Intel Core i3-8100 & 8350K Review: RIP Ryzen 3?

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Intel Core i3-8100 & 8350K Review: RIP Ryzen 3?

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TheRealKarlMetz says:

Once the cheaper mother boards come out coffee lake will become a way bigger contender

SRAVAN S says:

Its more expensive that Ryzen if you include mobo cost !

Niklas Olesen Pedersen says:

Would the 8100 bottleneck a 1060 6gb?

Sachin Balan says:

Hardware Unboxed Hi, i need some expert advice of yours only. Can you suggest a GPU for 4K or 8K video editing under budget price (GPU with 2x fans will be cool) and which PSU is sufficient enough for my build parts below.

My PC Build Parts i have.

Processor – Intel Core i3 8100 3.6Ghz Coffee Lake 8th Gen LGA 1151.
Motherboard – Asus TUF Z370 Plus Gaming RGB ATX LGA 1151 Motherboard.
CPU Cooler – Cooler Master Hyper 212X LGA1151.
Ram – G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4 3000Mhz.
Case Fan – 3x Deepcool RF 120mm RGB + 1x NZXT 120 mm case fan.
Case – NZXT S340 Elite Mid Tower Case – Black.
Storage – M.2-2280 256GB SSD. I already have a 1TB HDD + SanDisk 120GB SSD.
RGB LED – NZXT HUE+ Advance Kit.

jpb10 says:

Mobos are getting seriously ugly across the range … thank god for the asus B360M CSM in classic green!!

Kasim Khan says:

Can I 8100 can support 3000mhz ram

Gus Alit says:

I have core2duo and overlocked it to 5 GHZ. I can play GTA 6 even it not release yet . And by the morning i found my pc become a piece of shit

Tom Brown says:

Does the i3 8100 have 4 cores and 4 threads? Don’t care about Hyperthreading though that would be nice. It retails for 90-100 pounds here in the UK and I am still on the LGA 1150 platform so it might be worth it since I am on a strict budget. Currently I only have the i3 4130. I know I could just buy a new CPU but I am tired of being on the old platform and wanna upgrade. Should I get the i3 8100?

Rsracerp60 says:

So many toxic ryzen fanboys as always :p

jayo84 says:

I see no budget boards for the I3-8350k

love kush says:

Normal PC = Ryzen 3 /Gaming PC = Ryzen 5 / Editing PC = Ryzen 7

Cowboy Texas says:

Was more fun seeing the 8700k exchange blows with the ryzen 7 lol

Bros Power says:

8350k? Lol I need one

20198570934807 9280394820948 says:

I want to do video editing (720p30 for now) as well as play LoL, TABG, fornite, and games like that. I would also like to be able to record gameplay and then edit it. Should I go with the Ryzen 3 1200 or the core i3 8100? I am thinking about Ryzen because of the upgrade path to cheaper high core and thread count CPUs.

Wolfchacer says:

Nope….sorry I know you intel fanboi’s love to argue but Ryzen at current is king of multitasking. I’m running a 6700 series k chip just in case anyone cares to think of my loyalty. Intel rushed the 8’s in hopes that it would be enough…it’s not…crunch all the numbers you want theory crafting is only good for conjecture…period!

AMD kicked intels ass this time hands down, and when the APU’s are launched earlier this year Intel will be up the river without a canoe or paddle. Gone are 700$ overpriced Hyperthreading bullshit cpu’s Yes Intel has been humbled and all the negative QQ they try to pull isn’t helping but hurting them.

Still not enough to shell out for an upgrade but if the next gen of these is still up there I may switch.

TheDarknessOfGames says:

I found a budget motherboard for $55

Hardware Unboxed says:

Small mistake 😀 I said the overclock required 4.2v, obviously meant 1.42v 😀

If you want to have a shot at winning a Ryzen 5 CPU make sure you watch Upgrade My PC Please! each week and vote. We’ve given away quite a few already.
Anyway hope you guys enjoyed the video.

Bruce M says:

may want to do a remake of this video..

