Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 – CPU Review

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ABDUL J says:

is this Intel Core 2 Quad support Asus MotherBoard – P8B75-V ?

Zolega89 says:

how risky is a used processor if you wonna change it?

Jake Harvey says:

Not everybody has the money to upgrade their motherboard and CPU, the q8400 is a decent chip considering how old it is, and by now means “weaker than the i3 2100″…

Brandon Holder says:

cpu to render scamatics and such gpu renders textures

TopSecret says:

Do u think if I buy a Q8400 2.50GHz can it run games smooth

killerbeel1 says:

3.4ghz lol, I have mine at 3.8 ;( 

cgtkl says:

Good CPU

CLumz100 says:

How can I get that blue glass curser?

Mr.Ray Leroy says:

Hi I Have a Question, when I overclock My Intel CPU There is a Max Recommended Voltage from Intel (0.8500V-1.3625V) now I like to Know What Voltage Readings Are the True Real Ones? The Ones in The Bios or after vDroop in CPU-Z? Thank You

malavpatel77 says:

Minecraft should be the new CPU benchmark

dimos47ki7 says:

i have this CPU for 3 years now (maybe more).
is it worth it to go to H87 and i5 4670?
gpu will stay the same for now (6850)

will i see any better performance in general?

Boss1996Gaming says:

@chapo934 yes it should work, I was going to get one of these but I decided to build my own computer instead.

gbenta2007 says:

how fast is it without overclocking? is it still faster than e8400?

lilmarshey says:


Paul R says:

@MrSAboy210 I just bought one and it’s great. Not at the level of an i7 though.

Zolega89 says:

Do the newest processor need thermal paste too?

harishotickamicak951 says:

i have the same motherboard!..very good motherboard,she suports every 775 procesor…

SpiritPanda says:

@tugaxD23 I thought it used to be when Four cores were not needed but now the q8400 is better due to it being a quad core. It is possible that I am wrong though.

Jean11114 says:

@chapo934 This CPU(Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400) can be used on all 775 socket motherboards.

Black father sitting in chair says:

Gonna be ugrading from mah Pentium 4, i know, i know. It’s super good and fast but i need the extra cores

Jake Harvey says:

Says you >.>

Jean11114 says:

You can explain me how is it:
Motherboard of 775 socket have PCI express X16 slot,the GTX 260 is PCI Express 2.0 x16(you have this on this video)?

Yassin says:

does this have 4 cores

Darksyne says:

if you get an ivy bridge i3 the motherboard will most likely have pci-e 3.0 support which will improve the performance of pci-e 3.0 graphics cards since the bandwidth is transfered at a faster rate with pci-e 3.0. But only graphics cards from nvidia 600 series and AMD 7000 series and up support pci-e 3.0

elmasteryu says:

@Jean11114 yay my motherboar supports LGA775 CPUS IM GOIN TO BUY ONE :DDD

mon manguz says:

i have a cpu which is e7200 at 4.2ghz it s okey if ill go with q 8400 is there a performance big that i get…

taher khider says:

Core 2 Quad OR Cor i3 Plz any one answer me

Arctic Blade says:

Q8400s is better.same performance(maybe better performance) for lower electricty bill and lower temparature.right?

Pandario Stiglitz De Sterling says:

very good video and explanation i overclocked at 3.04 but not like you , i got better motherboard,than you are showing, i try it , good job

Afnan Mahmood says:

@Collective11011 go for watercooling i saw a person heading upto 4.7ghz with water cooling.

sermerlin1 says:

I don’t know if i have good chip or not but i clocked my Q8400 to 3.7ghz with bios volts to 1.4250 (tbh specified in this vid are a bit low… and these chips can handle 1.45 volts easily if they’re cooled like not going beyond 60 degrees)… Also i remember with stock volts i got it to 3.5ghz and it was pretty stable which is funny and it’s hard to make it go over 3.7ghz stable… I think my motherboard is limiting me it’s X48 ds4. My fsb is 463 (1850).

nhannon9 says:

Core 2 Duo is a Socket T (LGA 775) socket type processor, so it supports ll the way from Pentium 4, Pentium D, Celeron D, to the Core 2 Quad.

jp198780 says:

i love this processor

CLumz100 says:

I have about the same thing; an intel q8400 but it’s not an es. I also have a board similar as that one the gigabyte g31m-es2l, and the cooler master hyper 212.

Since I seemed to have everything equal, I tryed using the same settings from the ‘over clocking 101’ video for the 3.4GHz, but it wasn’t stable at all.


Sh4rkice says:

2009… now in 2013 me and my friend had a competition: “who can brake a CPU in a half first” and i have to say these Intel Core 2 are FUCKING UNBREAKABLE! we trew it out of the window and it had only a few scratches.
Ad “incorruptible” to your review, Thanks 🙂

Justin Wantland says:

Yes it tis.

EwOkiE2 says:

I have the Q8200 CPU with 4 GB Ram and an Asrock G31-M S M/Board
Can you explain please on how to set it at 3GHz ?


lilmarshey says:

isnt fps in a game dependant on the gpu and much less the cpu? i think that portion of the video said more about the graphics card than the processor

Adam Smith says:

yes you can fit

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