0007 says:

he blinks 0:09- 0:12

George Tracy-Adams says:

@ThePerson258 hi, this CPU is still the ‘go to’ CPU for most people, it is now quite cheap, overclocks amazingly easily and because it is widely used, support will be all over the place!

I reccomend this and a Corsair a50 cooler for overclocking, if not overclocking then the stock heatsink is fine but in the future you can OC this chip if you want to.

Hope I helped 🙂

SweMw2 says:

@MouthofSaurons yep it is

ImSimplyLegit says:

False. At 0:11 he clearly blinks.

cverhoog says:

@maggotgreece he blinks at 11 seconds

NIckDoe says:

@muffemod yes, just for once…and the video is 4 minutes long…TRY NOT TO BLINK FOR 4 MINUTES!!

Cognitive Nihilist says:

i think you’re blind look at 0:10!

BFKAnthony817 says:

I am about to get this motherboard and throw 2x 2gb ram so I can run BF3. Should this run BF3 with an ATI HD 6670 1GB DDR5?

Zinna says:

@maggotgreece 0:10 GOTCHA

mass3gf says:

@AussiesRus1 id say quite alot you can overclock this thing to like 4.3 Ghz with the stock cooler also 😀

Dan Nguyen says:

You can tell he’s a gamer… gamers don’t blink or else they’ll lose

Yldee194 says:

@danxxlite He probably doesn’t mean SC2 🙂

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