Ringo Starr says:


Audiomaniac84 says:

95fps on Pentium 4560 in Battlefield 1 on Ultra settings? Fuck you, it’s impossible. Even with Vega. Fake test.

Jhon Ginting says:

Careful saying that bro…

Valdy Prawhesmara says:

The i3-8350K in my country is $100 more expensive then Ryzen 3-1300x…I will choose the Ryzen 1300x any day, and invest the $100 on others (better SSD/bigger RAM)


im still happy with my 3570k at 4.3ghz 🙂

Minus says:

You mean RIP Ryzen 3+5+7?? More and more tests appeared on Youtube lately. The i3-8350k beats the Ryzen 7 1700 in most of the games.

Sandeep Das says:

You r speaking so fast

The Pro says:

Testing ANY i3 with benchmarks such as verocrypt and 7-zip is pure idiocy. NOBODY PURCHASING AN i3 WILL BE USING THEIR i3 FOR RELATED APPLICATION…..
The i3 is strictly a GAMING CPU ONLY. Nearly every i3 purchased is for budget gaming rigs. 8th Gen i3’s are 4core 4 thread thats INSANE BANG FOR BUCK FOR GAMERS!! IT TRADES BLOWS WITH 8700k, 7700K, 8600k, 7600k AT GAMING… Pitting it against multithreaded CPU’s in applications its not intended for is just a tactic to attempt to degrade the best gaming 4 core 4 thread cpu ever made. For only 160.00!!!

GP Patrol says:

Price to peforance is really stupid in my opinion. Because at the end of the day, after months you won’t notice the extra few dollars you spent. But you ofcourse will notice the fps difference. I remember I had 200 and randomly bought a evolv atx and the amount of the money I have is no different. So I have to regrets buying it even though it was stupid. So just buy the fastest cpu or gpu you can and you will notice the fps and won’t notice the money in the future.

goroth01 says:

Man these graphs really drive home how great value the 1600 and 1700 are. I know it wasn’t the point of this video but… hot damn.

Rachan Gaming says:

can you use the i 3 8100 on lga1151 socket

Manuzki says:

I got 8350k for just 119,90 € on sale! I bought it. Much more cheaper than 8400

hentisof says:

coffe lake ist just
rehash of kaby lake isnt new arquitecture just added more cores

Ryan Shipman says:

We’re all the CPUs at stock?

Abdullah Jabri says:

isnt the 8100 a little bit toasty i am getting 52 c on idle

Altatude2 says:

Would an 8th gen CPU work on a 7th gen board?

Fortnite 4LiFe says:

Can you play pubg on medium 50 with Intel core i3 8100 8gbddr4 and gtx 1050 ti 4gb?

David Burnett says:

was the pricing at 300$ for 8350k

Sobrati Hawari says:

Should i get i3 1800 or ryzen 5 1600 for gaming

Desira Gaming says:

Does I3 8100 better then i5 7400 and does processor support 2133mhz???

Zix 992 says:

i sold my fx 8350
and bought i3 8350k and ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-F
hoppe gonnna work good together =)

Space_cadet 5604 says:

So the I3 8500k is better? Because I’m thinking of buying it.

Buko Juan says:

are the ryzen 1200 and 1300x oc?

jayo84 says:

Whats the most affordable Mobo to pair with the i5-8350?

luis ramirez says:

*when the motherboards are more expensive than these CPUs*

Tozammel Haque Bishal says:

Intel® Core™ i3-8350K or Intel® Core™ i5-7600K. But I will do gaming. Plsssss I need help

zoonked says:

i am not going to upgrade from my 4690k so….

Dr Jones says:

I3 8100 was not stable at 3200mhz on my system . I have a msi z370 pro board .

YovaniCruz says:

Everyone saying cpu`s are expensive… what about GPU, 385$ for cpu. or what ever isn’t bad at all compare to gpu prices

Iulian Girbea says:

Im wondering when new 8th low budget motherboards will be out the i3 8100 cost will increase?

Kingy B says:

Now it’s a whopping $119.99 on Newegg…a steal at that price !

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