Intel Core i3 vs i5 vs i7 Processors – Explained

The Intel Core i family are the most popular brand of processors, but with different families, generations, model numbers, ranges and suffixes – it’s all a bit complicated. So here’s Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 Processors explained.

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Governor Odious says:

Great start. Next step would be to learn how to read intel arc… That way you can understand TDP, etc.

Jay Bird says:

I need a cheap computer that’s good for Microsoft student apps like excel and when I want to watch videos at times. Anyone have a recommendation.

Skyshot_1 says:


sadeg48 says:

Thank You. by seeing this video now I can chose what I want for my next laptop.

Masterah ! says:

Hey I’m look for a laptop with 128 or 256gb with a 1T hdd.
Any suggestions?

Sumit Chauhan says:

2.5 GHz 3rd generation Intel Core i5-3210M
Now wht’s M 😀

Penny Clarke says:

Is it also to do with the Heat that the CPU can generate in an laptop?

SlothInSpace says:

i have a i5 3470, would it be upgrading to change it out with a Intel Core i3-7100 Kaby Lake??

Roman Cid says:

Very clear explanation, thank you TrustedReviews.

Great Value Bleach says:

Can I5 handle a program like Autodesk Inventor well?

Odin Gandolfi says:

its because the naming scheme comes from processor binning, all are intended to made into core i7 but defects in manufacturing it becomes rated to a i5 to i3 to core solo… what a confusing product naming.

Mobile Recordings says:

If i3 is for internet, office and social networking, what Pentium N3000 series, Intel Celeron and intel Atom processors are ? Furniture, decoration ? Stop exagerating !
I play new games on i3 with dedicated graphics laptop at native resolution, very good fps and details. Stop exagerating !

MrDr King says:

shit I can use this now that I started a job a frys electronics!!
tempe az!! store 17!! computers sales!!

IamReveLuv Army says:

Can it play the forza motorsport 6 APEX with intel core i3 with the Minimum graphics settings? haha

SmallsVEVO says:

Which Processor is good for music producing?Recording vocals.

HimKioo says:

Omg. Finally understand. Gezzz!!

Chris says:

Awesome video. I understand it now. Still can’t explain it to anyone else lol

Watchman4u says:

What would you say would be the ideal i-Chip for Audio Production ProTools 64 bit? I don’t want to buy CPU power I don’t need. Thx

phiksit says:

Has the LGA architecture been abandoned? I noticed these new processors have the pga style interface.

Dr.Pepper says:

that was amazying ! very helful ! can you please do one about graphics cards
specifcally nvidia cars. explain about cudcores and gram stuff like that
thank you !

DJ Power Jay says:

this was so confusing……great video mannnneeeeee

Saleh Salah says:

thanks guys a very useful video

Omidwar21 says:

Thanks for the clear explanation!

Quite funny says:

do the same with graphic card

Tatenda Dhliwayo says:

I dont know why but i cant find this question answered. I know the difference between the i3 i5 and i7 ….. i get that . But the generation is what i dont really get. I know the latest is 7th generation and the older ones are 2nd or 3rd generation. But Is an i3 5th generation faster than an i7 3rd generation ???? Whether they are both maxed out or default
Please explain this ……if u can

jony says:

so is a intel core i5-6200u dual core any good for just normal stuff and maybe video editing

kwantumspin says:

superb . very nicely explained

Noobish says:

This is the best video on YouTube, so much useful information:P

Benjamin Perri says:

Thank you for this great video.

yashovardhan pednekar says:

which is the best cpu of intel i5 for playing dota 2 and mining bitcoins

MrDr King says:


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