Intel Coffee Lake: Core i5 8400/ i5 8600K Review: Faster Than Last-Gen i7?

Do you really need all the power the Core i7 8700K can deliver? Just how much performance do the cheaper i5s offer, and what about overclocking? Here’s our extended analysis of the Core i5 8600K and the cheaper, potentially even more exciting Core i5 8400.

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black crow1234 says:

is it worth it going from i5 3330 to i5 8400 i need to know before buying it on Christmas

David Watson says:

is intel still mass producing 6th gen i7 chips ? how far do they go back before they stop mass producing older variants ? thanks

FellTheSky says:

please run ashes of the benchmarks with 4000 mhz ram and a 5.2 ghz 8700k. We might get finally, after all of these years, 60 FPS

Baka360RO says:

i want to change to a new processor.Mine is a pentium g4560,so should i get a i7-7700 or i5-8400 (don’t say i7-7700 because i have the mobo for it or somehing like that because i need to change the mobo because mine has some problems).I think i5-8400 it’s near to the i7-7700 and i want just for gaming not like rendering,3d editing or something like that.Thanks for the help.

E Reale says:

Hands down the best CPU reviews on the net because of real-time methodology and use of frame time analysis. Averages tell you nothing anymore. Thanks Richard!

Darkobssession says:

now im finaly sure all the stuff digital fundry say its fake and make it look beter to trick plp, i thout they were honest plp but theyre just liers… ^^. thanks.

shad bud says:

Can someone help me

My i7 6700 and asus strix h270f motherboard died

I dont know what cpu should I get ;_;

R5 1600 or i5 8400

dea gt says:

This video is a little fuzzy but liked it anyway. 😉

Carlo_ boy says:

what is the meaning of K unlock/ multiplayer unlock?

Reazon Giovanni says:

I just picked up i5 8400. Loving it

Rok 27 says:

DOC asap

Aydin Kheyirov says:

i7 930 user here!playing all latest games on medium grafics on my GTX 960

pharohbender says:

any triple screen benchmarks? would be nice to see the results for sim racing for cpu’s

halistine jenkins says:

i think i’ve watched this over 10 times now…….great channel


instead of 20 minutes ramblings about how similar they are then why not show a couple of minutes about that and focus on the differences like in raw computing power while rendering a 4K video and how they perform for video editing?… how about that… 15fps difference in a blurry muddles game who really cares other than Nerdy McNerdystein and his cousin.. why not give us the true facts about the i5-8400 8 gen upgrade cost with a new motherboard compared to 77K on an older 1151 one?… are there differences in new build costs?.. will an upgrade to new z300 chipset motherboard and i5-8400 cost the same as upgrading to 77K?… probably… well since you have setup and all the gear ready why not make those videos instead of 20 minutes about pointless small differences in framerates that pretty much no one can see or care about.. how about that?

Zarina Ghani says:

Which motherboard he used?

John A.A says:

I am going to buy i5 8400, can i run 3200mhz ram paired with i5 8400? pls help me! tnx 🙂

Rogue Leader says:

So worth the upgrade my 6500 to the 8600k? I love wow but think my cpu is bottlenecking

00100000station says:

Wow, I can actually understand what you are saying: THANK YOU!

HOODedDutchman says:

Crysis 3 is just coded like shit. Go back a bit in that level to the science lab. Ryzen gets crippled to 20fps. Intel i7 gets crippled too but only to 35-40fps.

Gargan tuace says:

I7-8700 is the unrecognized value king here. Get all the threads and close to the same out of the box clock speed for $100+ less than an 8700k once you factor in the cost of decent cooling you have to buy.

Strange Occurrence says:

Still rocking 2500k best buy ever, but I will upgrade this year because its finally showing its age

Gixxer983 says:

Can you start doing benches with Escape From Tarkov. It shows the spread more obviously on different hardware.

RedPhoenix117 says:

Is a Evo 212 enough to overclock i5 8600k? My case is 5 mm to small for a nocuta 15

Prasad Gujar says:

On the overlay, the first processor is i7 right ? Not i5 as seen in the video

Saša Todorović says:

right now l have fx8320 4,5ghz and my next cpu after 7 years is 8600k . ^^

My Law says:

Am still waiting for H and B of 300series motherboard!

Felipe Mendes says:

2500k here

Lain Iwaku says:

it’s crazy how often people was saying “nah cpu doesn’t matter for gaming, only gpu matter” but when you compare i5 2500k to 8600k the fps difference is very big !

Foxtrot815 Jr says:

i use i7 i5 is to slow to video editing and conversion hyper threading is very nice to the job

Tropicocity says:

You need to run 3200mhz memory with the intel chips too for fairness

Pony_ Island_exe says:

Still using an old i5-3470, no longer good enough for modern gaming.

dotch says:

I love how intel just has superior cpus waiting in the warehouse, “Amd is trying to be competative? Release the 8000s we developed 3 years ago.”

Deal Wolfstriked says:

Could you start adding in simulation games to these benchmarks.DCS world I get a pegged 60 fps just flying around that drops to 40 fps when flying one of the supplied missions.This is not GPU but CPU dependant as the air and ground units are off screen.Would love to see new CPU test videos show games like DCS,IL2,ARM and even games like Dayz.

Kefkaownsall says:

Is an 8600k worth the 60 dollars over a ryzen 1600

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