Intel Coffee Lake DESKTOP Processors Explained!

Intel’s Coffee Lake processors are almost here! In this video we wanted to let you know what to expect from the i7-8700K, i5-8600K, i3-8350K and all the other new Intel CPUs. From pricing to expected performance, the Z370 platform and clock speeds, we have it all in this video!

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Vex1 says:

Wait, so if I get 3200mhz ddr4 the memory support is underclocking? I’m confused.

Hugh Musbekidding says:

Still on a 2600K and have been considering upgrading for 2 years but every new Intel release seemed like an interim fudge without much improvement in performance. 8700K does look very interesting. If I can match it to a high performance reliable motherboard I’ll probably buy one.
BTW I recognise why the value calculation makes sense if you are buying a 1000 cpus for a data centre but for individual PC purchase a $100 CPU saving is irrelevant over 3 years compared to very small decreases in performance. My concern with high end CPUs is heat and reliability because I had a very expensive early Intel quad core that would fry eggs and failed after 13 months.

Gabriel Kovach says:

I just made a HUGE leap into the future. HAHAHA. I upgraded my beloved Asus P5B Deluxe with a Q9400 and 16Gb DDR2-800 to a brand new Asus Prime Z370-A with the I7-8700K and 32Gb of DDR4-3000. My next thing i add to this is a Samsung 960Pro M.2 SSD drive. Im afraid to sleep near my computer. The beast is snoring 🙂

Mtn- Dewgang says:

I’m building a mass storage storage, i bave a i5 750, should i get a cheap ryzen/system?

DankXMemez says:

How serious are Intel’s Coffee lake cpu’s?

Well, They’re no cup of joe. (this is original btw)

Navashan Naidoo says:

And Ryzen platform.

Chris Robertson says:

i had to fast forward through the coffee joke, It physically hurt me.

Mike Auger says:

Got my i7 8700K at the beginning of the year when I had a custom build. REally lovin it and putting it through the paces 🙂

Bac Tran says:

Can you do a 4790k vs 8770k? thx

Herbert Brown says:

I am thrilled by tbis new cpu lineup i been waiting a long time for intel to traget what we as intel enthusiast where crying for more FPS and better Oc well coffeelake just made my day with all of these and more ,,love the video keep making more on Coffeelake love the take on all that you been doing to keep us informed about this amazing CPU

Dieyen DualPen says:

I’m running a xeon w3670, do very light 2d gaming but use the computer for a lot of typing and some media. I was thinking a coffee lake i3 would be a nice upgrade. any advice?

inthere2it says:

4k likes, the hype of 4k is growing.

Minato Namikaze says:

If this doesn’t make coffee that will keep me awake at school then no buy

Martin Vranovsky says:

I use a Haswell i5-4460 on a Z97 motherboard which I bought because I planned to swap it for something like a 4690k right about now. After the Coffee lake release, though, I’m not so sure whether I want to stay with this generation anymore. 8600K looks like a great deal!

RyV3TOficcial says:


Stevanus Norita says:

my 4790k still good enough, even if I had to upgrade, I’ll go for 1800x since I need that extra cores for productivity and still great for playing games.

Charlie Mack says:

Coffee lake looks amazing – crazy performance / low price point

JRLM says:

Just ordered the parts for my daughters coffelake based P.C… came up to around 700 dollars… I kind of regret it. The ram was super expensive. Bought the price way up. I know i messed up some where but thats the price of lazyness. My own personal computer is an old sandybridge windows 7 jump off lmao… But its still a beast as far as i am concerned.

Pavol Horvát says:

I wanna buy i5 8400 And i need new motherboards so IT means i have to buy new rams And i dont know which one Can someone help me?

Tyler 117 says:

“Does not support NVMe storage devices”… wait… what? But the ports on the motherboard for M.2?

cwli1 says:

Someone on a YouTube comment on a Ryzen vs Coffee Lake video was incensed. He wished that AMD would go out of business for making such awful processors. Their disgraceful new processors couldn’t even run modern games. Those running AMD must be pure evil, taking lots of money from people but providing them with crap processors whilst bribing and getting people to lie about how superb they were. AMD must have even bribed HP, Dell, Samsung, Acer etc. to not use Intel processors. They probably even created their own compiler software to produce code which only runs quickly if an AMD processor is detected and bribed major games makers to use it to compile all their games. It’s a corporation. What do you expect?

bdcopp says:

Im torn between ryzen and coffee lake. Ryzen is better value and the AM4 socket motherboard will have new cpus released till 2020. However coffee lake has better performance on games and more optimisation (might change in future due to popularity of ryzen). Ryzen also seems to only perform worse on lower resolutions. So paradoxically the cheaper processer is better value with a more expensive graphics card.
The problem in the graphics card market is that g sync makes nvidia uncompetitive. And vega prices are too high because of mining.

Building a pc is too complecated

Dr. Fresh_2k says:

I’ve heard that if I have an M.2. NVME I won’t get the full speeds with coffee lake motherboards?

anon amous says:

What? No I 5 8400???

Do not Press says:

Why da fuck 7700k out performs 8700k?!

Geek Spring says:

Eber’s reaction at his thought process of a joke was priceless. We love you Eber. Great Points of Intel’s upcoming Coffee Lake.

Holthuizen oemoet says:

Coffielake, only 16 PCI lanes..intels new motherboard will be for only 1 series ? or will the 9000 serie be supported as wel ?

Ivan Velickov says:

If i may ask a noob question i have a case with 2 usb 2.0 and 2 usb 3.0 ports and the motherboards that come with those processors all go with 4x-2x.. USB 3.1 gen1 / 2 w/e. can i connect those motherboards with my case 3.0usb?

WhiTe RabbiT says:

“but intel do aloud us to share some information” so you work for intel? this means u advertise their product here, right?

Shoaib Sikandri says:

Can i install i7 8700k processor 8th generation in core 2 duo 2.4ghz

Vahn Yuri says:

I have a Sandy Bridge and I’m looking up for it but money is the problem lol

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