Intel Core i3 6100 Skylake Review – The Best Budget Gaming CPU?

Overclocked DDR4 in combination with the new dual-core chip can certainly make a difference to gaming frame-rates. Who would have thought?

Core i3 6100 vs i5 6600K/6700K –

Core i3 6100 vs Core i3 4130 vs FX-6300 –

Core i3 6100 vs Core i5 2500K –

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Swaggi says:

i3 6100 with a msi radeon rx 470

Sam Marsden says:

Will this run games Like Gta 5 , Tomb raider , Cod also I’m new to PC building what would be a good graphics card to go with – Visuals , Gaming and editing ?

Justin Hannay says:

This told me very little about the i3-6100. It was basically just about RAM.

Hazey. says:

Im buying a new pc with. A i3-7100 processor and msi geoforce gtx1050 good for gaming? Please answer fast since im ordering it tomorrow

Captain Katawa says:

Could you please clarify?
I was certain that 2500k and other sandy bridge CPUs have their memory controller locked at 1333 which makes RAM upgrades/overclocks useless
And I’ve seen test results that show little to no inprovement with faster RAM on Sandy Bridge?
What’s going on?

gabl8a89 says:

Finally built my extreme budget gaming rig for just 600USD, featuring a i3-6100 combo with an used GTX780 inno3D in MSI Z170 A-Pro mobo. At first glance many claim this combo will sure bottleneck the GPU performance, but this isn’t my case. I gained at least 10fps boost from tweaking my DDR4 2133MHz Ram to 3200MHz (Bioshock Infinity – Ultra setting Avg: 117.5fps @ Vcore voltage 1.056v).

FYI, price including genuine Window 8 Retail Key.

Bang for the bucks? Hell Yeah!

Big Smoke says:

i just bought a build with an
i3 6100
gigabyte 1060 6gb and
8gb of 2133 ram
what type of preformance you guys expect with that?

WeeSon says:

any suggestion for Mini ITX MB for this i3?

Techman95 says:

Does this have drivers to install?

ガンダム Destiny says:

So sometimes CPU is more important than graphic card?

Linus Bergdahl says:

EVERYBODY! Look at 4:04 and look in the top left corner, right there is the Green “A” on a Xbox 360 Controller!!!!

Ahmet Hamdi Aybar says:

how many gb ram use in tests ?

Sam Marsden says:

Yo will these be good for Editing / Gaming PC – I3 , Nvidia 1050 / 60 ?

Vandoeun Long says:

Hey Witchard! Are there any other performance differences from 2666 and higher frequency modules? I’m thinking of making a portable pc with the 6100. Not sure what ram and if a Z170 board is needed.

Ligitzs says:

Can this build livestream on yt gaming at 1080p? i will be streaming minecraft if that helps

jack butler says:

Why is everyone in love with this cpu

SUB HDR says:

i found a good cheap CPU 50 $
AMD Phenom II x4 965 – 3.4 GHZ . 8mb Cache (4 True cores ) + turbo up to 4.2 GHZ
can he do same as i3-6100 ? ..
if you guy ssuggest by experience which one is better , then i going to buy one of them tomorrow
i want a cheap CPU Btw 60$ and 80$ and at max at max 100$ dollar and the rest pc will cost me to much : Cart Graphic + 8 GB rams + 1TB disk + motherboard + Cover + ُecran 22 or 24

TobyTech says:

I3 6100 + GTX 1060 good for CSGO?

kifayath ullah Sasoli says:

my best game gta v

mjc0961 says:

I miss videos like this, really getting sick of the endless stream of PS4 VS PS4 Pro. 🙁

Lok Wong says:

anyone know if the i3 6100 will bottleneck the rx 470??

Billy Big Bollocks says:

Hey. Can anyone tell me why I am getting really low fps on this? (20-30fps gta v and 1 fps fallout)

ken ver says:

how can i adjust my memory speed i have ballistix ddr4 2400 but it seems running only at 2133

Tommy Antonius says:

Can i overclock the i3 6100 on z270 motherboard. So i can invest the extra dollar on other thing first

Michael Thompson says:

Look at this on eBay motherboard for sale 8gb ram

Jazz the Ghost says:

how about the amd fx 8350 its 8 cores and super cheap for an 8 cores

M Curry says:

your shirt is making my eyes hurt lol

Jake Tuckey says:

This computer can run on arma 3. Maybe won’t get higher than 60fps but it’s good enough

ÕuŌ What? says:

Can I game with no gpu?


guys plz tell me is DQ35joe is good mother Bord

Révenge says:

can i run most of the latest games on this specs?

Intel Core i3 6100 6th Gen SKYLAKE
» PROC: Intel Core i3 6100 3.7 ghz 2-core
» MOBO: MSI H110M Pro LG1151 DDR4
» GPU: Palit GTX 1050ti StormX 4GB DDR5
» MEMORY: 8GB Kingston/Crucial/G.skills 2400mhz DDR4
» HDD: Samsung / Seagate 320GB 3.5″ SATA 7200rpm
» PSU: DeepCool DE500 watts
» CASE: Aerocool CruiseStar Adavance window side panel
• 1x120mm RED LED Front
• 1x120mm RED LED Top
• 1x80mm Black Rear

Kewl Kid Brownies says:

Im very surprised by the professional quality that is this content, Im not surprised much by tech channels today and the way you do your benchmarking to backup everything is just a breath of fresh air! I absolutely love how you display the numbers and give a very insightful look onto what is happening as well! You’ve earned my sub!

Dyziel says:

if I pair this with gtx 1060 gb? will I be able to run arma 3 without any lag? I do not mind lowering the settings as long as I can play the game. One more thing, will i3 be able to handle any background applications such as discord or while playing?

Cristuuu says:

what about MORE ram?

SkinnyPenis69 says:

Did anyone know what he said?

gabl8a89 says:

This may sounds noobs….but do I need to overclock my 16Gb (8Gb x2, CL15) 2666Mhz RAM to enjoy the such increase in performance? Or just simply plug & use without any tweaking?

Face Bank's Wise Teaching : Wisest of them all says:

Is that a Wii u dev kit in the background?

Prajwal Kaware says:

I’ve got DH61HO Intel motherboard does it support i3 6100
please tell me.

Cesar Delgado says:

So is it worth it? Plz Answer

ItsEqual says:

Will a i3 6100 bottleneck with a gtx 1050ti?

Steve Jobs says:

Is this processor okay for playing games like CS:GO,Outlast,DOTA 2,LoL,Assasin’s creed,GTA 4/5,overwatch,TF2 and Smite?

other processors in mind:
AMD A10-7860K
AMD A10-7860k
AMD A10-7700

Intel i3-4170
Intel i3-4160
Intel i3-2130

Gytis321 S says:

So you can use i3 6100, GTX 1050, cheap mother board for 40$, RAM for extra 40$ and u get some bad ass gaming power for 300$

Dwagin says:

My RAM is GDDR3 1333 Mhz and it’s paired with my CPU an i7 2600s and I’ve been getting worse framerates and stutter in games when compared to other people. Is it my CPU, or could my RAM be an asset to this?

Donald Trump says:

I like this kind of videos

Wonder Twins says:

Does this CPU come with a fan?

Brad Quinn says:

Will this bottle neck the Radeon rx 580?

Lets Create Music says:

Is that a Universal Audio pci card sitting on a labtop in the back left?

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