Intel 9th Generation Desktop CPUs First Look

Intel has unveiled its first 9th-generation Core processors, aiming them at desktop-based enthusiasts.

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Evakuierter Igel says:

0:16 First 5GHz cpu?! i7 8086k????

eatcarpet says:

They’ve hit a limit on performance.

Yasser Chahine says:

Intel: The Apple of CPUs

Mr.memeAJ dg says:

MKBHD, links Tech Tips these guys shoot in 8k

Chahn20 says:

no i3 what

A55tech says:

3:44 what game is that?

Gaming Haven says:

8086 is firs 5ghz out of box the jurnalist out of information..

Wrestling Insides says:

I9 9900 or a Xeon For Adobe After Effects? I am having a severe slow “Preview Time” … Will the latest I9 , 9900 fix it?

Calamity says:

I can’t believe brain dead people exist to still be unhappy about AMD’s success. Do you people not realize that it is AMD that is forcing your beloved intel to continue innovating and also keeps their prices in check? would you rather have AMD bankrupted since 2012? you would still have had 4 cores in the i7 if it wasn’t for AMD’s competition.

Bendik Bernersen says:

Cryptarch rahoul: «heavy breathing»

Shaan Raj Masih says:

Ryzen will beat them

Tristan Cachapero says:

My pentium performs better

Evakuierter Igel says:

honestly intel has been really stupid lately

crossfire gamer says:

i3 R.I.P

Lord Shaxx, Crucible Handler says:

Comes in an engram lmao

John Yacoub says:

Can it run crysis?

Technical zehan says:

pentium 4 no hyper threading ……….. kill me

kamal tr says:

Cant they lower the price of previous generations chips by like 80%? New processors are coming but many still cant afford to buy a 6th gen chips

Vermard Paulin says:

fucking fuck!im still stock in i3.. huhu

Rais Helmy says:

i9 with nitrogen cooling benchmark? stupid intel


damn i still use a core 2 duo, sad life

Shaan Raj Masih says:

Intel is Mean

YochPH says:

wow after seeing the ghz and cores it get me sososo amazed at Intel than amd

Sumon khan says:

intel core i5 price ??

MobileGamer says:

499 for core i9? all I can say is …. thank you AMD!!!!!!

SHINE says:

when they launch intel brain processors???

Fruitarian says:

Nice i cant even afford a cheap decent i5 laptop

Stan Regec says:

Huawei is better than all Intel now.

fazly rabby prince says:

i am watching this with my 8th gen i5 cpu

noname wasgeht says:

uhh nononono not a new gneration

Vector Rector says:

Forgett the cpu i want that box

Herokaine says:

RTX 2080 ti and i9, perfect combination

NoodlesGuuy says:

i want me some I5-9600k………

celes says:

don’t worry it only costs both my kidneys and my male genitals

Jaiveer says:

Nice video Intel is world best thank you so much

Evren Mercan says:

Well , are spectre and meltdown problems solved?

Trần Vũ says:

i watching on intel 2C 2T

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